Warrior 1

Embrace yourself today. Take a moment to set the intention to truly embrace all that you are - not all that society wants you to be.  Open yourself up to loving and befriending your shadow self, or the parts of you that you may have deemed unlovable, unacceptable, not ideal, etc.  Once we accept where we are in life, we can free ourselves of any cages or limits and continue to grow and expand with the support of our community and the amazing connections our "weaknesses" guide us towards.  

We all have our own talents. We all have our own drive.  Allow yours to compliment others and give each person you connect with today the opportunity to realize how awesome they are and how needed they are in this world as their truest being.

Enjoy the flow - feel the connection and embrace your strength. You're capable of amazing things!


Embrace the Power and Healing via AcroYoga - see the highlighted TEDxUNC presentation from March 20, 2014