Hair Feather Extensions

installed by Ariel Jones

The trend of hair feathers reemerged out of Boulder circa 2011 and originates in ancient Tribal customs and roots for achievement, beauty, and tribal identification.  Ariel Jones, the designer, allows you to pick custom colors and feather types to suit your personality, face shape, and personal flair for as bold or subtle of an effect desired.


Basic Bundle

Choose from 3-8 feathers of different colors and variety to create your own flair. 

*Extensions last 2-8 weeks depending on user.

Screen Shot 2016-10-14 at 5.47.48 PM.png

Extra Bundles

Add extra bundles for $15 per 3-8 feather bunch!  Add them to you bangs, underneath, or on the top for a little extra flair. 



Feathers fall out?

Save them and bring them in for a $10 reinstall per bundle!