Sarah's Dream Fund

August 2017 we lost a community member, a training partner, a performer, and most importantly a friend to a heart wrenching loss via suicide. This beauty lit up the room, inspired us all to work a little more to be our best and try our best, made us laugh, made us smile, loved her husband, loved her pups, loved her friends, and impacted us in a way that has made us better human beings.

It is because of this that her family, friends, and our studio have all agreed to start and make available "Sarah's Dream Fund," a fund for those who need financial assistance to access services and support in any time of need:

Trapeze Fort Collins
  • To access better quality of life

  • To feel or remain a part of the community in his or her time of need

  • To have access to health and wellness services and support at all times in life

To access these funds, please contact us with your situation and requests for fund usage. 

To contribute to this fund and "Pay It Forward" for those needing a little support,  know we accept cash, card, or check (note Sarah's Dream Fund and make it out to Live Beyond Limit) and any amount helps, even if it's a dollar! The more funds, the more support we can offer to our community!

We all have our struggles and hardships and sometimes it's quite difficult to muster up the courage to ask for a little extra support and help, so we're here to OFFER it to you. We love you and we want you to know this. 

Suicide Prevention Hotline

If you or anyone you love is contemplating suicide:

  • First please know how important you/they are and know we want to love and support you or them even if it doesn't feel like it in this moment.

  • Secondly, contact the suicide prevention and support lines to receive immediate support: 1-800-273-TALK

  • Third, contact us or directly sign up for energy work, referrals, classes, or anything to get involved in the community, feel loved and supported, have some fun, and know YOUR presence makes a difference in the lives of our community! We NEED your unique energy and impact and we look forward to practicing, flying, playing, and working with you!

LoveYourBrain Studio Partnership Classes

We are beyond excited to be kicking off our partnership with LoveYourBrain!

Love Your Brain Yoga TBI

LoveYourBrain (LYB) is a non-profit organization that aims to improve the quality of life of people affected by traumatic brain injury—from concussion to severe injury—through programs that build community. The LYB Yoga program supports people who have experienced a TBI and their caregivers to participate in community-based gentle yoga and meditation classes tailored to their needs. We believe that everyone should have an opportunity to improve and restore their physical and emotional wellbeing through these practices. LoveYourBrain is the message that embodies our positive approach to brain injury prevention and recovery. Everything LYB does is about connecting, educating and empowering people to promote a brain healthy lifestyle. Learn more here.

We have chosen to partner with LoveYourBrain because we believe we can offer a supportive and healing environment for these individuals and have several TBI survivors in our community already.

The LoveYourBrain Yoga program is a 6-­week yoga and meditation series, that is FREE for people who have experienced a TBI and their caregivers. The first series will begin on January 15th and registration is required by both people with TBI and their caregivers on the LYB website:


Donation Classes and Jams



Acro Yoga Jams will return in SEPTEMBER. These are included in our unlimited memberships or are $5 for drop-ins.

We also offer periodic Donation Yoga and Aerial Classes in studio, at the Farmer's Markets, and at local parks, so keep an eye out on our Facebook Page for events and announcements!

Donation Energetics

energetic healing fort collins

We are a teaching studio for Reiki and JourneyWork Energetics.  ALL of our practitioners offer their first session as a donation based offering and all energetic students are required to offer 200hrs of donation based services to receive their Master Level JourneyWork Energetic Practitioner Certification.  Please help our students receive their hours for certification while allowing them to help you feel your best, make noticeable and measurable changes in your life, and Live Beyond Limit.  Contact our owner and master instructor, Kate, today to get setup with the right practitioner for you!

Sliding Scale Workshops and Work-Trade

yoga studio fort collins

In order to better serve our community we are committed to offering our workshops on a sliding scale basis to open access up to all financial situations.  We believe that our services will help empower you to enrich your quality of life at any level of finance and help those that are more limited in funds open up opportunities to grow out of their limitations into a place of abundance. 

 If you're ever unable to afford services, please do contact us to see if we have any work-trade opportunities open and available. From marketing, studio cleaning, plant care, laundry, and service projects we try to work with our community to provide a safe place to grow and connect in a way that helps each individual Live Beyond Limit.