Kate Wrightson

 Owner, Master Instructor, Life Coach and Spiritual Guide

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" Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air."  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Kate Wrightson is an international yoga instructor, corrective exercise specialist, Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, aerialist, and writer in order to positively empower and impact her greater community to understand and find ease and happiness within themselves. Having overcome many neurological conditions, chronic pain, and spinal injuries Kate now shares her passion for helping others to find opportunity and pleasure in life through workshops, retreats and her studio Live Beyond Limit.

Her teaching style and lifestyle strives to create a safe and open environment for individuals to tap into and truly embrace their true nature, a sense of deep connection, and experience a complete syncing in mind, body, and spirit both on and off of the mat.  In order to bring these skill sets to those in need she has focused her specialties to include spiritual guidance and awakening, pain management, spinal and pelvic hip stability, neurological disorders, energetic balancing, mood balancing, shamanic journeywork, yoga therapy, meditation, and biomechanics.  

Kate's services include Life Coaching, Spiritual Guidance, Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Aerial Yoga, Meditation, Reiki/JourneyWork, Intuitive and Yogic Counseling, Corrective Exercise Training, Circus Arts Biomechanics, Aerial Lyra, Sling and Silks in individual, couples, small group or class settings as well as educational and motivational workshops, presentations and special events.

Contact her at katew@livebeyondlimit.com or to set up a consult or ask any questions. 

Olga Gorobets - Massage Therapy, Sound Healing

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In 2008 Olga earned a B.S. in Biology from UCSD, where she focused her upper division classwork on physiology and neuroscience and premedical coursework.  After graduation she worked as a Clinical Research Coordinator at UCSD Medical Center, immediately enrolling into a Holistic Health Program at the International Professional School of Bodywork to follow her true passion. Olga began her yoga journey with Kundalini yoga, later expanding into ashtanga first series, which helped to deepen her yoga practice and understanding of energy anatomy.  She received a 200h training in these styles in 2011 and continued to expand her horizons at the Soul of Yoga in the Sundara 500 advanced teacher training, completing her two-year holistic yoga therapy concentration in March 2015.  For 5 years Olga taught yoga and ran a busy holistic health practice in Pacific Beach, California where she combined her knowledge of human anatomy with yoga therapy to help people obtain lasting relief from chronic pain, surgery, major accidents and other conditions. Olga is thrilled to offer her guidance in Fort Collins, Colorado and bring a new flavor of yoga and a spiritual perspective on health. 

Jordan Quam - Massage Therapy, Sound Therapy, Reiki

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Jordan graduated from SDSMT in 2011 where he studied massage, reflexology, acupressure, and well rounded holistic medicine. He is currently involved in a medical study aimed to validate the effectiveness massage therapy in the clinic/hospital setting for chronic pain. He offers a wide variety of massage modalities of which his personal favorites are Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Thai Yoga Bodywork, and Deep Tissue. He has also been a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher since 2012, and is constantly educating in more skills to bring to his clients. To Jordan, life is art. When not practicing the art of healing he is practicing with his band, painting, or enjoying the natural art of the world around us.


Ethan Laviolette - Psych K, Reiki, JourneyWork


Ethan Laviolette is a degreed mechanical engineer turned energy practitioner and life coach. On a lifelong quest for higher understanding and expanded awareness, Ethan Laviolette, following several big life changes in 2010, began exploring alternative healing and energy work. As a soon to be published author of a new self-help book, with training in Reconnective Healing, Psych-K and Reiki, his goal is to provide a positive environment for personal healing and self-empowered change.


Private Yoga, Reiki + Live Beyond Limit Coaching, Custom Jewelry

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Jean started practicing yoga in 2002 as a way to connect with the breath while running. Her regular practice and breath work led her to get certified in Viniyoga in 2011. She’s a registered yoga teacher with the National Yoga Alliance with 500 hours of training and holds a certification in prenatal yoga. Jean sets a calming atmosphere and creates an environment for self-reflection and a better understanding of the body through asana, pranayama and meditation in her class. By addressing the mind-body connection, Jean’s classes can be an experience to turn what holds us back into self-discipline and growth.

Request your appointment with Jean online for private or group yoga or meditation sessions and workshops.  

Jillian Fragale - Yoga, Reiki, Shamanic Journeying

Reiki Fort Collins

Jillian Fragale, 200 Hr RYT, began her yoga journey in 1999 and has been influenced by therapeutic yoga and meditation, with a Forrest and Restorative emphasis. Jillian encourages the personal growth of her students with support, respect and compassion. She creates a safe environment for students to explore their practice and how it relates to their own body, heart and mind. In addition to teaching yoga, Jillian is also a Reiki practitioner, writer, editor, nature-lover, dancer, dreamer and Shamanic enthusiast. 

KALI Ahuja -  YOGA + Philosophy


Kali started her yoga journey five years ago here in Fort Collins.  Yoga offered a sense of calm, centering, and acceptance that she was searching for.  Through her exploration of different styles she found her way to vinyasa.  She had been taken away by the fluidity of vinyasa and sustained by the more subtle practices of pranayama, meditation, and mantra.  The experience of being lost in her own moving meditation and a desire to deepen her practices pushed her to pursue teacher training, she received her certification in spring 2012.

Kali teaches a creative, highly energetic vinyasa class which philosophy, focused alignment, and various meditation practices are threaded through.  She is grateful to all the yoga teachers and students who continue to challenge and inspire her.  Yoga has enriched her life in ways she never imagined and hopes to share her experiences with her students encouraging them to dive deeper into their own practice and create the space for change.

Kali is also available for private and semi-private instruction.  Request your appointment here today!

Ani Glaser -  LYB Yoga, Yoga, Yoga Therapy

Ani Glaser - TBI Yoga Fort Collins

Ani is an Integrated Movement Therapy® certified yoga therapist.  She has completed over 1000 hours of training with Molly Lannon Kenny and EB Ferdig at the Samarya Yoga school, where she earned her 200 hour teacher certification as well as her advanced Integrated Movement Therapy certification (C-IMT). In September 2018 she earned her C-IAYT credential through the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She also trained here in Fort Collins with Anusara teacher, Stacey Swerer, earning an additional 200 hour teaching certificate in an alignment-based yoga style. Ani most recently trained with Love Your Brain foundation and gained a specialized teaching certificate for teaching yoga to those effected by traumatic brain injury and concussion.  Ani enjoys aerial yoga and aerial circus arts, and is currently completing a training program to become an aerial yoga instructor.

Ani seeks to bring yoga to all people.  She loves to teach yoga to people with all body sizes, people with varying abilities of all kinds, people with varying health conditions and people with physical limitations.  She is a passionate proponent of the body-positive movement and seeks to help people realize their own beauty and feel comfortable and confident in their own skin. 

LoveYourBrain Instructor

Ani is a transplant from the Willamette Valley of Oregon to Northern Colorado.  She is a mother of 4 beautiful young people and loves yoga, singing, crafting, plants, forests and the ocean.  She is committed to a organic, natural and holistic lifestyle, and likes to care for people and help them feel their best.  She has experience and knowledge in natural foods, herbs and supplements, essential oils, cooking for various diets and food sensitivities, and is a level 1 Reiki practitioner.  

Jacky Eaton, MA, CCC-SLP, CYT - 

LYB Yoga Instructor, Yoga, Health/Life Coach

Jacky Eaton - TBI Yoga Fort Collins

Jacky started regularly practicing yoga in 2011 as a way to drop out of her head and into her body while completing her Masters in Speech-Language Pathology at CU-Boulder.  Shortly after completing her degree and feeling unfulfilled with the medical approach to diagnosis and treatment, she began to seek out more holistic approaches to health, well-being, healing, and growth.  Jacky has been influenced by therapeutic yoga, Ayurveda, whole-food based nutrition, mindfulness, meditation, pranayama, astrology, and feminine embodiment work.  She enjoys teaching others to listen to their body in order to feel into what feels good, find their flow, and cultivate peace from within. 

LoveYourBrain Yoga Instructor

Jacky is currently completing certification in Health and Life Coaching from the Health Coach Institute and is exploring Feminine Embodiment Work as a way to experience fearlessness and freedom in all aspects of life.  She hopes to support women in doing less, feeling more, and remembering their inner knowing! 

Kelly Ulmer - Aerial Silks, Sling, Lyra, Conditioning and Hand Balancing

Circus Fort Collins

Kelly Ulmer discovered aerial arts and her love for circus in 2013 while pursuing her master’s degree at the University of Florida. With a background in gymnastics, rock climbing, and slacklining, Kelly easily transitioned into circus life. She has instructed students ranging from beginner to advanced levels at S-Connection Aerial Arts while also performing as a member of Ascendance Cirque Entertainment at local festivals, burlesque shows, and various events in Florida. Kelly specializes in aerial silks, lyra, trapeze, and arm balancing while also dabbling in acro yoga, pole, and hoop work from time to time. Kelly’s apparatus of choice is the silks, and she is known for her love of drops and spinning really fast!

Kelly is passionate about teaching students to connect with their bodies and intuitive sense of flow. She emphasizes the importance of body awareness, strength training, conditioning, and safety in her aerial practice and teaching. Kelly embraces the challenge of creating original and unique choreography and values the limitless potential of aerial movement and creativity. When she’s not in the air, Kelly can be found riding her bike through the mountains or working as a Licensed Professional Counselor in town.

Drake Bruner (Dazzling Drake)-Aerial Silks


Circus Entertainment Fort Collins

Drake has been with Live Beyond Limit for most of his aerial experience. He began aerial dance his senior year of high school and just couldn't get enough. He has performed with Live Beyond Limit in several showcases beginning in Spring 2016. His personal accomplishments have been becoming the Silks Champion at the first Rocky Mountain Aerial Arts Competition, auditioning for Cavalia, becoming one of the founding members of Fractal Tribe Fort Collins, and choreographing and performing aerial dance in the Modest Arts play Trojan War.

He is versed on almost any apparatus, with a specialty in silks. He is also known for his intense level of flexibility and circus contortion acts. Aside from aerial, Drake also studies Ecosystem Science and Sustainability at Colorado State University and is an active voice for more sustainable day to day practices! He is excited to be able to teach and train here at Live Beyond Limit!

Ariel Juniper (AJ) Amber

Tango Instruction; Yoga; Energy Work; Hair Feathers; Astrology; Pole and Aerial Artistry

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Ariel is a professional energy worker, astrologer, cosmetologist, dancer, teacher, and performer and has been dancing since 2005.   In 2008, she  co-founded Tango Al Dente which specializes in Argentine Tango instruction and performance.  She also began practicing Bikram Yoga in 2008 and now holds her 200hr YTT from Holistic Yoga School. In 2011, Ariel discovered pole dancing, and fell madly in love with the sport.  By the fall of 2013 she was a competitor in the Colorado Pole Championship and returned to the Pole Championship as a guest performer in a duo performance 2014. She began her pole teacher career through Vertical Fusion in Fort Collins and is currently teaching and offering privates through LBL. Through her journey in dance, yoga, and pole Ariel has learned that the difference between success and failure often depends on adequate cross-training, body preparation, and restoration.  She holds certificates and training as a Certified Awaken Gymnastics Athlete from Gymnastic Bodies, while also being an ElevatED Flexibility Coach, and mentoring through Live Beyond Limit's Aerial Teacher Programs for Lyra, Sling, and Silk training as well as the Live Beyond Limit JourneyWork Energetic and Therapeutics year long program, which significantly shifted her life and overall wellbeing, balance, and level of happiness.

Kimberley Freedman ( aka Kim Berley ) - Aerial Trapeze, Silks, Sling, Lyra


 Photo credit:  Bria Rose  of Ascend Flow Arts

Photo credit: Bria Rose of Ascend Flow Arts

Kim is a Philadelphia native aerialist. She was brought up in the performance and movement arts world, dabbling in ballet and jazz dance, gymnastics and competitive cheerleading. As she reached her teenage years she moved her focus to yoga practice where she found a more rewarding and internal experience. In 2012 she took her first aerial workshop and found her new home for creative expression. 

Training at various studios and festivals on the east coast under nationally recognized coaches, Kim has developed a very technical style of aerial flow incorporating moves from various apparatus. She enjoys creating complex sequences showcasing flexibility and strength. Although her focus lies within aerial fabric and trapeze, she also trains on rope, sling, lyra and ground circus arts with hula hoop and fire. When not in the air or on the yoga mat, Kim enjoys spending her time with her animals and nature: gardening, hiking or just soaking in some sun. 


Bobby Ackerman - Aerial Yoga, Aerial Sling, Lyra

Bobby Ackerman aerial yoga fort collins

Bobby studied and teaches the Aviana method of aerial yoga. After some recent life changing experiences he began rediscovering himself through regular meditation and yoga practices. He started a hobby of aerial dance in 2014 which soon lead to new passions of fitness, aerial performing, circus arts, and aerial yoga. 

Thanks to the tremendous support of the Live Beyond Limit members and Grace Ramsey; it's his mission to return the loving help to others in need of finding courage and self trust along many other attributes through aerial yoga and lyra training. He's combining several styles of traditional yoga and circus arts to make a fun, safe and relaxing experience. 

Maristel Razo-ManNSz -

Aerial Lyra, Conditioning, Dance

Lyra Instruction Fort Collins

Originally from México, received her first formal Dance training at the age of 14 from the State Council for Arts and Culture of the (Hidalgo, Mexico). She performed with a few Dance Companies including: Ave Danza, Cuerpos Hibridos and the Contemporary Company of the Hidalgo University. In 2010 she received a scholarship to attend a semester of the Contemporary Dance Bachelors Degree program at the University  of Chile. She then graduated in 2011 from the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo with a Bachelors degree in Contemporary Dance.

Upon graduation she joined multiple  Dance  Companies  of resorts around the Mayan Riviera performing for three years in theatrical productions with multiple style of dance. This period was an important influence during her career since it was when she became interested in Aerial Dance and started training and performing in multiple apparatus, in 2015 she joined Frequent Flyers Professional Circus Aerial Training program in Boulder CO. She concluded her training May 2016 and her Teacher Training Certificate in 2018. She continues to be training, performing, teaching, enjoying  life and following dreams.


nutrition fort collins

Pamela completed her training as a Master Nutrition Therapist and Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner at the Nutrition Therapy Institute. Additionally, she has attained over 150 hours of continuing education.  She is a Holistic Integrative Nutritionist and Health Coach, a Member of the National Wellness Institute, and National Association of Nutritional Professionals. 

She truly believes in the power of our food.  It is her goal to help you see the connection between what you are eating and your health.  She believes that with every meal, we are either harming ourselves or ensuring a healthy life.  What you leave out of your diet is as important as what you include in your diet. Pamela’s goal is to educate and empower you to live healthier lives every day.  Holistic Integrative Nutrition takes into account the whole person; your mind, your body, your spirit, and all aspects of your lifestyle.

Integrative Nutrition has always been an interest, however, her passion for nutrition intensified when people very close to her were diagnosed with Cancer and Mental illness. It was through these events that she learned the remarkable power of food and its ability to prevent and heal illness and disease. She can include quality supplements if necessary to improve the quality of your diet, as well as promote balance and healthy aging.  When not teaching nutrition, Pamela enjoys reading and learning new things, as well as Hiking in the Beautiful Colorado Mountains, snowshoeing, running, gardening, and playing with her dogs and family.

Summary of services:
Pamela uses food and lifestyle changes to help you meet your health and wellness goals. Her passion is to teach you and your family how to create those changes in your life, and to transform the way you currently eat.  The therapies she uses focuses on individualized treatment plans which will include dietary interventions. Your time together, will be a collaborative time to develop a customized Nutritional Assessment and Individualized Plan to re-balance your Health, prevent disease as well as prevent the recurrence of illness.

Ballard Nutrition’s Services Include:
Diet analysis/Menu planning; Weight loss Programs; Post Treatment Oncology Nutrition Support; Developmental Disorders Nutrition Support; Vitamin D Testing and/or Neurotransmitter Testing; Grocery Store Tours/Shopping; Pantry Clean Out; Email and Phone Support

You can also find her via her personal website http://www.ballardnutrition.com/ OR Facebook.

Please request your appointment with her here today!