Bliss In Bali Yoga Retreat- Bali, Indonesia

Yoga Retreat Bali

Come to Paradise and experience a Transformative Tantric Yoga getaway of the Heart in Bali, Indonesia.

Rest, Relax, and Restore with an intimate retreat focused on the elements of Tantra, which means to "loom" or "weave." We will weave together physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual practices and effective techniques throughout the week to help you build a deeper connection to yourself, your community, and the life you'd like to live.

Intention: Our intention is to create a safe container throughout the retreat that allows the free flow of energetic shifts to happen through yoga, meditation, movement, and community to help unleash a deeper awareness of Self. Personal transformation (JourneyWork) will ripple out into global transformational for everyone and our intention is to ignite this within participants during our week together.

Participants : Participants of this retreat and getaway will leave knowing the power of their own intentions and bodies. They will have more self-awareness to fully create and influence their own lives and the resiliency of their environments through various Tantric Tools and Practices. Participants will leave bringing a positive and powerful influence to themselves and their communities. Enjoy a restorative and rejuvenating life-changing experience

Join Kate for this amazing getaway!

Bali Yoga Retreat

Reservation fees include:

yoga nutrition retreat
  • Room and Board
  • Vegetarian meals
    • Mostly local organic and vegan
    • Allergen free options available (please send us your allergies)
    • Nutritious friendly meals 
  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies
  • 10 yoga practices focused on the elements, vayus, and koshas
  • Daily Breathwork and Meditation Practices
  • JourneyWork New Moon Ceremony
  • Conscious Relating Skills
  • Ecstatic Dance Party
  • Bali Beach Day
  • Visit to Sacred Water Sites
  • Optional Hiking and other Activities

Additional Services May Be Booked (++) with Our Practitioners:

  • Energetic Bodywork
  • Energetic Balancing/Reiki/JourneyWork 
  • Yoga Therapy Sessions for mind, body, spirit
  • **Time is limited for these sessions, so please let us know if you'd like to PRE-BOOK and reserve your pampering early!


yoga in bali

Options for Accommodations (all inclusive):

  • Private $1200 per person (1 remaining)
  • Double occupancy rooms $750 (1 remaining)



Led By Master Instructor:

Kate Wrightson; LBL Owner, Founder, Master Instructor and Therapist

Kate Wrightson; LBL Owner, Founder, Master Instructor and Therapist

Yoga in the Rockies Retreat

Women's Retreat

JUNE 30-JULY 2 2017

Self-Investment Cost: $222 pp (12 max - 30 day pre-registration required)

Take a dive into nature to reset the senses, biorhythms and tap into balance in mind and body. 

This weekend yoga retreat will involve camping in the Rocky Mountains. Camp gear is needed. Tents and hammocks will be welcome (let us know what you have!). 

Enjoy a weekend of:

  • Organic Meals (D Friday, B/L/D Saturday, B/L Sunday)
  • JourneyWork/Energetic Clearing
  • Morning and Evening Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork
  • Optional Hiking


Contact Kate for registration questions, dietary needs and any other questions you may have! You will receive an email after registration with a list of what-to-bring, guidelines and a brief survey.