New Moon December 2018

Written By:  Ariel Amber

Capricorn New Moon 2018

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Capricorn Moon and Capricorn Sun, the 'actual' new year. The gust of beginnings with a new moon in Capricorn gives the potential drive to really kick start the year. And really, is the energetic propulsion for the year. While the moon waned from its fullness in cancer, we likely have been processing old memories and nostalgias, hopefully allowing for a fuller view of what we really want to make space for; people in our lives, experiences and ourselves. 

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, meaning it brings in the new and can grow and stabilize those changes. Capricorn plans, works hard, and drives up the mountain for achievements. The magic of capricorn is that hard work reaps benefits. (And the opposite is true, lack of work does not produce results.) This makes for the perfect cast off of manifesting our goals.

Now, as a balancing effect I recommend while creating your plan for achievement, include reflection and recuperation moments regularly into your schedule. Don't be fooled by thinking 'I don't have enough time for that' because truly the pauses will create stronger and longer lasting effects of gusto and drive as well as the chance to assess any changes for support that you might need along the way! (but literally carve regular time for it, not making an excuse for 'dooping' out of responsibility).

To emphasize more, there is a ton of capricorn energy with multiple planets traversing capricorn. Saturn is one of those, which is at home and historically the ruler of capricorn, as it will be there at least the next 2.5 years, enjoy it! Saturn in capricorn can really put reality in one's face and thereby experiencing the consequences of laziness or lack of feeding all of our needs and responsibilities. There may be moments when you would rather stay in bed and not be responsible, but really you have got to get up. There is drive to put creations into reality and being able to map out what our dreams will need to be actualized. Being responsible, facing the facts, rules and regulations can seem daunting, but go through all the hoops and requirements and be rewarded at the end! This is the lesson of Capricorn.  If all the 'to do's' get overwhelming, try making a list and order of priority.

This new moon is the energetic propulsion for the whole year. As David Palmer, the Leo king, analogized it is like a rocket ship taking off. So, hopefully you've chosen your trajectory as switching course may create turmoil.

Amazonite: Bring Luck to Your New Year

Written By:  Jean Parker-Renga

Amazonite New Year Stone

Birthstone: N/A

Zodiac: Virgo

Numerical Vibration: 5

Chakra: Heart and Throat


Being that we have just entered a new year, I thought it would be nice to feature a stone that can help during this time of the year. Most of us leave the old year behind us and look forward with great ideas, big plans, and grand resolutions. You may stick with that cleanse for awhile, or make it to the gym even into spring, but most of the time we fall back into our old patterns. What are some tools that you can utilize this year to make it the best year yet?

Amazonite is a great stone to help you hold onto those new year hopes and dreams. The water color with earthy tones are soothing, and can assist you in pressing that reset button of your life. Be compassionate with yourself, be true to yourself, and take one day at a time.

If you are wanting to detox this time of year after all the holiday excess, I totally understand, and amazonite can help by filtering away pollutants that are around you all the time. Great way to rid yourself from harmful waves from microwaves, computers and cell phones. I tend to set a nugget on my microwave, which is also usually next to where I work most of the day. I have even started to set my cell phone to airplane mode at night in efforts to lower my family’s contact with negative energy.

Possible uses in meditation can be as simple as holding a nugget of amazonite in your hand while you sit comfortably and quietly reflect on what obstacles you may have in your way this new year. Let the stone free you from that weight, like water cleaning off dirt from your body. Begin to see your path in a new light, with fresh eyes. If you practice japa mantra with a mala, I invite you to use the seed sound to the throat cakra, Ham. Find your ability to free yourself from any limits, break away from the past, embrace the new day.

Remember to have fun in your journey!


New Year Full Moon 2018

Authored By: Ariel Amber (AJ)

full moon 2018

This New year is beginning with a full moon. The sun is in capricorn and the moon is in cancer

The Astrological energies are strong in career and karma, and home, restoration and nostalgia.

The moon in Cancer may have you looking back, don't get lost in what was, but rather use that to implement what is important to you and reflect on what you want to call in this new year. It also has a pull to ask yourself what you can do to balance and restore yourself as the sun in Capricorn emphasizes the drive to your ambitions, putting things into reality, planning, focusing and reviewing what steps need to be done and reconciled with for achievement. Or facing the consequences of avoiding the work that needs to be done.

This Capricorn sun is emphasized by Saturn, the planet associated with Capricorn, which will be there for about the next 2.5 years. This year marks the beginning of extra emphasis on facing reality and the rules and steps that need to be honored for one's achievements and choices.

This interpretation was influenced by my own growing knowledge, that which has been taught by Lisa Schiavone, and shared by Rick Levine.

December 2017 New Moon

Authored by: Ariel Amber (AJ)

astrology new moon 2017
Its the new moon!! Set your intentions for these new beginnings with these details in mind.

The moon is in Sagittarius, connecting our feelings with philosophy, ideas, travel, reaching for the stars and feeling ready to jump and let reality catch us. Well, don't quite follow that pull. You might fall, as other energetic pulls are occurring.

Mercury is retrograde (goes direct on friday December the 22nd) and has been hanging out by Saturn, what this means is revisiting old ideas and a good time to put in the planing for these ideas to be birthed into reality. The retrograde is also speaking louder making communications, ideas and thoughts feeling like they need to be expressed now, however this is more of a time for growth vs. ready output. In addition Mercury retrograde has a way of creating detours in your life specifically in transportation and communication. Having things occur in different ways or times then expected or intended, best thing to do? Flow with it, enjoy the potential of the detour, know this time will pass and let ideas and plans simmer and be thought out before decided upon.

Saturn is about to enter Capricorn, it is finishing its 2.5 year time in Sagittarius, shifting our drive from looking at the mountain tops of the goals we wish to achieve, to putting things to the test and drawing the maps to get there.

Sources assisting my interpretation: Rick Levine and Rasa Lila Healing.

Full Moon Magic - December Super Moon

Full Moon

Full Moons

Full moons mark the culmination of awareness, growth, and creation. 

The full moon itself causes a rise in the tides, rivers, lakes, and even our blood leaving a stirring of activity, sensation, and a sense of fullness allowing for a perfect opportunity for reflection, contemplation, and shedding of old patterns and habits so we can continue to grow and become a deeper reflection of ourselves. 

This opportunity and change in energy is even more potent this month in the last full moon of 2017 and what's called a Super Moon falling right before the Winter Solstice.  This happens when the full moon is at or within 90% alignment with its perigee, or closest point in a given orbit with Earth.  Energetically these moons (super moons) offer a bigger opportunity to shift.  To the naked eye, the moon will seem much larger as it rises and orbits through the sky and will create a higher rise in the tides.  

Utilize this energy to reflect inward and ask yourself in the last month (and in the last year):

Lunar Cycle
  • What have I cultivated and seen grow into fruition?
  • How have I grown emotionally?
  • What lessons have come to light?
  • What have I learned about myself as a person?
  • What have I learned about my career/work?
  • Have I truly been happy?  
  • What can I let go of, that no longer serves me and my community?
  • Where has my energy not brought much growth?
  • How well have I honored my physical wellness?
  • What do I spend most of my time and energy thinking about? Does this help me grow?
  • Where has my energy best been spent?
  • What can I be grateful for?
  • How have I defined myself? Does this still feel right?
  • How can I create myself in this next cycle to come so that I feel more authentic and genuine each day?

Taking time to reflect on the growth, lessons, changes, and goals we have for ourselves allows awareness to take over so we stop reliving subconscious patterns and habits and start living a conscious life.  Until we truly can observe our behaviors, patterns, habits, thoughts, feelings, and reactions...we cannot start being anything more than we've been, which sometimes is OKAY if you're 100% happy to stay in the same place.  However, if you have goals, if you're wanting change, if you're ready to feel fully supported and live life a little more fully and limitlessly, take this time to turn inward, answer the above questions honestly, and get ready to redirect your energy and shed those layers and past identifiers to become the person you already are underneath it all.

Ritual Suggestion: 

  1. Find a space either under the full moon or with it in view. 
  2. Light a candle.
  3. Spend 2-5 minutes just focusing on your breath, heartbeat, the feeling of the moonlight and your overall feeling.
  4. Open up your journal and take time to go through the questions in this posting. Answer them for the month prior as well as the year of 2017. 
  5. Create an affirmation and focus list for the next lunar cycle.
    1. Acknowledge the top 3-5 things you want to grow and develop and what they look like in your life. These can be qualities, behaviors, goals, etc.
    2. Affirmations are written as action oriented, present tense statements solely referencing the energy you're wanting to cultivate. 
      1. DO NOT reference what you don't want to repeat.  To change the wiring of your brain and energetic field, we have to be willing to redirect our focus 100% away from the things that have previously thwarted us and towards our goals.  
      2. Make sure you can FEEL this statement as true to you.  If it sounds like poppycock, it's as simple as that.  Rewrite and phrase until you believe your statements and goals to be attainable and you can imagine them as reality. Until we connect with the quantum reality as reality, it will stay afar, but the moment we can connect with and feel this reality as our own, the moment we start drawing it into our lives and shifting ourselves to experience the things we really do want to experience.  
  6. Do a closing meditation gazing up to the moon (or into the candlelight if gazing up is at all uncomfortable to your neck).  Allow yourself to, once more, focus on your breath, your heartbeat, the feel of the moonlight, and the feeling of your intentions moving forward as your new reality.  Allow yourself to feel lighter and trust that you CAN and HAVE let go of the limiting patterns and beliefs keeping you from this new energy and way of being, no matter how subtle or large the shift may be. 
  7. Each day observe what feels different and how you're acting to support your affirmations and intentions. 

Embrace the support of the Full Moon and make your own magic this month.  Contact us with any questions or if you'd like support from our in-house Astrologer. 

Honor over suffering

Do you honor yourself in fitness and life or do you subscribe to suffering? Before you answer, reflect on your daily routine, self-talk, interactions with other, thoughts about food, methods of fitness, and your forms of motivation and discipline. 

A good friend of mine, Mellie RoseTest, wrote a beautiful piece about this very topic in relation to fitness and fitness programs. It was about how the mainstream media and tools have been built up to promote regimented suffering and harsh discipline over our ability to honor ourselves, our minds, our emotions, and our bodies. How did we turn into a society where suffering was the normal thing to do in fitness and health?

She states and questions the following: 
"Fitness programs are bunk. To assume that every day, you’re getting the same amount of sleep, eating the exact same meals, experiencing the exact same amounts of physical, emotional and mental stress? To assume that every person will respond in the same way to the same exercises? To assume that ANYTHING is one-size-fits-all, when each of us is completely, biochemically individual?
Why are we still clinging to the programs? To BeachBody, to P90X, to Insanity, to Crossfit. Why are we desperately and repeatedly buying into fads? Why are we afraid of our individuality? Of our own knowledge? 

Our bodies are continually giving feedback. Cravings let us know what action to take. Aches and pains let us know where there’s stagnation and where we need to increase the flow.

The truth is, we’re not floating aimlessly offshore the island of wellness here. We don’t need external guidance to find our way to safety; we’re safe exactly where we are."

I love this. I love it with all of my being because these very questions are the reason I started Live Beyond Limit. We are NOT all the same and we all come from different backgrounds, injuries (physical or non), and daily demands. Each human being is 100% unique in who they are and their spirit - even twins! We all have different perspectives that our bodies and lives mirror. Different activities light us up. Some of us are runners, some like to dance, some enjoy the pool, some just like interacting with others - so why would we cookie cutter the programs, push ourselves to vomiting or rhabdomyolysis (severe muscle damage where the muscle is broken down and released into the blood steam) for the sake of "results". We all have different drives, so again I ask you.... Do you honor yourself or subscribe to suffering?

If you already honor yourself in fitness by enjoying the things you do without harming yourself, that is so fantastic. Now, please look at the other aspects of your life.  Do you practice non-harm (in yoga we call this ahimsa) in your speech, thoughts, actions? Do you build yourself up with your interactions and actions or do you tear yourself down or box yourself up?

Regardless of the answer, here are a few things you can do to work towards honoring yourself more each day:

  1. Listen to your body.  If you're burnt out exhausted, I recommend choosing rest over pounding another workout out.  We make our progress in our recovery periods. If the body doesn't have time to heal itself, you will plateau and sometimes even go backwards in progress. If you're upset, take time to process and let it flow. If you're energized, use it to complete the projects you've been sweeping to the side. Listen to, learn from, and love your body.

  2. Sleep 6-8 hours each night. Make a routine around your sleep. It's vital for cell regeneration, fat burning, memory, cognitive functioning, and heightened energy levels.

  3. Eat real food 3-7 times a day, depending on your schedule and physiological demands.  Have snacks when you're feeling low on energy, eat more in the front half of the day than the back half, and listen to your body! Our bodies function because of the food we consume, nothing else, so give it fuel and food that is close to the earth. 

  4. Be compassionate to yourself and others.  Instead of saying "Jeeze that was so stupid of me!" try something more along the lines of "Well that didn't go so great, next time I can do XY or Z instead and get a better result." When someone cuts in front of you on the road (tough one!), try pondering what their shoes look like. Are they late for work? Did they just get a call that their loved one was in need? Are they just a jerk? Bless them for whatever made them have to act so unsafely.

  5. Have fun. Seriously, just go out there and have fun in all the aspects of your life.  If it doesn't feel good or make you feel good afterwards, then do something else! You're life is valuable, beautiful, and meant to be lived and loved. If you hate 50% of it, DO something so you're enjoying 51% today, 55% tomorrow and so forth. 

I dare you to Honor yourself today and to release suffering. Life is too beautiful if you allow it to be. 

"By Any Other Name" and Human Sensuality

gmark art

"By Any Other Name" is an amazing fine art photography project gaining attention and growing rapidly by G. Mark Lewis and his gmark art label, which highlights and combines the parallel beauty of female anatomy and flowers in nature.

I started a simple photo idea, and that’s it. I never saw this becoming a thing.  I thought maybe I’d have two or three volunteer models, but now I’ve had 27.
— G Mark Lewis


His simple idea? Unlike the denied claims of Georgia O'Keeffes floral masterpieces being artistic renditions of a woman's vulva and beyond, he wondered what would happen if he did purposely photograph flowers with the female anatomy? Would it turn out? Would it be possible?

The results? Social change, fine art, and empowerment for 27 women (and counting) who have all stepped up and volunteered to be a part of the project in order to help strip away the taboos against themselves and their own bodies. This controversial project is inciting both praise and criticism from individuals saying a man has no place to do a shoot of this nature, which I strongly beg to differ based off of my experiences with both male and female photographers and practitioners and the environment, lack of judgement, impressive support, and kind heart that gmark offers both in and outside of his studio walls. 

Several of the Live Beyond Limit members, including myself, have participated in this amazing photography project for personal and social reasons. When I first found out about the project, I was 100% supportive as teaching sacred sensuality, body acceptance, and healthy body image is something I strive for here at Live Beyond Limit and I felt the project was a tasteful and beautiful example of all of those things. 

Since it's gotten such scrutiny and some misled judgements, I feel compelled to share my experiences. For me personally, it was only natural to volunteer to become one of the "By Any Other Name" models for gmark knowing the integrity and honor he has for his artwork itself, the respect and appreciation he has for his models and their stories, and the ever evolving greater vision of all of his work to socially heighten the overall level of respect and honor towards human sensuality and sexuality.  I've personally witnessed and worked with hundreds of women through yoga and energetics that have been subjected to a variety of physical sexual assaults, religious shaming and fear, the western cultural taboos and condemnation of the female body, as well as mental and emotional manipulation around their bodies, sex and pleasure, and health and feel this project is a powerful statement against the taboo nature our society and much of the global culture places on women as an entire group of individuals. I was and am supportive of the combined intention to make beautiful artwork and to help women see their bodies as more than just objects or something to be ashamed or afraid of, but rather something natural, amazing, and exquisite...something that mirrors nature and is simplistically beautiful and varied in how it looks and is expressed.

Never having done a shoot of this nature I didn't know what to expect, but I knew it'd be hilarious, fun, and light hearted with Mark as that is just how he is personally and professionally.  After arriving, chatting a bit, checking out all the flower varieties and finally popping up on the table he had laid out with multiple lights focused directly on on my crotch, I just laughed as I hadn't really imagined having a professional camera inches from my vagina adorned with flowers prior to this project.  However, there I was and it was more respectful and comfortable than 100% of all of my doctor's visits and some of my personal relationships with the level of communication, comfort and silliness we both enjoyed with the project as flowers were being positioned in a variety of ways to capture unique and natural looking placement and expression.  

As we chatted during the project, and as I've touched base with a few other models, it became clear that all participants have had similar experiences, with some having their entire lives and views changed around their own anatomy, sensuality, and sexuality.  Some who had been ashamed and afraid of their anatomy, found power and grace from the project, finally being able to embrace herself as beautiful and as more than just a sex object for attackers, but as something to be honored and cherished and appreciated just for being herself. Others that didn't have such abrasive and abusive pasts, joked that he was more appropriate and comfortable to spread eagle for than their gynecologist and boyfriends because of how he made sure to have warm hands and talk through, ask permission, and work with them to get the results both parties wanted.  

gmark art

My overall feelings on the project and it's potential impact for human sensuality? I feel this project can help women embrace their bodies more and help the male population see a slightly different perspective on women.  Women are to be cherished (as are men), to be honored for the unique beauty that they are, to be supported in their feminine identity, and provide space and communication methods that help them feel safe in their own skin.  It's my hope that the project opens up a deeper discussion for individuals in their own sensual nature and that within society as when sensuality is repressed, crime rates and mental illness increase.  

I encourage all individuals to embrace themselves a little more deeply, to ask for help healing old wounds (I, Mark, or some of the LBL practitioners are happy to help!), to have the courage to be authentic and stand up for what you believe in the face of criticism, and to honor each other for the natural and amazing beings we are.  

May we all embrace our sense of self, our natural given form, and the ability to desexualize art to be able to fully appreciate and honor sensuality as a whole. 

See some of the "By Any Other Name" images shared on his tumblr here (note the content and know there is other nude fine art photography on this page):

See the Huffington Post article about the project here:




The Wounded Healer

How is it that the wounded are sometimes the very best at healing others…even when we’re at our very lowest? How is it that even when we have tears streaming down our face and bellows of sorrow escaping from our hearts, we can bring light and love into this world?

I found myself asking this of the universe sometime years back and am quite grateful for this wonderful fact. It gives me hope and light and a huge abundance of gratitude for the universal creator that is both outside and inside of every single one of us.

Here’s how the musing started.

One Monday I layed in my bed for FOURTEEN hours straight. My vision of the world literally was twisting, shaking and turning on me. My body was rebelling with pain to the bones and reality and illusion were strictly one as my spine decided to start shifting itself into place. It had been a long while since such widespread pain had been running through my body. The level of fear and uncertainty regarding my stability and situation was immense.  I knew I needed to help myself. So I began my mantra and breath work to bring some clarity to the very unclear situation.

This too shall pass.

Om gam ganapatayai namah.

I welcome the changes that my body, mind and spirit face so that I may progress, grow and fulfill my potential and impact on the community and self.

Upon showering off the initial layer of heaviness that lay on my spirit, I perched on the side of my bed and began to cry. I began to shake with the sobs. I began to let go.

It was pure and it was free. The sobs slowly shifted my psyche from terror to a sense of oneness, peace and purity. The tears purged my soul of every self-doubt in my being.  I found myself laughing through my tears, realizing the choices I had – to stay in bed and wallow in the pain or to pick myself off of my bed and try to get moving with the movement I was already perceiving and experiencing.  I chose the latter. Deep breaths helped me through and I continued my affirmations and mantras.

Wounded Healer

 A friend swung by, gave me a huge hug and stayed to chat for a few. She left. She then sent me the message that sparked this musing.  It read as follows:

“Hey Lady. Just wanted you to know that I wasn’t feeling too great all day, but hanging with you gave me a new high. Thank you.”

My spirit brightened immediately. I remembered the truth we all have in our hearts, no matter how deeply buried.  We cannot control anything other than ourselves. We can only shift and flow with our surroundings, friends, family and lovers and we must strive to see situations as they are and make the most of our current circumstances.

The darkness gives meaning to the light.

It makes me thinks of catastrophic events across the world and the amount of light, love and gratitude (yes, gratitude) as well as healing that comes from them.  Think Chernobyl. Think the Hiroshima. Think the Holocaust. The amount of agony, torture, suffering, pain, fear and deep driving sorrow that these events caused for those directly and indirectly involved, directly or indirectly touched and those that later became aware are beyond words and really can only be felt...but what did these things DO for the world, for us?  They were lessons, hard learned. They brought about a sense of community to heal. They brought awareness. The fears around them brought preparedness for the future. They rerouted our previous thought and action patterns, in yoga we may think of these as samskaras, and they brought about world-wide efforts of cooperation and understanding effectively breaking down certain barriers.   

I urge us all to remember these things in the trials we are given.  How can you make the very most of your situation? How can we positively impact others, even when we’re in the darkest of places?

May the darkness bring meaning to the light. May we remember our darkness is truly the shadow to the great light and experiences that can and will come to us should we choose to move away from the paralytic sense of fear the darkness sometimes carries.

Excuses: What holds you back from living the life you want to be living?

Excuses. We all use them for one external thing or another, but do we realize the number of excuses we use on ourselves? Do YOU, yes YOU, know what purpose they serve?

"I will start working out tomorrow"
"I'll start eating well on Monday"
"I don't have time"
"I want to XY and Z, but I can't have them because....."
"I don't know how to cook, so I have to buy from the store"
"I can't work out, I have an injury"
"I can't take yoga, I'm not flexible"
"I am bad at xy and z so I can't possibly..."
"I will never be able to take a vacation..."
"I know they don't treat me well, but who else is going to want me?"
"I can't quit smoking/drinking/harming myself"

Any of those sound familiar?

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary an excuse is as follows:
"1 a : to make apology for b : to try to remove blame from 2 : to forgive entirely or disregard as of trivial importance : regard as excusable <graciously excused his tardiness> 3 a : to grant exemption or release to <was excused from jury duty> b : to allow to leave <excused the class>"


My personal definition:  An excuse is something to keep you from being exactly who you are in order to stay comfortable with who you've been. 

Are you going to apologize for being you? Are you going to blame the world (past, present or future) for your problems and expect them to fix those problems that are in your life? Are you going to minimize your wants and desires so you can make others happy at the sake of your own happiness and often times health? Are you going to grant yourself a pardon for living up to your true nature and potential? Are you going to sit by and witness your life pass without loving every moment?

Live Beyond Limit


Are you going to radically be yourself? Are you going to see the situation as it is and take control of the only thing you can - your role and your life?  Are you going to put yourself first so that you can better serve others and grant all parties health, joy, love and peace? Are you going to own your nature and actually LIVE your life?

Personally and physiologically, the second list sounds a bit more appealing to me.  It's shown by multiple research studies that people with a greater sense of well-being tend to think more like the second set of questions than the first.  These individuals have a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression, and chronic anxiety as well as other health concerns and recover much more quickly from injuries and illnesses when they occur. They have lower medical costs, take less sick days and are proven to be more productive, which in turn leads to a larger amount of "disposable income" for fun, vacations, savings accounts, investments, etc.  

If you find yourself aligning more with the first set of questions and excuses, but want to get yourself to the second set and that bigger bank account ask yourself what is possible when you take accountability? When you focus your energy where you actually want it to go? What happens when you stop focusing on the problems and start focusing on the solutions and opportunities? 



Emotion Management

Emotional Processing

Ever feel your emotions bubbling over into every aspect of your day? Sometimes this can be fantastic as you ride the high of a new job or engagement, but at other times when this happens it can be painful, distracting, exhausting and down right frustrating for yourself and all those around. So what do you do if you find yourself on the wrong side of the tracks?

Here are a few ideas:

1. Take a few deep breaths - deep breaths help to open the lungs and take in more oxygen, which releases more waste and calms the nervous system.

2. Ask yourself what the emotion is, where it is coming from, and why it is effecting you so much. Knowledge is power. Sometimes we find that how we are feeling in one situation really belongs to another situation or has roots in something else.  Let yourself really feel, experience and understand the emotion.

3. Ask yourself if there is anything you can do about the emotion or situation at that moment. If you can positively influence the situation, go for it. If not, then acknowledge the future steps you can make, what you could have done differently from the past and tell yourself how you would like to feel in that moment.

4. Do something to make you smile and laugh. These two responses of the body help to boost immune function and fluid flow, helping to flush out the negative cascade of neurotransmitters from the emotion evoking event.  With this flush, the laughter creates a flood of health boosting chemicals including endorphins and serotonin. 

Amethyst: The Dream Stone

by Jean Parker-Renga

amathyst blog

Birthstone: February

Zodiac: Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Capricorn

Numerical Vibration: 3

Chakras: Crown

Amethyst is my favorite calming stone, one that I use for many reasons. It’s not only the stone for my zodiac sign, but also my numerical vibration. I have used amethyst for calming the minds of pregnant clients during pregnancy, helping with insomnia and overcoming fear. My first use for amethyst with a client was to aid in sleep and to calm her dreams. Placing a nice-sized, flat, round stone Amethyst on the forehead is great in treating a headache, too!

In working with my friend during her pregnancy, I used that stone to assist her in calming down, letting go of fears she had, and helping relax her while breathing through her physical tensions. In addition, I suggested that she place her raw amethyst near her bed to bring awareness to this time of day, to go to sleep and to encourage pleasant dreams once she got there.

Amethyst is also a great stone to place around the house to assist in cleansing the energy. It’s almost that time of year again – spring cleaning! I like to reserve enough time while scrubbing the house to open windows, smudge each room with sage and set an intention for our home. Amethyst helps to remove collected negativity and release a sense of calm in the air. In addition, I keep amethyst in my son’s room all the time to help him when he’s upset or needs to use his room to calm down.

Amethyst is one of the few “Traveler’s Stones” that I keep in the car, too, as it offers protection while on the road.

Possible Crystal Grid Intention: Calming

Great stones to grab for this Calming Grid are: Quartz Crystal, Citrine, Amethyst and Rose Quartz.

Quartz Crystal: The “Master Healer” is used a lot in grids, as they can be programmed to assist with any intention.

Amethyst: Known for its ability to relieve stress and anxiety.

Rose Quartz: This heart chakra stone is very soothing and calming. I feel like a lot of the anxiety I’ve worked with stems from emotional issues. So if we can reveal what is possibly troubling you with a relationship with someone else, or yourself, we can use those soothing vibrations to help let go and move on to a better peace of mind.

Citrine: The “Merchant Stone” is wonderful to bring in prosperity and abundance into your life. If the lack of funds is what is keeping you up at night, not only enjoy its presence in your grid, but also find a spot for a nugget in your purse or cash box.



"There is no remedy for love but to love more." 
H.D. Thoreau


Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

First off, I must express my immense gratitude to and for all of my teachers and guides, my friends and family, as well as my clients and peers for every bit of support, inspiration and experience you have and continue to offer me.   I could not be who I am nor do what I do without the collective wealth of energy we've shared and exchanged- thank you all.  I truly love the path I'm on and am excited and grateful for the opportunity to work with the community and provide inspiration, motivation, support and knowledge regarding health and wellness.  I will be writing about different topics regarding physical fitness, energetic research and functioning, yoga, psychology, philosophy and more so please feel free to send me suggestions and requests!  I will do my best to cover all that I can or provide you resources for those questions you may have.

Secondly, it's done! I finally got this website up and rolling. It wasn't an easy task. If you know me, you know that technology and I don't seem to be that great of friends and have a very polarized relationship. After a series of mishaps with content, browser errors, connection failures, and frustrations I have managed to become much more comfortable and familiar with the programs utilized and miraculously the troubles my computer had been having stopped long enough to let me get the first blast of the website up. I continue to be amazed at the patience I've gained, the lessons learned, and computer savy gained by this process. Don't get me wrong, there is certainly more information and slight tweaks to come, but that first step is out there.  It's the initial push needed to get the ball rolling and overcome the law of inertia, which states that an object tends to stay in its present state - it doesn't like to change without a force. 

Another way to look at it in regards to fitness, nutrition and life is that it takes a force, a push, a drive to get yourself moving in the right direction and then it gets easier to maintain and feel confident and in control.  It takes forces to pull you out of the habit too, so awareness is crutial.  We all can influence these forces in great ways to set ourselves up for success. Is it easy? Sometimes.  Is it challenging and hard work at times? Almost always.  Is it freeing, empowering and rewarding? Yes, always. So look inside, figure out your obstacles, weaknesses and fears and make them strengths to get some inertia and tackle just one thing at a time.

Gandhi's words "Be the change that you wish to see in the world" are words I strive to live by, so my one thing to work on was my website being published. Since that's done the next step is to add more in depth information. What is your one thing to work on and complete? 

Written by: Kate Wrightson


synaptic connections
“We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibers connect us with our fellow men; and among those fibers, as sympathetic threads, our actions run as causes, and they come back to us as effects.” ― Herman Melville

I’ve had a lot of people ask me lately “What is the purpose of humanity? Why are we here?” and “How can I reach my goals?” and while I can’t say for certain on the first one, the one thing that pops into my mind most frequently is that we are here to make connections and those connections are what get us to where we need to go physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Until you can connect with yourself, including your goals and motivators, you will not have sustained results. Many, many people distinguish their goals, but they do not take the time to connect with them.  If you reached your goal of X, Y or Z what would that look like? What would your lifestyle look like? What things are you looking forward to being able to do, feel and experience? Why do you want or need that? Connect the dots.

We can think of the cells in our bodies as small models of ourselves.  If a cell simply exists in the body and is not connecting to a network of anything it is destroyed and consumed by our immune system, dies on its own or mutates into something like cancer and replicates abnormal cells. In order for our body to flourish, each cell follows a unique nucleotide sequence via our deoxyribonucleic acid strands (DNA) and helps itself fulfill its individual purpose, but also a much larger purpose within its given organ system.  Pretty neat, huh?

So then think of yourself as a little cell within the world organism. Do you see your existence helping to make the organism we live within flourish at all times? Do you find yourself falling into negative behavioral or cognitive cycles and negatively affecting or influencing those around you? If you find yourself agreeing with the second question, don’t worry! You can work to become a little light and healthy cell in the world organism.

In order to do this, we must personally do our part to take care of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally so that we truly can positively contribute to the larger picture. We must figure out our skill set and start putting it to work within our friend circle, schools, places of work and greater community. We must not be afraid of the changes and challenges that lay in front of us each and every day and instead must look at them as opportunities to connect, illuminate and produce wonderful effects and ripples.

What do you enjoy doing? What are you passionate about?

How frequently do you do those activities? Can you step that number up?

What influence do you have in the world around you? Who do you influence?

Who do you know and how can you spread your influence to even one more person?

Start small. Start with yourself then look to create sparks. Make your life magnificent.

It’s all about the connections.

3 EASY ways to help save our beautiful home, Earth.


Good news Fort Collins, our efforts to be clean have left us as # 14 on the cleanest US cities list! Check it out here.

Let's all take a moment to muse the greatness of this planet and take a look at the resources we have to help us have less of a negative impact on our lovely environment.

1. One of the easiest things we can do is Recycle and Reuse items.  You can check out your local policies here.

Recycling helps us maintain our forests as well as reduce waste in our landfills, water and air in addition to saving resources that are destroyed and polluted via manufacturing new goods.

Fort Collins, CO has some awesome thrift shops and consignment boutiques and below a few are listed. If you never have, I suggest you go check out the following!
    Repeat Boutique
    Arc Thrift
    Flamingo Boutique
Remember, using reusable or recyclable bags is another great way to reduce your imprint at the grocery store too!

2.  Second easiest way to help Mother Earth is to carpool, take the bus, walk, bike, run, skip, etc to reduce your solo drive time.

With the number of commuters steadily increasing and the auto-industry still chugging high speed, fuel consumption has jumped drastically.  Let's do our part to reduce our imprint.  If the store is a quarter mile away...try walking! Not only will it burn a couple extra calories and help your heart, it also will help our lovely Earth.

Fort Collins, your local bus schedule can be found here.

3.  Start going Organic.

The official definition of organic crops in the United States is as follows from the USDA:

" Organic food is produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations. Organic meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products come from animals that are given no antibiotics or growth hormones.  Organic food is produced without using most conventional pesticides; fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge; bioengineering; or ionizing radiation."

The regulations also exclude the labeling of Genetically Modified food-like items as organic. (Hurray!) Those benefits will be discussed in a later thread, but trust that it is a very, very good thing to not support these crops that are destroying all that is natural in the world and feeding our disease rates.

Don't panic about the thought of going organic. Just start small and work your way up. Choose one item to start replacing and then go up from there. If you look at the price differential between your big medical bills, earth degradation and grocery bill you will notice that organic doesn't always mean it will break your bank. Plus, the quality of the organic items in nutrient density and natural biological construction means that you are getting more for the money you put in to begin with. Nutrient dense equates to more satiating food that we need less of to do the same job as the knock off engineered varieties.

There you have it! 3 EASY ways to help save our beautiful home, Earth.

I personally am working to reduce my imprint as I prefer to see natural skies than those influenced by pollution. I prefer to, in the words of Emerson, "drink the wild air" and delight in the ocean and splendor of the mountains. I love my forests and am grateful for the food this Earth naturally produces and gifts us with.

Love your home, Earth.

Sleep: Essential for Mind-Body Health

By: Pamela Ballard

Did you know? 
Humans are the only mammals that willingly delay sleep! 

Sleep: Essential for Mind-Body Health
Adults and children alike are spending more time awake late at night to study, work, or have fun. All those late nights may be slowly killing us. More than 20 years of research shows us that sleep is vitally important to physical and mental health. 
Most of what we know about sleep and health comes from studies of what happens to the mind and body when we don't sleep enough, or at all. In animal and human studies, living without sleep for even a few months resulted in death. Sleeping fewer than 8 hours a night on a regular basis is associated with increased risk for diabetes, heart disease and stroke, depression, colds and flu, and obesity. 

While We Are Sleeping...
Sleep affects brain chemistry and has an important role in the functioning of the nervous, immune and endocrine systems. During sleep we develop and reinforce neural pathways involved in memory, learning, and emotion. New research suggests sleep helps flush toxins from the brain. 
While we are sleeping, the body manufactures hormones that repair damage caused by stress and the environment in which we work and play. Growth hormone cleanses the liver, builds muscle, breaks down fat, and helps normalize blood sugar. We also produce hormones that help fight infections. If we aren't getting sufficient sleep, we get sick more often and take longer to recover. Lack of sleep increases inflammation, which is has been linked to heart disease and stroke. 
Skimping on shut-eye is linked with obesity in adults and children. Lack of sleep interferes with the levels of metabolic hormones that signal when you're hungry and when you're full. 
The amount of sleep you need varies based on age, activity level, quality of sleep, and genetics (e.g., some of us really are night owls). Infants typically require 14-15 hours of sleep per 24-hour period; young children about 12 hours; teens about 9 hours, and most adults 7-9 hours. A general rule of thumb for determining your sleep requirement: If you do not wake feeling refreshed, you may not be getting enough sleep. 

Are You Sleep Deprived?
You don't have to pull "all-nighters" to become sleep deprived. A sleep debt of just 1-2 hours a few nights a week can affect your health and performance. To become fully well-rested and regain energy after a sleep debt, get an extra hour of sleep each night for one week. 
If you experience any of the following the signs of sleep deprivation, talk to your healthcare provider about natural approaches to getting your sleep back on track. 
·         Daytime drowsiness; fatigue
·         Poor memory; difficulty concentrating
·         Changes in appetite
·         Difficulty dealing with stress
·         Irritability
·         Muscle tension; impaired vision
·         Increase in accidents or clumsiness

Form Fosters Function

Here at Live Beyond Limit we stand for integrity and full spectrum support, which is why we utilize the philosophy "Form Fosters Function" and are considered Contemporary Circus Arts.  Why?  If we don't maintain proper musculoskeletal integrity, if we don't progress at a certain rate with our base foundational skills and strengths present... we degrade, we get hurt doing the things we love the most, we put ourselves back 10 steps and go against the flow of nature (your body) and create rifts in our lives. Our philosophy and teaching style honors the form and function of the body enabling you to maintain your passions for a lifetime. 

alignment yoga fort collins

We know your body is extremely intelligent.  Your body is capable of marvelous things IF you take care of it properly.  Form and proper progression allows you to open to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity without injury.  It allows you to dive into your flexibility because you've put the work in to ensure that your joints are evenly supported, spacious, and moving through their best range of possible.  Taking time to progress properly take a large dose of humble pie, discipline, and patience with yourself, but just know your life and world is worth every moment. 

physiology fort collins

It's because of this we BEG you to vet your teachers.  We BEG you to take some control over your health, well being and future!   Why? Unfortunately, many individuals lack the depth of physiological, kinesthetic, and exercise progression background to SAFELY progress and teach students how to enjoy the magic of the body's capacity, which leads to a lot of unnecessary injuries and time away from the things you love.

The industry is just that - an industry.  Teacher trainings are designed to crank out students with base levels of information, but often time don't monitor the quality of demonstration/replication, instruction, and hands on work that is necessary to work with clients and have them move through both basic and advanced postures, poses, tricks, or exercises. 

This is a tragedy and I BEG you to expect more from your teachers.  Ask if you're doing it properly.  Ask to take it slow. Ask to get the basics of engagement and have them point out and explain your musculature to you.  Ask how to isolate muscles and connect your kinetic chain.

Honor the basics first and foremost.  Honor yourself and humble yourself to find your form, alignment, and ease in your body as you progress in your practice or performance careers. 

We honor our form so we can function, do you? 


*Images are not from LBL and are for educational use only.  Questions? Come let us explain!

Citrine: The Stone of Abundance

Citrine: The Stone of Abundance

Authored by:  Jean Parker-Renga

citrine for abundance

Birthstone: November

Zodiac: Aries, Gemini

Numerical Vibration: 6

Chakras: Sacral, Solar, Crown

Citrine is a stone of abundance and overall prosperity.  It's one of those stones that I always have with me due to it's powerful and soothing qualities.  You can store a nice sized nugget either in your cash box or by your square reader to bring forth prosperity in creative endeavors and business.

Citrine is also a great stone to let go of negative feelings, and overcoming depression. Allow the power of the sun to lift your self-esteem, move forward with optimism, and find courage to leave behind what doesn’t serve you anymore.  Recently I incorporated citrine into a custom mala for a customer who was looking for support in letting go in her meditation practice. The end result was powerfully soothing, uplifting, and supportive to her endeavors.

citrine custom mala


Possible Crystal Grid Intention:

My personal favorite way to work with citrine is to combine it with amethyst and ametrine to truly connect the channel from the Crown Chakra, down to the Solar Plexus, and right back up to bring clarity of thought in your creative life.