Acro Yoga - Fort Collins

Our goal is to help people lift each other up!

Acrobatic Yoga is a trinity of disciplines - yoga, thai massage, and acrobatics. Classes, series, workshops, and retreats are design to teach you the necessary elements of beginner to advanced basing, flying, and weight sharing. Our instructors are certified and insured to take care of you in acro yoga specifically and all have experience personally in various modalities of weight sharing and movement arts. 

Acro yoga helps you to learn, communicate clearly, build trust and reliability, laugh (a lot), and have a fun in the process! No partner is needed - we will happily pair you up with a new friend or two!



We offer weekly Acro Jams and classes starting back mid-September.

Learn to communicate, connect, and explore with the tri-fecta of self-care, fitness, and fun.   



Workshops utilize our resident and guest instructors to prep for performances, learn advanced and highly technical movements and sequencing, and to work 2 and 3 high in your practice (some workshops are held off-site). 

acro yoga fort collins