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Manifestation - How to Do It

Have you ever heard or known anyone talking about “manifesting” one thing or another in his or her life and wondered what they were talking about or thought they were nuts? Today I’m going to be one of those people. 

I had the delightful experience of the perfect standby flight.  Taking a little bit of a chance with a friend, we had standby employee tickets to fly into New Orleans.  Everyone told me how much of an adventure this endeavor could be with two people trying to get onto the same flight and even the person traveling with me and the pilot that gave us the tickets both were worrying about the flight being really full and making checklists of all the calls that would need to be made should we not make it.  I however, being the free spirit I am, decided weeks ago when I heard about the trip that we’d get on the first flight we tried and that it would be smooth sailing.  I continued to hold this resolve and guess what happened? We got on the first flight due to several people that didn't show up. How wonderful and extraordinary.

So to go back to the initial question, manifesting is, simply put, making things happen via attracting and fostering the energy of that occurrence.

Everything has a unique and yet similar energy or vibration. The physical and intangible worlds consist of energy moving around, exchanging, and interacting through space via connections. Connections are what make things happen whether it’s the pulse of blood flowing through your veins, communication of one human to another, interspecies communication, the flight of a plane above the Earth’s crust or any other thing you could possibly imagine, including your imagination.

Therefore, we can alter the connections we have and come across by putting off the vibrations via our thoughts and true feelings to actually alter the environment inside and around you to be more hospitable to the exact thing you desire. Manifesting thus must begin as a concrete knowing with every bit of your being that something will happen, so that your mind, body and emotions are putting off a constant message and magnetic like pull to turn that something into reality.

Sometimes we are able to manifest things quite quickly in our lives and sometimes it takes a little while to see our dreams as realities. Regardless of speed, to manifest anything it takes firm elimination of doubt and the development of innate knowingness on the subconscious level.  Key words: subconscious level. Unfortunately, we can’t simply say, think, write and act like something is going to happen if deep down you feel stuck, lost, doubtful, insecure, or any other feeling that rejects the end result you’re looking for. 

This is where it all gets tricky.  If you've seen things repeatedly happen in your life that you DON’T want and wish to create the things you DO want, I recommend starting with the yogic principle of svadhyaya, which in previous articles has been revealed to be the art of self-study and inquiry. Being mindful of your existence in thoughts, actions, and presence will help you find the missing link and garbled encoding of your conscious desires and subconscious beliefs.  

Have no clue where to start the study? Try these few exercises:

  1. Meditate on your breath.  Inhale for 5 counts, exhale for 5 counts and repeat for 5-10 minutes. Any time your mind wanders from focusing on your inhale or exhale within that time frame, notice or acknowledge where it goes and then go right back to focusing on your breathing.

  2. Journal.  If there is something you’re particularly interested in discovering about yourself sit down with a pencil and paper or at your computer and write. Write whatever comes to mind about the subject—even if it starts out as “I have no idea what to say about this or where to start or why these things are happening..etc, etc, etc.”  The very act of writing will start to lead you somewhere and at least give you a glimmer of where you’re stuck so you can look back on it and find a way out.

  3. Start looking at every event in your life as a wonderful opportunity and make sure to clarify what the opportunity was—even the ones that don’t feel that good. You’ll learn a lot about how you view the world, what makes you thrive and what makes you react defensively.  All of these can be keys to opening up the subconscious motives that pulse outward.

Enjoy the journey and next time someone starts talking about manifesting, maybe you’ll be able to join in with your own story!

If you have questions or would like help figuring out how to work towards and manifest your dreams, please do not hesitate to leave comments or contact me directly at katew@livebeyondlimit.com or (757) 784-7327.