Journeywork Therapeutic Energetics

Reiki Massage Fort Collins Loveland

JourneyWork Therapeutic Energetic Counseling was founded by our owner to provide a wide variety of healing modalities and tools to meet you where you are so you can take yourself to where you'd like to be with an effective hands on approach that is tailored to each client. Practitioners combine knowledge of physical and energetic anatomy and physiology, physics, anatomy and psychology, yogic philosophy, sound therapy, color therapy, mindful communication, meditation and breathwork to enable you to gain control over your reactions to have more influence on your circumstances.

JourneyWork Therapeutic Energetics is taught in house.  All JourneyWork practitioners are required to log a minimum of 350 hours of guided training and practice to become a certified practitioner. 


Reiki is a Japanese art form of energetic balancing that promotes stress reduction, relaxation and aids in healing by realigning your energetic field into its balanced and natural state of health.  Reiki utilizes the channeling of "Ki" or "prana", which is our life force energy that keeps us alive. This subtle energy is guided by our practitioners to help you feel better physically, emotionally, mentally, and connected spiritually.

This is NOT a religious practice, nor does it conflict with any religions as it works with your natural field to promote full health and wellbeing. We provide a very comfortable, compassionate, and judgement-free environment for you to explore and master your energy field and your ability to thrive in all circumstances. 

*First appointment is offered on a sliding scale donation basis.