New Understanding: Physical, Emotional & Energetic

Six years ago today it was a Thursday. Six years ago I left Trybz Martial Arts from training with a dear friend, Sebastian, and a very distinct idea of how my following week was going to go. Six years ago, I received a wonderfully loud and tragic blessing from the Universe. I was involved in a 3 car hit-and-run accident on South Shields and Prospect in Fort Collins, CO. I walked away a different lady. I walked away terrified, injured and feeling lost but with an underlying sense of calm, understanding and determination.

Why me? Why after years of working SO HARD to get my body back into a stable place (a story for another time) was I involved in such a horrible car accident and have my physical, emotional and mental stability destroyed?  Why would the universe give me such a torturous and devastating event and aftermath to deal with? Have you ever felt this way?

Why? Exactly because of the above tone and attitude I had possessed prior to the event. The attitude that the world was happening to me. That I was filling an "extra" in the play we call life. I needed that rude awakening to realize that I was happening to the world and that I needed to refine my skills, learn to be patient, compassionate, forgiving and figure out what I really am meant to share with the world. Yes. That's your journey too.

The journey to my and your discovery? Long. Hard. Torturous. Fear ridden. Painful. Tearful. Hysterical. Frustrating. Agonizing. Joyous. Contemplative. Freeing.


Almost immediately I learned that my "friends" weren't really all that great or supportive. (Sound familiar?) I found kindness in my family and support in co-workers (Thanks Sheryl!). I found a new depth to my self-study (svadhyaya in Sanskrit) both on and off the mat. I woke up very suddenly. I had to. I was faced with the choice to wallow in my situation at the bottom of the pit with water flooding in or climb the hell up and see where that wall led. It was a big, wonderful shift and I'm always here to help you all make that climb too.

Get ready for the long haul if you really want to see the big and lasting changes.  I personally have spent years of daily rehabilitation getting my range of motion back. The beginning of that fateful day I had full range of motion in my legs to have my face pressed between my knees in a forward fold....the next morning? I could literally hinge forward about 2 inches-leaving quite a few between me and my thighs.  Today? Almost back to those thighs.

My neck and jaw stability I had found after years of work with the amazing Dr. Oglesby in Virginia was destroyed that night. I shattered the temporomandibular joint repositioning device he and I spent literally years adjusting to find stability and functional neurological activity in a matter of weeks after the accident.  I'm STILL working on finding that stability with the assistance of Dr. Keller here in Fort Collins (thank goodness such a wonderful skilled individual is in this area) and continue to do daily therapy and energetic work to promote stability and uninterrupted cognitive, visual and tactile functioning. 

The jaw will stabilize when my spine stabilizes, which again, is a daily battle and challenge. Since I've become a reiki and thoroughly deepened my meditation and mantra practices, I've had remarkable advanced in healing, which is why I share these skills with you too. I can't say I'm 100% yet, but I surely am on an accelerated fast track and I'd like to put you on that same track to fulfilling your goals.  I have been able to drop my pelvis into a neutral position, my thoracic spine is slowly working back into a normal kyphosis (opposed to the lordosis/concave look with a nice curve and the extra twists the accident gave it) and my C-5 is finally decompressing some, thus allowing my cervical spine (neck) to slowly work back into a neutral curve. Patience is a virtue. Start repeating that mantra to yourself now because the patience is worth the outcome.

This new understanding of energy has thrown me into a new pool of philosophy, energetics, intimacy and joy.  It's expanded my somewhat bound Western mind and brought in the ancient energies from Reiki, Tantra, Yoga and ancient civilizations' understanding of life, our role and the universal reflection around us. The experience has given me a deeper look into my true nature and it's been absolutely blissful and exciting beyond the reaches of my physical body.

The accident and journey since has given me the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone on my own to make this creation, Live Beyond Limit, a true reality and service for the world. While my start is small, I look forward to every and any impact I may have to help support individuals and groups with their goals, ease the changes of life and welcome self-empowerment to all those I cross-paths with. This is the awesome experience and opportunity I have been blessed and gifted with in this time and in this life.  What gifts do you have? How can you help yourself, the world, your co-workers, your friends, acquaintances and family members?

My response to the very loud Universal message and occasional "setbacks" with my health and stability? GAME ON. I will persevere. Will you?

How do I stay motivated and positive? Take a look below and adopt a few of these points for yourself:

Padma Mudra
  • I acknowledge how far I've come DAILY.

  • I keep reminding myself to BREATHE.

  • I keep reminding myself that I could be miserable OR I could have a freaking fantastic day and choose the latter.

  • I consciously practice good posture. I check in with it ALL day.

  • I let go of negative thought patterns and replace them with positive statements.

  • I surround myself with GOOD spirits and people.

  • I welcome healing on a daily basis.

  • I let go of those individuals, activities and employers that don't make my heart sing.

  • I believe in myself and my innate ability to be great and make a difference regardless of circumstance.

What event in your life has left you paralyzed or empowered? Are you happy and grateful with where you are right now?

I'd love to hear your stories! If you're looking for a boost in your current life situation, contact me for a free consultation and remember to keep checking back for new information or visit the Live Beyond Limit Facebook page for free daily motivation, tips and tricks!