Full Supermoon in Virgo February 2019

Spaced out and working hard.

The Sun is in Pisces exactly opposite the Moon in Virgo. They oppose one another at exactly 0 degrees and 42minutes, just before 9am on Tuesday, February 19th (Colorado time). While the Pisces nature may be beckoning procrastination and escape, the planets in Capricorn and Taurus are giving substance for manifestation. This Full moon is a 'checking in' time, Mercury is in Pisces and will return here as its first retrograde is coming. Utilize this last squeeze forward for crossing your t's and dotting your i's--and no need to worry, that eventual retrograde will let you know of the things you missed. 

Image from: https://www.timesnownews.com

Image from: https://www.timesnownews.com

Virgo is a mutable earth sign associated with Mercury. Earth manifests, and mutability stirs change. Virgo is detailed and seeks the next level of perfection. Virgo rules the digestive system. In our bodies, the intestines decide what is worthy to be kept and what is not and should be eliminated. Virgo digests and process information, holding onto what is valuable until the new truth replaces it. The opposite sign, Pisces, is a mutable water sign associated with Neptune. Water is emotive and intuitive. Pisces is the 12th zodiac and has a mix of all of the signs into the Mystic archetype. Pisces is kind and compassionate.
Mercury (the planet associated with Virgo) is in Pisces conjunct Neptune(the planet associated with Pisces), fueling our mind and feelings to this Pisces Sun. The Sun radiating in Pisces is calling us to check out the need to put things off, worry about it later and escape. How could this be used in a positive way, in your life? Well, I'll say there are helpful ways of checking out and its important to do so. Looking to the Virgo Moon, it centers on our personal well being--the food we're eating, what we're feeding our mind, our movement in our bodies--and our ability to meet our daily responsibilities. So, can you incorporate things that help you recharge and are good for your health? Like yoga or mediation, dance class? Or, are you someone that needs time in a book or a movie? Make time for all of those things, you can make them rewards and intermix it with your daily duties. Feed the animals, feed you, source of income, keeping your mind sharp and at ease. Bathing and good hygiene go a long way. 

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With the Trine and sextile that Mars and Uranus (they are conjunct while straddling the border of Aires and Taurus, Uranus is at the last degree of Aires and Mars is moving forward in Taurus) are making to the Sun and Moon, there is faith to follow through with your plans. Check-in with your expectations for yourself and make sure you're being reasonable. Yes you can have bigger goals, but be reasonable with your daily quota and reward yourself along the way. Everything you do matters, you are a culmination of what your did before, and the present is an opportunity to make ripples into your future you are always in. So yes, eat your 'chocolate cake' did your eat your vegetables first? did you pay that bill and prepare your taxes? Ok, well get at least some of that done and reward your self with 'escape time'.

Venus in Capricorn is also playing into the 'work and then reward'. Venus is more reserved in Capricorn and there is a sense of 'earning pleasure', especially with Saturn Conjunct Venus, looking over her shoulder. Saturn is making sure the 'ducks' are in order. The pull of the Pisces Sun will be softening your need of exact perfection. And, we still get to ride this fiery inspiration to expand our horizon with Jupiter in Sagittarius, until the end of the year. In sum, how is your health and what shifts can you make to support your well being? Are there things in your 'new years resolution' or your future goals that dropped off that you want to pick back up? Now is a time to use all the planets moving foreword to add anything that slipped in the cracks that is actually important to you. Allow appropriate escape time, then get back to your responsibilities so you can chill and have fun-time again.

Happy Full Moon,
AJ Caprikorn

New Moon in Aquarius - February 2019

The Time is Now.

This New Moon signifies the lunar new year. Each new moon is a time for beginnings, as the cosmic father and mother meet in the sky. The Sun and Moon make their conjunction at 15 degrees Aquarius on Monday, Feb 4th, at about 2 in the afternoon (Colorado Mountain time). The North Node in Cancer is acting as a handle to a bucket as the rest of the planets are distributed between Sagittarius and Aires (Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Aires). Mercury has just passed the Sun and Moon, and there is a cosmic drive forward as all planets are direct. This gives the New Moon an even bigger pow for new beginnings. If there was ever a time to initiate those dreams, now is the time. There is also the feeling of a reset, or a 'clean slate' as many of the slower moving planets are at home. This is special and won't happen again in our lifetime. Also, this is Mars' last degrees in its home of Aires, where it will return to in 2 years.

All of the planets are moving forward! The universe is signaling the green light. Many of the planets are in cardinal signs and in fire signs, both of which invoke a 'go get it' vibe. Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aires, Libra) begin a new season on the earth, as well as give a strong push for any beginning in your personal life. Fire signs (Aires, Leo, Sagittarius) are intuitive and provide drive and passion. Specifically, I'd like to Highlight Mars in this New Moon chart. Mars is in Aires (the cardinal fire sign), it is particularly good at starting things--not necessarily good at follow through--however, later this month Mars will transition into Taurus, (a fixed earth sign). Mars in Taurus will give substance to the new beginnings you are growing with this New Moon therefor enabling follow through. Whatever it is you've been growing and thinking about, now is the time to put it forth, and will cosmically be supported to grow roots. At the very least, I recommend utilizing the planetary vibrations by planting your intention and shifting your mindset to align your being with this future. The future you would love to be living in, put aside your mind of how. Thereby living each day open to opportunities to take you forward to this state of existence you have intended. Take the leap to believe fully in the future you are creating, and feel it existing right now. 

The North Node in Cancer, at the handle of the bucket to all the other planets, is emphasizing to add recovery time into your great plans of action and doing. It is so essential to have 'unplanned time' and free time. Amazing things can happen when there is space for it to come into your life. If every moment is filled, the unknown skips you or has to create big events to get your attention. Allowing rest and recovery truly opens the doors for improvement and progress. This reminds me of the quote by Lao Tzu, 'Nature never hurries, yet everthing is accomplished,' using that quote as a reminder that it doesn't all have to happen at once. There are things to be experienced at each step you take up the stairs, enjoying that journey. And remember nature works in cycles and rhythms, you are a being of nature with your own rhythms and cycles. So take breaks and allow magic to happen between all of your hard work.

I haven't even talked about Aquarius, well the Sun and Moon are there, as well as Mercury. Aquarius is an air sign, it is fixed--making it the middle of a season--and it is masculine. Aquarius is the water bearer--thats right--it's so odd it's known as the water bearer, but is an air sign (Rick Levine points this out in his February video). Air is mental, water is emotional, Aquarius is much more intellectual than it is emotive. It rules electricity and the nervous system. Its associated planet is Uranus. Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, provoking new and forward thinking, sparking brilliance to imagination and add to your dreams and goals. Archetypically, Aquarius is the Genius, the rebel, mad scientist, the shaman that lives at the edge of the village. While they like being different and somewhat removed from the rest of their peers, it can feel isolating. They are the innovator, Aquarius is out of the box and pushing humanity to the next level. Aquarius is community, yet being a distinctive odd individual. The Sun and Moon are shining on the importance of this archetype. Naturally or consciously include your place in community and your expression as a unique individual in your intentions. Love and honor these parts of yourself, know that you belong. It is ok to have a different way of doing things, its exactly how new ways and things are invented! Some things stick, somethings take time to be realized of their importance, and other things stay only important to the individual. Uniquely you. 

Stay true, be you and give yourself permission to live, feel connected and love your life.

~AJ Caprikorn

***We all contain fragments of all of the zodiacs expressed through the planets and their location when we were born. There is a moment at birth when our body's immune system differentiates from self and other. This happens after we leave the womb and our skin meets the air, taking our first breath. We astrologers use the exact time when you were born to get as close to the moment of immune differentiation, in order to see where the planets were to interpret our personal star vibrations as we continue our human journey. If you were ever curious and would like to receive a birth chart reading I am available to do so from anywhere in the world! 

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Molly McCord's New Moon video: 

Lisa Schiavone: http://lisaschiavone.com

Rick Levine's February report:

Full Blood Moon Total Eclipse

Nine years in review and a spark of creativity!

It's eclipse 2 out of 5 for the year. Lunar eclipses are during full moons (such as this one) when the Sun and Moon conjunct the lunar nodes. The Sun and Moon are in exact opposition at 10:15pm, on Sunday January 20th. The Moon will be in Leo at 0 degrees and the Sun will be in Aquarius at 0 degrees. The lunar North Node is in Cancer at 24 degrees (the nodes move backwards through the degrees, so they started at 30 degrees and are working towards 1 degree). The moon at 0 degrees Leo, the sign after Cancer, which is siting just 5 degrees away from the Lunar North node. Same for the Sun and the South node, thereby there is a conjunction with a 5 degree orb and a Lunar eclipse. One of the cool things about lunar eclipses is that the area of visibility is much larger than a solar eclipse. Pretty much if it is night, you can see the eclipse with the naked eye. This will be visible to us in Colorado on January 20th, the beginning of the partial eclipse is at 8:30pm, with the peak at about 10:15pm, and ending around midnight.

The astrology of it all, last year ended the 9 year period of the Moon's nodes in Aquarius and Leo. This Full Moon with the Sun and Moon in Aquarius and Leo reignites learning from that time. That period of time centered around what our heart's desire and purpose is, along with feeling we are contributing to society. This Full moon sparks creative drive with potential memories of our personal discoveries from last nine years. This brings the joy of the challenges overcome or if that had been suppressed, your heart's needs will once again bring about scenarios in which it can be acknowledged. In full, this Full Moon eclipse is a check-in regarding, if what we are putting our work into (Capricorn lunar South Node) and our balance of home and rejuvenation (Cancer lunar North Node) is in alignment with our heart's purpose (Moon in Leo) and brings the feeling that we are contributing to and progressing society (Sun in Aquarius).

The other planets in sky and their messages are not so different from their support for the New Moon two weeks ago. Mercury is in Capricorn still invoking our thoughts for planing and feeling prepared. Pluto in Capricorn is asking for transformation of yourself and the work you are doing. Saturn is alongside, demanding you continue to face the responsibility of your choices, never surprised by their consequences. The Sun, now in Aquarius, shifts some focus to your contribution to society and seeing that purpose. The Moon in opposition to the Sun, is in Leo calling with your heart to feel aligned with what you are living (or needing the shifts to be in alignment) so you are living from your heart's drive while allowing the mind to follow. Mars is moving through its home sign of Aires taking turns with each planet in Capricorn and making squares to them. Having this square aspect friction has us being ready to go, but meeting resistance individualized by the planet with which it is squaring. Right now the most tension is between Saturn and Mars, creating a dance of stop and go, a feeling of 'now is a the time' and a 'wait a minute' is there something we have to take care of first, before we go for the bigger jump of our end goal? What nit-picky or paper-pushing responsible actions do when need to put into action for our journey to our achievements? What do we need to do for things to run smoothly? Maybe it's taxes, waiting on the government shutdown to be over, tying up loose ends, putting structure to your schedules, discipline on your money or a movement schedule you can maintain. There are many possibilities, honing in on your life personally and what you know really needs your attention.

Neptune eases the tension of the Saturn-Mars square with a sextile to Saturn, reminding us to be unattached to these exact goals and processes. To allow our dreams to carry our inspiration around other corners and let the mystery of the unknown fill in the details. As my father reminds me, I'll also share his wisdom with you, and that is "To do your duty". If ever things feel overwhelming bring yourself into the now and realize what needs your attention in front of you, this is your duty of the moment. It may be as simple as the task at hand to focus on eating, cleaning, listening, or the sometimes challenging task of breathing. Coming back to steady full breaths at anytime of stress resets the nervous systems and opens up more of your brain and higher centers for use.

The Saturnian and Capricornian energies can feel challenging to work with, but are powerful in our lives. When we harness responsibility there is much that can happen. This Full moon eclipse sparks creativity, open your intentions to receiving these messages, being able to listen to the drive and inspiration within you. And, to be brave enough to follow the drive. Know you are deserving of allowing yourself to be happy and to be thankful for the things, people and learning around you. And really, if you have something you love to do or be, that that in itself is valuable. Bringing your passion to life makes the whole world a better place!

Happy Inspirations,

AJ Caprikorn

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For more details on the eclipse and locations of visibility visit: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2019-january-21

New Moon and Solar Eclipse - January 2019

Capricorn to the 6th power. Grow your Dreams.

Talk about a serious start to the New Year! On the 1st of January, the Sun was conjunct Saturn in its home of Capricorn. Now, just a few days later we have the 1st of 5 eclipses for the year. The New Moon Solar eclipse is on Saturday, January 5th at 6:28pm, Colorado time. The Moon and Sun meet at 15 degrees in Capricorn and they are about an 11 degree orb of the Lunar South Node. The moon will be blocking the Sun, however this occurs at night for us in Colorado, so the eclipse will not be visible, nor does it reach totality. Aside from the South Lunar Node in Capricorn, Mercury will have just moved in at 1 degree Capricorn, and Pluto is at 20 degrees and Saturn is at 12 degrees sandwiching the Sun and Moon. What a line up for starting the year.

This New Moon is a setup and preview to the following year as these same planets will be in Capricorn with the addition of Jupiter joining the crowd January 2020. Plant a serious seed that you're willing to work for as it grows into 2020 with this New Moon eclipse. This time and the time leading up to now may have felt brutal to some, as Capricorn is known as the karma-bringer, bringing you the fruit of your labors or lack there of. So, decide what you want to grow towards and be willing to work for it. 

Some of the planets in review, Chiron is at the end of Pisces, Uranus in the end degrees of Aires, and the Lunar North Node is, of course, in the opposite sign of Capricorn, Cancer. Our feelings and desires are represented by Venus who is still at the end degrees of the depths of Scorpio. There is self-power and seriousness about her as she makes her way out of Scorpio. Venus is demanding her boundaries and releasing the pressure of Capricorn as she makes a grand water trine to the Cancer North Node and Chiron in Pisces. This grand trine gives a release and ease of completion to lessons learned on a deep level, sometimes unconscious.

Furthermore, The dark and deep transformative Pluto asks for, exactly that, deep transformation from which you will never look back. The seed you have or will plant with this New Moon will instill changes in your life. Change can be challenging and unsettling though, when it is said and done, it’s wonderful. Mercury is making its pass through Capricorn and is stimulating your thoughts to think everything out, to plan for the longterm, and call in the details of ‘what if’ to prepare and have well thought out goal setting. Saturn, who is a King in his castle in the home of Capricorn, is overseeing what the other planets are doing, only to soften slightly to the depths of Pluto and the dreaminess of Neptune (Neptune is in Pisces making a sextile to Saturn, the Moon and Sun). Aside from that, Saturn is cracking the whip and reminding the rest of the planets and parts of yourself to be responsible and own the consequences of your decisions. 

Ok, stepping aside from some of the Capricorn seriousness, what else is happening here? Well, you can enjoy your cheerleader Jupiter. He will be here until November and is joyous, bright and hopeful in his home of Sagittarius. It is supportive of expansion of your horizons, ideas, learning and travel. Jupiter here is best satisfied if you can find excitement in what you are choosing to learn next by expanding your knowledge, experiences and abilities. Make sure your goals include this, it will feed your soul!

With that said, there are many plants at home here. It is uncommon to have so many slower moving planets at home at the same time. Namely, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn in Capricorn. They all are in their power and comfortable giving more bang for your buck. And a personal planet is at home, as I mentioned in my previous blog, Mars is busting into Aires!  Or rather it did, and is at 3 degrees Aires with this New Moon. This really gives a new start and pow to your intention setting! Mars is ready to go and starting his 2 year journey through all of the zodiac.  Mars likes to be expressed by physically doing things, such as exercise, and can get pent up and pissy if it doesn't get an outlet. Movement can be a great thing to add to your routine or make sure it stays in your habits. There is some conflict between 'ready to go' Mars in Aires and 'think it through' Mercury in Capricorn they are making a square to one another. I recommend finding steps that feel ready to put into action that will help you build your long term goals to satisfy these pulls. Mars wants action and Mercury wants you to double check everything. (I personally used this energy to initiate some things I've already be wanting to do (for about a year) to further my business for a while). So maybe you also have some things you think “I’ve been wanting to do this, now thief like a good time”.

Off to Neptune, listening to Molly McCord's New Moon eclipse video (link below), I really like her interpretation of Neptune's interaction in the chart. In fact, it has been something I've lived by being a Sun in Pisces with a 6 planet stellium in Capricorn. My life motto and this Neptune making a sextile to the New Moon is “flexible plans”! Plan and have a goal, a mountain top in mind but allow a flow. As you are taking steps to your dreams allow a flexibility as to how the end goal is, don't get too caught up in exactly how you want everything to look and be. This unattachment to precise achievement allows a happy flow, and for the universe to bring you opportunities for an even better and complete achievement of your goal in a way you couldn't imagine. Even if that goal transforms along the way. So yes, plan, cross your t's and dot you i’s, all the while leaving space for magic!

Happy empowerment to change your life and work your dreams into a reality!

~AJ Caprikorn

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Molly McCords youtube video: 

Full Solstice Moon - December 2018

The Full Moon is at its peak on Saturday, December 22nd, at 10:50am Colorado mountain time. The Sun will be at 0 degrees and 50minutes in Capricorn while the Moon is exactly opposite in its home sign of Cancer at 0 degrees 50minutes. The solstice occurs as the Sun goes into Capricorn on December 21st, which, before the sun reaches a full degree in Capricorn, will exactly be opposing the moon the next day.

What a powerful time as the earth's ratio to night and day shifts. Here in the northern hemisphere we will experience our darkest day and longest night with the bright full moon illuminating our intentions. Feeding into the Cancerian nostalgia of all that has passed in our life while we experience the Capricornian reward from our previous hard work in the year. Observing the work we've been putting into your lives as we have danced with this transformational Plutarian energy. This Full moon has even more emphasis as the Sun and Moon are holding the beginning space of the North and South Lunar nodes. The North node is in Cancer at 26 degrees (while the moon is at 0 degrees Cancer), working its way backwards towards the 1st degree of Cancer (The south node is always exactly opposite at 26 degrees Capricorn and the Sun is at 0 degrees Capricorn). The Nodes are naturally in retrograde (except the times when they are 'retrograde' and are therefore moving forward, confusing--I know).

As I heard from Molly McCord's Full moon recording (video at the bottom), she points out an energetic ending as planets leave places they've been. Such as Chiron spending its last time in Pisces, only to return in 60 or so years. Uranus will still be retrograde in Aires at the time of the Full Moon, but once it moves forward it won't return to Aires for about 80 years or so. This brings and energetic 'saying goodbye' to certain parts of ourselves or our life that is finished as these planets shift, truly bringing new experiences to us in the New Year. Now, we did get a taste of Uranus in Taurus and Chiron in Aires this past year, allowing a preview of where we're headed and what we may deal with. As a reminder, there is not light without the Dark. In this life of duality we work with both sides as well as Middle and balance points. This is what brings the interest and our own existence into being (as in if all opposites were gone we would experience void). So yes, there are brighter horizons on the way, and yes we can align with our heart's desires and what resonates with our beings and feels purposeful for our personal existence. But, put any foolishness aside and know it takes work, regular work, this is a lesson from Capricorn and its associated planet Saturn. To have things exist in this plane of reality it takes work and cause and effect to be in existence. There are rules to the way of the world and consequences that go along with it. Be receptive to the work you must take on at a pace you can best handle it. All the while, catering to the north node in Cancer, by making time to nurture yourself and recharge so you can keep the Capricorn work drive steady. You will arrive to where you are going, and I guarantee you can enjoy the ride and arrive with energy. Rushing to burn yourself out will move you farther back then a steady pace with reminders of what you love and the purpose with which you follow your drive!

The first day of a new season, winter (for the northern hemisphere). Capricorn is the planner, the ambitious and hard-worker. During the previous moon cycle the planetary energies were beckoning for us to dream far and wide, what do you want to do and see, travel and experience? While Jupiter will continue its 12 month journey through its home sign of Sagittarius lightening the year with this type of energy, this Full Moon is calling upon a seriousness about these plans. Wether you personally have strong Capricorn aspects in your chart or not, the next 30 or so days of the Sun's stay in Capricorn is asking us 'How?'. How will we travel? How will we pay for it? How will we quite or get rid of what no longer serves us and still be responsible for ourselves? 

A poem in the book "Different Dances" by Shel Silverstein reminds me of Capricorn (well more of a 'visual' poem as there aren't many words, only drawings). It is about a bank robber, the get-away car drops him off, he applies for a job at the bank--I believe he starts as the janitor--and works his way up to the highest most position over the course of many years. Finally, he has the key to the vault, goes down takes the Money and the get-away car takes him away--some 50 or so years later. Brilliant.The lessons of Capricorn teach us that our goals take steady work to achieve, and when we do it is a sweet, sweet reward at the end. So polish the year's ambitions with what you wish to carry on with you and see through continued growth? On a recent tea tab I read "from a tiny seed a tree can grow", well the work we do between planting a seed having grown a study self sustaining tree is the magic and lessons of Capricorn.

A last blurb about the rest of the chart, overall there is a bunch of cardinal (beginnings) and mutable (endings) about this chart. This is a time of shedding skin and rebirthing. There are hard aspects to  Neptune, Mars, and Chiron who are all in Pisces. It is not unlikely that we may feel pinned, worn out, a little lost or at wits end. The softer aspects, particularly from Venus in Scorpio and the North Node in Cancer are reminding us of what lessons we just uncovered about our own personal strength, making peace and realizing the empowerment of allowing space for our feelings. These will be apart of the keys to experience the next few days.  Face the planning and 'house keeping' logistics that need your attention, allow healthy freedom of your feelings and pay attention to things you may have been clinging to for safety that actually should dissolve and be let go. Believe everything will work out, because it always does.

Happy sunny-moon Solstice,

~AJ Caprikorn

Molly McCord's Full Moon video for December: 

New Moon Forecast December 2018

The vision of the New Year and Blooming in your heart's desires.

The New Moon is at its peak on December 7th at 12:20 am  (Nearly the night of the 6th) Colorado Mountain time. The Sun and Moon meet at 15 of Sagittarius with Jupiter in a 9degree orb at 6 degrees Sagittarius. Nearly, all the planets are moving forward as Mercury goes direct on the 6th leaving only Uranus and Chiron in retrograde (they aren't actually moving backwards they just appear to be in the view from Earth). 

The Sagittarius archetype has to do with higher education, traveling, the philosophical big truth of the universe, personal truth, exploration in subjects of personal interest and growth, hope, jolly and knowledge seeking. Here it is, a dark open sky to allow the big thought of your dreams and the destination you're shooting for in your life. Maybe it has to do with what you're already working on, and maybe new ideas blossom that you didn't consider before. Dreamy Neptune is conjunct with Mars in Pisces, slowing down what we are doing--not having clear immediate direction--allowing for this dreamy exploration of the 'big horizon' future for yourself. If anything is possible, what would you ask for? This is your moment, put it out to the universe and allow the potential to soar with this Sagittarius arrow. Later, as we approach the Equinox we will face Capricorn's support of 'ok, how are you going to work for it and what will you do to get here'. But we don't have to think about that right now, dream big, I'm sure some creative thinking can spice up your plans! Besides meeting goals are not as fun as the journey to the goals.

Here it is, we are stamping out the end of the year. Mars is emphasizing this ending and beginning as it moves through Pisces (the 12th and final zodiac) this December and busts into its home sign of Aires (the 1st Zodiac) in January. By the time Mars makes it's way to Pisces, the 'do-it' warrior planet is tired. So this call of the Cancer North Node is important, what do you consider recharging to you? What are the little comforts you can do for yourself? Can you connect with people or the person that makes you feel connected and home-y? Do you need to disconnect for some moments or hours? This is vital to do in balance with our hard work.

 In addition, Chiron (the wounded healer)  is in a grand water trine with the North Node in Cancer and Mercury in Scorpio, also Neptune (dreams and illusions) is in exact conjunction with Mars. It is no surprise that nostalgia, positive or tear invoking, can be bubbling up to the surface. Mercury is dipping back into Scorpio which can reveal something hidden in our minds or with Chiron in Pisces, it may be something we thought we had dealt with and were past, but actually is painful or present again. Be with it, certainly you have learned things to support yourself, it's not going to go away or be avoidable, but you can carry it as a whole part of your being. Even if it is just that ability to feel. You can remind yourself of what you have in your life, but sometimes we do need to sit with sadness or loss and not condone ourselves for that. To put in simple terms, when a child falls and scrapes their elbow it hurts and they cry. As a caretaker we scoop them up and allow them comfort while they let our their pain of what happened, and it passes and they continue to play. We don't lecture them on how they were so clumsy and they should have not tripped and there is no reason to cry to hold in the pain, don't let it out and tell them how stupid or childish they are. No, that doesn't help, there is no reason to bombard yourself with equivalent thoughts. Maybe you lost a loved one, the loss of that person is real pain and it is perfectly ok to feel the sadness of that loss. Hold yourself in warm arms for whatever you are experiencing, and it may be so intense, but after that nurture you will be able to carry on.

With Mars wading deep in the Neptunian Pisces waters, while conducting Neptune in its home, this lends our action to be stronger in the dream world than in the immediate reality. Having this, in combination to the Sagittarius New Moon as its holds hands with Jupiter (who is at home in Sagittarius), the cosmos are catalyzing the conditions to Dream big. It may be easy to get lost in other realities or memory world. So don't forget your consciousness and make use of this energy by directing it to what could be wonderful to experience in your life. Where would you travel to? What would you do if money was no obstacle and you didn't have to work? Lend your imagination to ignite your hearts desires.

There is a reflection of the year, a culmination feeling, seeing where you've been how you've grown what you've let go of. (remind yourself you are good enough and have done the best you can with the knowledge given to you). Experiencing the past, and a feeling of needing rest. We are building and getting ready to kick into 2019 with Mars' entry into its home of Aires. Venus is moving out of Libra (one of its home signs) and into Scorpio covering ground its been in since its retrograde in October. It is revising any shadow or hidden sides of the relationship to yourself and others.  Mercury is dipping out of retrograde at the end degrees of scorpio which is revealing hidden things in our thoughts or opening a realization. These are all important. The big shining gust of energy in the sky comes with this stellium (3 or more planets) of the Sun, Moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius. May you enjoy the nostalgia, make time for rest in your comfy sense of home, and Dream big!

I am available for personal chart readings (you can be in person in Fort Collins or anywhere in the world via Whatsapp or FaceTime!) to find out how the current stars are in effect specifically to you, just contact: (970) 413-2734  KATEW@LIVEBEYONDLIMIT.com) or make a session request though the MindBody site of Live Beyond Limit.

If this wasn't enough for you and you want more, I enjoyed listening to Molly McCord's New Moon talk on YouTube:


Happy Star Living,AJ Caprikorn

Thanksgiving Full Moon in Gemini - 2018

Thanksgiving Full Moon in Gemini:

A letting go, hanging in-between and preparing for what is to come.

There is a light on the horizon and a freedom about this Full Moon.  It's that Sagittarian belief in yourself, the best you can be and have around you. Typically, Full Moons are about letting go as it is the full maturation of a cycle and a shedding for the next seed to be planted. Well, that is still in effect, and the Pisces presence supports it. However, there is powerful new beginning energy from the Sun and Jupiter preparing to conjunct in Jupiter's home of Sagittarius. Jupiter has begun its 12 month Journey through Sagittarius, while the Sun will spend a month there. This brings optimism and hope. In another sense, this moon is a transition moon. Due to the aspects of the transitory planets, it is best to experience your surroundings, explore that experience on different levels and see if you can open a perspective you haven't used before. All of this prepares us for the kick of the next New Moon. This is a time for change and new starts, initiate the ideas for new things and let go of long carried weights.

On the 22nd (Thanksgiving day), the Sun will transition into Sagittarius, opposing the Moon at 52 minutes of Gemini before 11pm Colorado time.  As the Sun makes its way to Jupiter (exact conjunction on the 26th of Nov) our intention setting for the next 12 months gains power. Later, reinforcing it with the New Moon in December. Despite the bright horizon of Sagittarius, not everything is easy and happy-go-lucky. There are probably scorpio-pluto experiences you are completing, such as finances, debts, ending relations and completing projects. As those are closing, there is also a dreamy fog about this Full Moon with Mercury in retrograde, and Mars and Neptune in Pieces squaring the Sun and Jupiter. There may be parts of your dreams that may not feel achievable, know what you want to create as it can be created.  Keep going. Oh yes, we are also swimming in the Sea of the North Node in Cancer (and south node in Capricorn) for the next 18 months.

What to do, what to do!? This North Node is emphasizing emotions, they are particularly important and a focus for the next year and a half. Cancer is associated with the Moon and one's mood, nurture, feeling and intuitive memory. How you feel about your life is important. Allow yourself to connect with your feelings, suppressing them traps them in the body and initiates disease and physical problems. Our emotional body is a very real thing, it is different from rational thought and often comes from childhood experiences, we were not aware we were imprinting. It is also how we connect to the mood of one's surroundings. So, nurture your own emotions and know that while they may be intense, giving them their honor allows them to pass. Connect with your support system and be your own best support. With the North Node in Cancer there are scenarios where home and nurturing will need to win over the workaholic South Node in Capricorn. Find that balance within and outside yourself, this may be the constant dance this next year and a half in particular, (many a time its a lifetime dance, it may not ever be mastered, but constantly in work). With that in mind, it does not mean we get to skip or ignore our work and duty, but know that if your emotions get pushed aside--along with nurturing your body, mind and spirit--that reality will backlash. If you do not create the opportunity to take care of yourself, reality will, it could happen by getting sick or injured to force a stop. What a balancing act! but we all can do it, and we all deserve nurture.

The Moon is in Gemini emphasizing our mental state of being, and connection with conversations and information. The planet associated with Gemini, Mercury, is in the opposite sign of Sagittarius and in retrograde. This emphasizes the importance of knowing your personal truths. There can be some misunderstandings or head-butting against yourself or others who think they know all there is about something. Don't forget that with whomever you're talking (including yourself), feels entitled to their life experience and opinions as equally as the other person does. It is important to know your truth is not the only one, and find a way to allow other truths to exist at the same time. How can there be softness in allowing there to be different options and enjoying the garden of differences? Reflect how you can hold this space for yourself and others. With the trine to the North node in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces it is import to be kind and nurturing with your words and thoughts about yourself and others. Retrograde can have us reviewing, redoing, revisiting, retracing and other 're-' prefix words. While this can be frustrating in a culture of 'hurry-up-and-go', it actually is beneficial to go over things again. Utilize this energy, with Mercury 'going backwards' in Sagittarius, you may be called to revisit your belief systems or wanting more learning and education. 

Moving on, this Full Moon time is good for some reflection and new ideas,  the square to Neptune and Mars in Pisces brings some feelings of dreamy or lost and confused. This can feel uncomfortable but is is a special place to be in. The confused and connected can bring ideas you weren't considering before. Know that with this Full Moon, the steps you're taking to get where you want to go may be unclear, allow that part to unfold. Direct your attention to align with what feels freeing to your being. What makes you feel like you can expand and grow? Is there anything that feels as though it is in the way of achieving this? Something you need to do or a way of thinking that has prevented you from achieving your dreams? This is what you can thank and let go of, asking for those lessons to be complete or asking what you need to learn from these challenges, so you can move on. Either way, holding in your heart what that 'standing on the mountain-top' way of being is for you, even if that image is unclear, align with that feeling as the Full Moon passes. Allow this to be in-process as things are forming, by the time the Moon joins the Sun in Sagittarius for the December New Moon, we will really be planting this image and intentions for the following Jupiter year.

Looking at the quality of this chart, all the plants are in mutable or cardinal signs, the feeling is of needing change, ready for something different, or having to adapt to circumstances. It makes this a powerful time for changing and beginning those intentions you've set for yourself.  Also, leaving things open-ended for the universe to provide the opportunities and details for your goals to be carried out vs making plans, is most effective at this time. There is an important power of the unknown to fill in the reality that comes to you. Are you open to this change, is letting go of weights worth flying free? What do you identify as weights in your life, and are you willing to let them go? Are you opening and willing to flow with change? Can you nurture yourself through the change?

So much growth is possible, you have learned much from all the hard work this year, now is some space to feel the blooming possibilities. Enjoy the freedom and the in-between being. Love yourself every bit, appreciate your faults and learning. Having that compassion for yourself will flow naturally to others.

~AJ Caprikorn

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New Moon Outlook- November 2018

Set your intentions for your intentions! Darkness becomes light as the winter comes.

Say what? There has been some struggle this year, lots of tension in the stars, but new hope is on the horizon! There is change in the air, and in particular Jupiter is moving out of Scorpio and into its home sign of Sagittarius. Scorpio can get a bad wrap because it is so intense that people don't always want to look at the grit, the dark side, accept the letting go that comes with tansformation, or be so intensely passionate. Well, that has been the story of October and November will bring some sparkle to the intensity. This New Moon is in Scorpio.

Here it is, the New Moon will be at its peak at 9am on Wednesday, November 7th 2018, Colorado mountain time. The Sun and Moon conjunct at 15 degrees Scorpio (in the middle of Scorpio, as each sign takes up 30 degrees). There is an intensity about this New Moon of saying your goodbyes, as change is in the air. Jupiter will be at 29 degrees Scorpio (the last degree before it is in Sagittarius). The Current retrograde planets, Venus and Uranus have both made their leap into a new sign. Venus will be at 26 degrees Libra and Uranus will oppose Venus at 29 degrees Aires. Another big deal change is the North Node which will be moving into Cancer. What does it all mean?

Well, the atmosphere of the planet means change, funnily enough this will be around election time in the US, which is harmonious to the astro-energies of change, no matter what direction it takes. On a personal and individual level, (the level of intensity depends on your birth chart), I can say that overall, it will have something to do with embracing the challenge and dark side of yourself, and using it to power the direction you hope to go in. We are connected through our ability to feel emotions. So, how can you embrace your feeling as an integrated part of yourself in society, and move foreward?

The Venus-Uranus opposition also stimulates change, and, because they are both in retrograde (FYI the planets are not ever moving backwards, they just appear that way to us on earth) this transit may have more internal effects. As in, a the need of big, sudden or unusual change in what we want will likely show up in our relationship to ourselves which will likely effect our relationship to others. Now, this is generally a short transit, but due to Venus's place and timing of retrograde, makes this the 2nd time out of 3 that we have and will feel this transit (the 3rd Venus-Uranus opposition will be Nov 30th). This Transit is very stimulating artistically as it initiates new views and exposure to other ways of being and doing.

Furthermore, as we are intention setting--feeling the depths and hope on the horizon--the Lunar North Node will switch to Cancer. This will be layering a flavor of the importance of nurture (for ourselves and others), rhythms (the rhythm of our monthly patterns of living) and our home life. It’s like, however we are setting intentions for our hopes regarding career, we have to include how that will affect our time at home, and how we will take care and nurture ourselves. These are very important factors which enable us to keep going.

Another important aspect I haven't mentioned yet, is Neptune trine the Moon and Sun. On one side of the coin, this can have us feeling more connected to the larger picture and to everything around us. On the other side of the coin, sometimes that connected feeling can come off as confusing or overwhelming. I imagine that as all these shifts and planetary sign changes are happening, it will be more of the former and this Neptune trine the Sun will allow for a more connected feeling as we are experiencing the scorpio tensions of our intention setting. As in, realizing we are not alone, or opening us to acknowledge that the pain or challenge we are feeling is not forever, and there is a 'bigger-picture' direction that we are headed towards. A potential of hope.

Ok, I haven't mentioned much about Scorpio this far. I should say that Scorpio and its associated planet Pluto, is about diving into the depths and coming out transformed. Scorpio has 3 symbols associated with it, the scorpion, the eagle and the pheonix (in some cases the dove or the snake are interchanged in there as well). So, with this last squeeze of scorpio, how would you like to see yourself on the other end of the experiences you've been having? What transformation do you want to be of yourself?

Finally, some more things to know for the future. Mercury retrograde alert! Venus will be in retrograde until the 16th of November, which as is moves direct, Mercury will be going retrograde. A reminder that retrograde planets are a re-tracing of steps, finishing projects that were on pause and a time of reflection. Mercury is the ruler of thoughts, speaking, transportation and an exchange of goods, ideas, information and yourself from one place to another. The retrograde time can be when Mercury will take charge and present opportunities for do-overs, and the creativity that comes with things not going so smoothly. There is the potential of misconnections, miscommunications, detours and the like. Its not always as bad as it seems, but it is important to read the fine print and try to take your time or allow patience for the unplanned delays.

The potentially rocky Mercury retrograde will have its transition and it will pass. Also, I wanted to recap and clarify that the whole intention setting for intention setting, has to do with the Sun-Jupiter conjunction on the 26th. I will mention it again with the Full Moon on the 22nd (Thanksgiving day). But, also let you know now, that these new intentions you're putting forth with the New Moon will get another kick and time for refining after the Full Moon. Happy New Moon, transition from the depths and hope on the horizen.

~AJ Caprikorn

I found Rick Levine's November 2018 youtube video as a useful resource as I worked on my own take on this New moon:


Full Moon in Taurus - October 2018

On Wednesday, October 24th, the Sun is moving into Scorpio. As the Sun hits 1 degree and some minutes later, it becomes exactly opposite to the Moon in Taurus at 10:45am (in Colorado). 

Scorpio and Taurus are opposite, both fixed signs. Scorpio is fixed water: emotions. Taurus fixed earth: practicality and manifestation. The fixed signs carry us through a season or process. Taurus likes to preserve, long lasting relations and pleasant things. Taurus is like Fredinand, the bull who prefers smelling roses over bull fights. Taurus is related to Venus and has the sensual side of the venutian ruling, preferring delightful foods and comfortable home. Where Taurus expands outwardly blossoming in the senses, Scorpio contracts and pulls the energy inward. The magic is not on display, it is in the unseen brewing and growing power. The Scorpio holiday of Halloween allows parts of ourselves to be expressed while our outside identity is mysterious and unseen. Scorpio in the northern hemisphere prepares the land for winter, carrying us through fall where the energy is pulled inward. Scorpio sheds the leaves of what it doesn’t want. It is passionate and receptive. It can seem distant and mysterious like frozen water, solid on the outside with liquid depths. Scorpio is associated with Pluto.

Uranus is conjunct the Moon. Uranus is still retrograde hanging onto the last minutes of a degree in Taurus. This conjunction may have our feelings in a fluctuation. Unpredictable and needing a sense of stability. It is also like an antenna sticking out, receptive to signals to trigger one’s feelings. Like thinking you have it under control and an unexpected thing tips off your feelings. 

Power to the Scorpio, the scorpion, eagle and phoenix as the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are all in Scorpio. Venus conjuncts the Sun, and Mercury conjuncts Jupiter on different sides of the 30 degrees of Scorpio.  It is likely that there are things stinging to be expressed, and maybe saying too much or thinking too much. Exaggerating and intensifying one’s experience beyond what is happening. Yet our internal interpretation of our world is everything to each one of us. Its a lot of energy in a tight internal space. So find ways to allow yourself to feel the intensity, acknowledge what feelings are being triggered. You’re not going crazy, you are that passionate. For me, I use these feelings as clues to play detective and go deeper into the feeling, asking about what is really important. 

There are harmonious aspects that can support the max growth of our intentions from the Full moon. Preparing us for the letting go part of the cycle. We put in the work at the New moon, its grown and now its time to let the plant of our intentions do its thing. The energy flowing is tapping into Chiron (wounds) and North Node (soul journey) It seems stuff is being stirred and its going to feel like a big deal right now. Try to honor your moments for space with this full moon and the time around it. What feels profound and important to you moment to moment? Continuously? How can this passion be apart of your daily life and ritual? How can you realize you have enough time? What do you value about yourself?

To reiterate: Scorpio is a profound and powerful sign with this Full Moon. The Sun shining, being the seed of potential along with venus our sense of attraction and what we like, Mercury the way we receive, thoughts and information and send it out, and Jupiter, our means of growth and sometimes emphasis or exaggeration. All taking on the scorpionic energy, the withdrawal inward like the trees loosing their leaves and preparing for winter. Where ideas go unseen and down into the magic where anything is possible, hidden and developing waiting to merge into the world.  The Moon exalted in Taurus, creativity conjunct with Uranus in Taurus. Taurus is of the senses of this reality plane. Scorpio is more inner depth and Taurus is more outer show. May you find peace in the inner depths of yourself and pleasantries to keep you going, empowering yourself to enjoy life. 

Happy living,

AJ Caprikorn

New Moon in Libra October 2018

'Tis the season for a New Moon. Monday, October 8th, the Libra Sun and Libra Moon will be in exact alignment at almost 10 pm in Colorado. Meeting at about 16 degrees in Libra. Sewing the seeds of intention, the New Moon energizes new beginnings! 

Libra brings balance. It is a cardinal air sign associated with the planet Venus. It's cardinal because it begins a season and has 'fresh-starter energy'. Air signs are in the realm of mentality. With Venus as its traditional ruler it provokes the importance of beauty though balance of suroundings and relationships. Libra is at peace in tidy places where people get along and all sides can have a voice that is heard.

This New Moon is not without challenge, channeling down into the sub conscious with all this Scorpionic energy. Pluto is going direct (the planet related to scorpio) in Capricorn. Jupiter is still in Scorpio, and Venus, (the planet associated with Libra) is also in Scorpio going retrograde. Deepening the inward journey, reflection and sometimes a more touchy trigger from those around us. Being bothered by others due to our personal emotional scars from past experience. It is important to try to remember to reflect. It's probably not realistic to prevent being triggered, but noticing if you feel suddenly bothered, make note of it and do some self-study. Emphasis on study, not a self-criticism, but rather an observation to invite healing. For example, your friend teases you about your hair, you overreact freaking-out and super irritated, later, realizing it was similar teasing that you experienced from your father in childhood. Maybe choosing to let go of that scar (the planets are willing it so its a good time to do so), if you're ready, and even apologize to your friend for freaking out.

Chiron has retrograded back into Pisces bringing in the reminder to act from compassion, when addressing our wounds. Chiron is trining Jupiter, the planet of expansion and the North Node, our destiny. These harmonious aspects give extra potential of growing through our past troubles in this human experience. So may you feel fearless and humble as you observe your sub conscious in action. Keeping track of patterns in dreams may give hints to troubles or growth areas.

On the softer side of things, the Sun and Moon have a flow for getting things done, as they are reaching out with a trine to Mars the 'do it' planet who is in the intellectual, off-the-wall, innovative, furturistic sign of Aquarius. With all this deep hidden stuff coming to surface in your life or those around you, there is still a will to innovate and wanting to push forward. Try to keep that light lit.

And remember, others are going through their version of these transits, you're not alone!

Happy growth!

~AJ Capricorn

Full Moon in Aries - September 2018

Changing of the Times

This Full Moon occurs on Monday the 24th, at 2 degrees on the dot, with the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aires. In Colorado, we will experience this peak right before 9pm. This Full Moon is of the changing times, just two days before on the 22nd, was the equinox. The equinox occurs when the sun enters Libra, the archetype of balance. The light of day and night pass through a point of balance switching to the other side. Connecting us throughout the planet before flip flopping to shorter days in the Northern hemisphere or longer days in the southern hemisphere.

Libra is the initiate of a new season, a cardinal air sign associated with the planet Venus. Libra blows the winds of change shifting us Northerners into Autumn. Harmoniously the Moon spends its time in Pisces feeling sensitive and artistic, helping to end the season. Then our feelings are asked to be kicked into gear on Monday the 24th as the Moon shifts into Aires that afternoon. The Full Moon is that night, a beginning, a culmination and an end.

Aires is Libra's opposite. Associated with the planet Mars, fiery and driven. Libra is the diplomat, while Aires is about the self. The warrior carving its way through life, headstrong asserting its importance. These are all important energies, after all, the beginning of a new season needs the fiery Aires warrior kick, like a sprout busting through a seed at spring time. And so is the fresh wind of Libra needed to begin its season. Refreshing the air with balance, tipping the scales in the opposite direction. Here lies this Full Moon, the Sun shining in Libra opposed by the bright Aires Moon. A time to balance these energies within our self. Our self centric need and feelings with that of the outside application being in thoughtful balance as we continue on our journey. Full Moon intentions can reinforce any intentions of the equinox. This is a time to really call in what your heart is wanting, having time for its happy spaces. Observing your past time and taking what memories you want to build off of. Bringing your actions into balance. Have you been go-go-going like crazy? Well, its time to slow down. Have you been dragging your feet and avoiding action?? Time to act and kick yourself in the butt to do what you've been planning. Have you been dreading life and seeing only the challenges? Time to appreciate all the beauty you come by and love the blessings in your life. Or, have you been too positive, seeing the silver lining in everything to the point of not giving support to wounds that need healing or change? Review yourself, be honest in what could bring balance to your life. And set your intention for this change of season.

In other news, Mars is a big deal, as the Moon is in Aries, which gives whatever Mars is doing more importance. Also, Mars is relieving the pressure of this Full moon as it is making a sextile with the moon (and a trine with the Sun). Mars is in Aquarius and is opposing the North Node in Leo.  The challenge in our feelings can be relieved by what we do, and initiating radical things that are familiar may be a tendency. After listening the Leo King and Rick Levine, they point out that Mars is moving forward from its 3rd and final square to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus square Mars can mean identity change or conflict. The pressure of the changing of identity is softening. Chiron will be conjunct with the moon. This brings up our wounds. It can mean making decisions that helps our human experience, there can be tendency to avoid it, though this is an opportune moment. It is possible you have been integrating balance to working with your wounds and if not, it is possible for them to be in our face. There is also a quincunx of Uranus in Taurus to the Moon and Sun, so these decisions can feel irritating to our home, self worth or finances in the short term. Both Sun and Moon are squaring Saturn in Capricorn, there will be some thinking ahead that needs to happen before fully putting things into action. There is some tough stuff stirring, if our choices are in align with our deep soul needs there is some flow and relief. Also, once we take a step in our thought out direction, open your intuition to what alterations may need following along the way. It all comes back to balance in this time of Libra.

For those of us that are entering fall, moving towards the wintery time of reflection, the equinox is a special time to reflect on your life prior to this moment. Reviewing both the tough and easy times. What lessons have you learned? And, what do you wish to take with you? Finding that balance point in your being so you can go off into the dance of life again. The venutian in Libra loves the visual ascetic of beauty as well as outside circumstances being pleasant and equal. Relations; romantic, friendly or professional, are meant to have opposing sides that deserve to be represented and heard. This includes those different sides of yourself. A quick note, that Venus (the planet associated with Libra) is in Scorpio and will be going retrograde come the beginning of October. The gritty needs of our love for ourselves and others can come from this dark and raw need of Scorpio. Try to have some gentle understanding and patience with your needs and others when it doesn't feel possible. 

Happy Equinox, Happy Full Moon,

AJ Caprikorn

New Moon in Virgo - September 2018

Let's Kick it into Gear!

Fresh energy is powering the intention-setting for this Virgo New Moon. Virgo Sun and Virgo Moon will be exactly conjunct at about 17 degrees on September 9th, 11:00am mountain time. Saturn is about to go direct, there are may planets in the earth signs and there is a challenging yet secretly helpful opposition from Neptune occurring.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign, associated with the planet Mercury. It is a bit tough, yet wonderful. I like the 'get it done' vibe of Virgo, but it can be tedious at times. Health, hygiene and well being are important. Of course, the out of balance thing can hit, meaning things can feel challenged in health, as well as overwhelm to be organized. As in, perfection is 'so hard to achieve,' so why try? But, if you are reading this, you're putting forth the awareness in order to direct the energy to your well being and to getting some fall setup and organization done. My grandma once shared a Chinese proverb in a moment I was feeling overwhelmed, it went something like: "A person can eat an elephant one bite at a time". Piece by piece we can accomplish so much by focusing our attention to the first thing we can get done.

Earth signs bring vibes that make doing and creating very possible in the reality realm. This New Moon chart is very earthy. Mercury is also in Virgo, just 10 degrees away from the Sun and Moon. It is speeding though at its quickest right now, briefly making a Grand earth trine to Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. Both of which are at 2 degrees while Mercury will already be at 6 degrees and moving on at the time of the New Moon. None-the-less it gives us a little kick in the 'mind-pants' connection to ideas we want to get done. What structures may need breaking down to do it (Uranus in Taurus), and the powerful determination of Saturn in Capricorn can help task master our way to our goal. Lastly, Mars will be at the 29th and last degree of Capricorn, with Mars exalted in Capricorn (meaning at its strongest). The focus of Capricorn allows Mars' 'fresh initiation' to follow through and complete things (as opposed to starting a bunch of new projects left unattended). This is great energy to kick off some new intentions. Oh, also, Saturn is moving out of retrograde and beginning to move forward again! This brings some big flow. I enjoy the Leo King's example that Saturn going direct in Capricorn (its home sign) is like the train arriving at the station. We've been ready with our bags packed to board the train, and now the train is in ear shot. Finally, all those things you've been intending to build in your life, and all the de-procrastination you may have done, can now begin its manifestation and work.

Also I want to touch a little on some of the challenges some of you may be experiencing, which in part may have to do with Chiron making a trine to the north node in Leo and a sextile to the south node in Aquarius. There can be an edgy flow hitting our wounds and making us panic and want to jump off from what we've been building. Second guess or dealing with unexpected situations. The kind that aren't debilitating, but feel like a set back in some way. Keep going. Frequently, we want to ignore these things as you keep going--but if you didn't jump off--it would be of great benefit to call yourself out so you can build a way to support yourself the way you need to be, so you follow your definition of success (which sometimes, your definition of success needs to be redefined).

How to set your intentions: What have you been wanting? What do you feel you need? How is your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health? What do you want your work time and free time to be like? What feels like the key priorities? What are the next steps to supporting these goals, and what can you do now?

There are a handful of other things to keep in mind with the charts. For instance, the dark lord Pluto is in Capricorn making a trine to the Sun and Moon. This will bring out our deep survival need. Feeling passionate about how bad we want those things in our life. So, know that what you are setting your intentions for now, may soften in its passionate need for better or for worse, as this aspect transitions. Also, there is a big deal watery aspect in the mix. The inter-dimensional Neptune is hanging out in its home of dreamy Pisces in a direct opposition to the Sun and Moon. I've heard a handful of astrologers mention this aspect as a warning that you may feel disillusioned and lost in your our version of reality. So yeah, that may be a possibility, but I get a different feeling with this aspect amongst the rest of the chart. I find that this Neptune in Pisces opposing Sun and Moon in Virgo brings a balance to the chart. There is so much in earth going on, that I think one could get overly caught up in the story of what is real, and this contradiction of Neptune knocks on the door of our minds and offers imagination! It is a reminder that "imagination lays the tracks for the reality train to follow". It allows us to be inspired and imagine what could be. Actually visualizing and experiencing many possibilities for the future--in our minds and hearts! Sure, it may not happen exactly that way, but it is beautiful how the journey grows as we follow our inspiration. Take one step at a time in reality and use this utilize these dreams and your connection to spirit to enjoy the challenge to help you grow into your path.


Happy Star Living,

AJ Caprikorn


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Full Moon in Pisces - August 2018

A little bit of ease, finally. It has been quite the squeeze, maybe like living the experience, of being made into lemonade.

The Moon is in exact opposition to the Sun on Sunday, August 26th at about 5am mountain time, each will be at 3 degrees in opposite signs (the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces). The Moon will appear the most full Saturday night the 25th. For ceremonies, the time leading to the Full Moon is the building and full maturation of past intentions. While the time after, is the release and letting go which creates space for the seed of the New Moon to come. The time of the Full Moon is great for charging and reseting any precious stones, laying them out directly in the moonlight is most powerful, but be aware of stones that 'melt' in water (and maybe just place those on a windowsill that sees the moonlight).

The Sun has moved into Virgo as of Wednesday the 22nd. I don't know about you, but I felt it. Maybe it was the Sun's shift into Virgo and maybe it was also because the Sun made a trine with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn to form a grand earth trine. But dang, it was like the 'power get-shit-done bug' bit me hard in the hiney. I'm feeling ready and focused for this Full Moon. If you've followed along you may remember that 6 planets and Chiron were retrograde!! Well, they still are but Mercury went direct and Mars goes direct following the Full Moon. Yes, something finally gave. I mean, even if you haven't followed along I can only imagine your version of 'what the heck life!?' that you have experienced the past two months or so. Anywho, back to some of the basics. 

Summer isn't over but you may have noticed the slight shift in the air. That would be the Sun in Virgo, making way for the season to change. Virgo is a mutable earth sign associated with the planet Mercury. With the Sun's shift, the essence of fall is becoming real and a buzz of preparing and organizing may be hitting your senses. If you recall or know already, Mercury is associated with both Gemini and Virgo. When in the form of Virgo, Mercury takes its information-loving-self to a detailed orientation. It sorts out the muck, and only wants the refined and perfected. The Moon, on the other hand, is in the sign opposite to Virgo on the zodiac wheel, which is Pisces.

Pisces is a mutable water sign. It not only ends a season, but also is the end of the zodiac cycle. Pisces ends winter (in the northern hemisphere), creating the stage for the new beginning of spring. Pisces is the culmination of all the signs and associated with the planet Neptune. It is dreamy, otherworldly and can be challenged to differentiate self from other because of its interconnectedness and understanding. The Moon stationed here may be calling you to feel more connected to others and feeling compassionate. It may spark some creativity and a need to express your personal art. On the flip side of the Neptunian/Piscinian feeling of being connected to everything, one can also become overwhelmed and depressed as 'over-compassion' gets bombarded and confusing. This leads to the escapist nature of Neptune. So, how to work this to your advantage? Go to your 'what helps me feel balanced' list or make one. Some examples could be: Hang out with friends, alone time, craft night, morning mediation, pajama dance off with the mirror, trying something new, organizing, doodling, bath time, petting the cat and breathing. Of course there can be many more. You are worth carving a little chunk of time, so there is no need to deprive yourself. Be smart enough to know how much-ish brings the balance you need, and then get back in the game!

On to the other planets. Mercury is picking up speed out of retrograde! Yay! Before, when Mercury was retrograde, shit felt pressured. Like it had to happen now and random annoying detours were happening. We made it through that, and all those eclipses. Now, things are softening and easing up a bit and the same life scenarios are feeling more manageable in comparison. But dang, that was intense, especially with all the other planetary movements. In other good news, Mars is stationary and about to move forward again around the time of the Full Moon. While Mars was retrograde, tempers were especially sensitive and easily set off. There was this feeling of wanting to take over the castle, yet really needing to retreat or being forced to retreat in some way (and retreating can be very beneficial, but at the same time hold frustration). So yes, four of the planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) plus Chiron are still retrograde, but with Mercury and Mars out of retrograde, it is like removing the vice grip on our thoughts, and what we are doing. Thereby allowing some flow in how we are thinking and manifesting our life in the world. 

There is another give. The grand earth trine the Sun went into brings a sense of stability. Not only that, it gets triggered by the Moon making the the aspect of a kite (which the aspect lines literally look like a kite) between the Sun, Moon, Uranus and Saturn. This is useful because it helps stimulate the grand trine, helping us to avoid the lazy side that can occur under this transit. A grand trine of any sort creates stability and ability to get things done. In the element of earth, it is more focused on the reality plane, grounded in the senses and manifestation.You may have been feeling more stable or sometimes, due to the self-efficiency factor of a grand trine, one can get more relaxed, comfortable and lazy. If this has been the case for you, do something about it, that way it can pay off once the trine shifts and goes away. As I mentioned before, the Moon is stimulating the Trine, (which, is in exact opposition to the Sun) supporting some get-it-doneness through our emotions. The Moon is the governor of our feelings and mood, and in Pisces is more intuitive and creative.

In recap, there are still planets retrograde so the theme of manifestation is still most effective when tending to procrastinated to-do's (vs brand new projects). This and regular living, has been made easier with Mercury out of retrograde and Mars just about to go direct with the Full Moon. Intention setting should be easier after all the crap you've been through in the last month or so as experience has hopefully brought some clarity in what you want in your life. Getting squeezed and shaped so you have a clearer idea of what is important to you, and buckling down to do the current possible steps to begin your climb to your goals, while taking time for activities which help you to feel balanced. We can do it!


Happy Star Living,

AJ Caprikorn

New Moon in Leo - August 2018

We are on the merry-go-round of life, and it's going backwards!

The peak of the New Moon is on Saturday, Aug. 11th at about 4 am in Fort Collins, CO mountain time.  The Moon will appear most empty the night of Friday, Aug 10th. For those of you that like to have a ritual, the time before the peak of the New Moon is more of a final completion and emptying, as opposed to the time after the peak of the New Moon which is new beginnings and sewing seeds of intention. With this Moon, there is a partial solar eclipse. An eclipse happens when the Moon and Sun are near or conjunct the lunar nodes. In this case, the Sun and Moon are 13 degrees away from the lunar North Node, so it is a partial eclipse. The closer the Sun and Moon are to sharing the same degree as one of the lunar nodes, the fuller the eclipse will be. The partial solar eclipse will be visible to the most north of North America, as in the Greenland area and Canada, as well as in north west Russia, and a bit of China. For more details on location visibility, you can visit this link: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/globe/2018-august-11. If you have had the pleasure of viewing a partial solar eclipse, you may know it is not very visible to the naked eye and requires special sun viewing glasses. Though it is neat none-the-less! There is much going on in Leo, many planets are retrograde and there is some intensity on the horizon.

Mercury, the Moon and Sun are all nestled in Leo, conjunct one another while they are a little over 10 degrees away from the lunar North Node which is also in Leo. Leo is a fixed fire sign, it is the middle of the season, for the northern hemisphere it carries us through summer. The fixed signs generally feel like the strongest part of its season. The fire is burning strong, we are not yet feeling the window of the fall (or spring in the southern hemisphere) vibes that Virgo brings. Leo is heartfelt, loving, playful and can bring some drama as well. The drama of Leo is apart of the shining in life. It's not always a bad thing the way the word drama can be associated, maybe thinking about drama as meaning bold and passionate, which can have many connotations. Mercury is 4 degrees away from an exact conjunction with the Sun and Moon. Mercury can make conversations and thoughts more heartfelt and passionate (knowing that passionate often means intense) around this time. Also....Mercury is still in retrograde!

With Mercury retrograde there becomes this unknown pressure of 'oh goodness I gotta do it now, hurry!'. Things feel urgent and needing immediate decision. Information overload, too many cars trying to go the same place and random detours. To work with this, it is a time to resist the rush and honor contemplation. It will bring long term value to contemplate decisions and read the fine print. If it still feels right then go through with it. So often this retrograde will put us in a big hurry and this is exactly when the trickster Mercury puts us in scenarios where we feel 'set back', like in a traffic jam, or having to go on teaching a dance class without music because somehow you forgot your phone. And, if you happen upon such a situation, we can discover yes we really need those things or yes it is possible without it! Also, lateness can get emphasized with Mercury retrograde. While in American culture and in some others it is rude to be late, sometime the planets are against you. So, as an anti-stress reminder, respect those waiting on you and know it is more harmful to shame yourself about being late. If you can help it do, if you can't, try to show up anyway and know there can be real beauty to 'lateness' in this story of time. Lateness can add to a cascade of intimacy that could have never been planned. What do we do with Mercury retrograde (which happens 3x/year), gosh darn it: laugh, flow, read the fine print. Holding onto attachments so hard as they shatter, will only ruin your day. Allowing things to be odd and cooky with loose plans around when and how things will exactly happen will secretly free you! 

Mercury is not the only planet retrograde, in fact another planet joined the retrograde club. Guess who? Uranus. The dear sudden-awakening and surprising Uranus, and while in the sign of Taurus. It is to no surprise to be expressing itself by shaking up our home and morals. Initiating situations that break and surprise our own personal values, money, home life, the home itself and what we believe on a deep level. This is our core, what you know as right, wrong and important in any of those categories, suddenly shaken up and feeling like they are going backwards! Holy wow and gee wiz, that's not all.

Of the 11 celestial objects on which I base my readings, only 4 (sun, moon, venus, and jupiter) are moving forward from the view of earth (the plants are not ever actually going backwards, they just appear that way form earth's point of view, like passing someone on the freeway, they look like they are going behind us, but they are going the same direction, just slower!). Our feelings, our lucky positive expansivness, our soul's path and what we like, are moving forward. So, with 7 objects moving backwards (Chiron, Pluto, Mars, Uranus, Mercury, Neptune and Saturn) makes this a great time for getting things done that we meant to before. Finishing old projects and intentions. Tying up loose ends. Clearing out old crap that was pushed aside and by finally getting to the things you said you would do. The energy is flowing in this direction, supporting this. Starting a new thing can meet bizarre and unforeseen challenges, while the old and 'I meant to do this' can flow naturally. Also, don't get too much in your head about it, let your natural sense of living occur. You will notice your internal radar.

Another highlight, going deeper into Chiron retrograde, which is opposing Venus. Man, what we like and what feels good may be confusing or causing a problem right now. And it is coming out karmically through relationships. Venus is in libra, the sign of relations and our outward balance and harmony, which is triggering experiences to learn from. It feels like it has an urgency and may be triggering big internal shifts. This is a chance to exit a karmic loop or repeat it to be learned again. Finding a way to shift something can feel confusing and straight up impossible, but there is a way. It can be done, and many a time it requires some space and openness to new ideas. Opening up to hear and see ways out of the impossible but solvable problem. So, 3d thinking in a 2d world. What we think of first during the drenching emotions often is the programming we have relied on, when, we must see more and be present with our wound, not just reacting. Frequently it is not the present situation we have a problem with, the situation is merely the trigger to something seeded deeper. You can ask yourself 'what is really bothering me', listen to your first natural response and think critically if there is there a deeper layer and if there is something you can do about it. And, are you resisting being able to help yourself? Honesty breaks most chaos and illusion. If one can tell the truth, especially to themselves the world of "he said, she said' drama is softened and stopped.

The partial solar eclipse is like having a foot in both worlds. The eclipse doesn't bring us all the way over as it doesn't come to full maturation. Never the less, we still experience this lapse and pull from the North Node to the Sun. As in, our souls journey (Sun) and our feelings and embodiment (Moon) being pulled with what we should be directing our life and energy towards(North Node). Which, can be very intense. For many of us, the North Node asks us to do that which we are not comfortable doing(there are those with charts that allow them to follow their North Node with ease). And with all this retrograde planetary energy, it can feel a lot like going backwards to revamp so much. At the same time, it is wonderful to tie up loose ends so we can have a cleaner, true beginning when the planets shift forward again.

If you remember back to the beginning of the year, we had some real 'go' to plant more seeds and grow into our destiny. Now, we are called back to clean up all the 'shit we've built up', so we can actually move forward. Sure, it might be nicer to forget about the old things we were going to do years ago, but this time (all the retrogrades) are demanding some clean up attention. So how best set your intentions and flow with the drive of reality? Ask yourself what needs cleaning up or attention so you can support moving forward later. And man, if you can put a little inertia towards it, I think it will take off and be of great benefit as we take care of and clear out some 'procrastination boxes'. Before we finish, remember Mars being retrograde can really heat up tempers, so if you've been more angry, it doesn't mean its ok to lash out, instead recognize your anger and see if you can cool it in kind ways to yourself and others. Lastly, it has been intense out there, and it can be hard to remember that it is only temporary. It will pass, even if it feels all life consuming at the moment. It will pass.


May tranquility find you amongst the storm,

AJ Caprikorn

Full Moon in Aquarius - July 27, 2018

Happy Full Moon, it is a total Lunar Eclipse! But not visible to us in Colorado or anywhere in the United States. The peak of the Full Moon will occur at about 2:20 pm Mountain time on Friday the 27th, 2018. The Moon may appear at its the fullest on the night of the 26th. Full visibility of the total lunar eclipse will be in parts of Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and up through some of Europe (more details see via this link:  https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2018-july-27 ).

The Sun is in Leo and the Moon is in Aquarius. This is the axis of creativity. Aquarius is a mutable air sign, intelligent and associated with the planet Uranus. The shocking mad scientist with the love for humanity and pushing the envelope with new ideas to better society. Sometimes cold and lacking sensitivity and patience for individuals. Leo is warm and caring, children are important, as are the playful ideas for the next generation to come into power. When out of balance, Leo can be overly prideful or hurt. Leo is a mutable fire sign, associated with the Sun. The Sun and Moon are alining with the North and South Lunar nodes, thereby an eclipse occurs. Firing up this time of full maturation and letting go with what has been easy for us in the past and what we should do to grow into our future. During this time, there are many planets in retrograde, five to be exact.

Jupiter has gone direct already. Though, Jupiter puts a positive spin on things even when retrograde. However, right before the Full Moon eclipse Mercury will be retrograde, joining as one out of the five planets in retrograde ( Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto are the other four). Sound the alarms! What?! Mercury is Retrograde!! EEEEK! Well, while it does usually press the panic button, keep in mind that if anything, Mercury retrograde brings us the loud reminder of patience with bombardment of information, misunderstandings, miscommunications, detours, forgetfulness and other factors that make us slow down and try again. Its not like it is avoidable, but take your time, be kind with mistakes and it too shall pass! With Mercury and the other retrograde planets.

Mars retrograde can bring feelings of retreat whether that is from a physical injury, sickness, fatigue or even doubt. Which, Mars, 'the do it' moving forward planet of our lives, moving backward can get pretty fiery frustrated! Again, retreat can be for the best, it allows us to take another look at things so we can be that much stronger and effective in what we're trying to do, and we get the chance of doing it over again. It is best to keep feeding what seeds you planted this year as fresh beginnings won't strongly be supported until next year. Pluto retrograde is going inside our darkness and secrets. Saturn might have us redoing contracts and looking over our career and responsibilities a few times during its retrograde. And finally Neptune draws us inward to our dreams and illusions enabling longer time to connect to our divine spirituality.

Ok now that we've gone backwards to review all the retrograde 'pressures' in the atmosphere, I'll remind us of a few more things before moving forward. While these planets 'move backwards' they will eventually be stationary and moving forward. However, even when they are moving forward it takes that much more time before they are covering new ground. They spend time retracing the path they've been. Like being mid hike, forgetting-say-the lunch you packed to eat at the top of the mountain, and once you arrive back at the car to get your lunch, well, you have to hike the mountain again to get to that halfway point when you realized you forgot your lunch. Eventually, you take a fresh step on the new path. In the mean time, while covering old territory in life where we've already been can be frustrating; it also allows a second look at things. A chance to see and catch amazing things we missed the first time around. I like the quote 'nature never hurries, yet everything is accomplished'(Lao Tzu) to find a little more peace with this process. Enjoy the ride, it is every moment of your life after all.

Moving forward. Well kinda. The Sun is in Leo and the Moon is just opposite in Aquarius, the exact opposition will occur at about 4 degrees with Mars one degree conjunct the Moon and the North Node one degree conjunct the Sun. And Chiron is in a trine with the North Node and Sun, while squaring Saturn and in a sextile to the Moon and Mars. As a reminder, the North Node is our balancing in our journey's purpose, what we need to do or do to bring more fluidity and ease into our life (which may not always be the obvious choice). Chiron is our wound, known as the wounded healer. It is with little doubt that recent time and the ones coming have been impactful. Ripping open festering battle wounds of life, so they may be cleaned and healed properly. Pushing ourselves to our next step of growth, and facing the world and rules. Of course while in the moment of pain this can feel so defeating. As we allow the processes and support ourselves, we must grab onto the lessons before us. Humble ourselves into feeling empowered by our old wounds and what comes of the proper scars that join us on our journey. Thereby creating new depths we can carry and share in our own appropriate way. We are all deserving. It is ok to take time. You will shine again!

While it may feel like going backwards, utilize it so you may walk forwards with that much more strength. The contrast of dark brings the light. May you have love and appreciation for yourself and all those around you.

As per usual, I am available for personal birth chart readings from anywhere in the world! Get in contact and set up a reading through Live Beyond Limit.

All the best,

AJ Caprikorn

New Moon In Cancer - July 2018

Powerful and enabling, if you're down.

Good day, good day to all! It is eclipse season. With this new moon, a partial solar eclipse occurs,  not a full eclipse as the sun and moon are 15 degrees away from the lunar north node. The partial eclipse will only be visible to those in the Melbourne and Adelaide area in Australia (you may follow this link for more detailed info on the eclipse and visibility). Even if the majority of us don't get to see the partial solar eclipse, it will still impact our lives just as much.

Change isn't easy, though at the same time it is occurring all around in the chemical level of our brains and bodies, to the outside world, and the rotation of the universe. Often, when we get what we want, we're not happy with it. So there is this need to 'appreciate what is' instead of what isn't. Trying our best to enjoy the process, and going for it. There is only so much preparation we can do before approaching the unknown, believing in our capability and making the jump. A bird learning to fly must make the first jump. If you were honored with learning how to read and write, starting that process was challenging and bizarrely unfamiliar. After practice, it became second nature (or more easeful) than when we had never done it before. I swear things gain immortality in our lives by us repeating the practice of it--our morning routine, checking social media, driving, getting dressed--it adds up to a larger and larger portion of our life each time, yet they become forgettable with ease, unconscious. The things that we experience once, and often unexpectedly, stick with us forever. A death of a closed loved one, the first time you see a waterfall or the ocean, a vehicle accident, witnessing a full solar eclipse, a random act of kindness from a stranger and beyond. Impermanence is impactful and change goes around again.

With that to chew on, back to the technical stuff. The New Moon is occurring on July 12, 2018 with the maximum at about 9 pm in Colorado. Both the Moon and Sun are in Cancer, meeting at about 20, almost 21 degrees. The lunar north node will be located at 5 degrees Leo. (As a review the lunar nodes are not physical objects, they are intersection points of the earth's path around the sun and the moon's path around the earth). The north node, in part, represents the challenge--so we choose to accept it--which can bring balance to our life. The time leading up to the new moon is letting go and maturation of previous things. And the peak time and afterwards of the New Moon, is planting the seed of beginnings. 

There is an exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn and Mars retrograde in Aquarius is opposing the North Node. The Sun and Moon are apart of a grand water trine, and a grand trine in earth is occurring at the same time. A grand trine is when there are three planets aspecting each other 120 degrees apart, each planet being a corner of an equilateral triangle. When grand trines occur each planet is in the same element of Earth, Air, Water or Fire. While there are other things going on, these will be the highlights of what I mention.

Starting with the opposition between the New Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto, the powerful under lord demanding transformation, you may see this in your home and or workplace. It is not uncommon around this time to experience great change or feeling the need to revamp how we are working things to feel stable in our current work. As well as the classic work/home time tug of war. Things at home or at your job can feel 'ripped out from under you', presumably from 'outside' forces or from our own internal need. Mars retrograde in Aquarius opposing the North Node, can bring up anger and frustration. Feeling limited in what you can do, maybe needing to retreat so you can reproach your 'battle' in life. We may feel challenged to connected to community for support, yet they can be very powerful at this time.  While this is going on, there is tension released and assistance offered through the grand trines. 

The grand earth trine is between Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus and Venus in Virgo. Overall, this trine brings stability and manifestation. Venus is more selective in Virgo, holding high standards in what feels good for us and our health.  Traditionally unpredictable, 'out of the box' Uranus finds more stability in Taurus, preserving things a little longer and needing a more thought out plan for change. And finally, Saturn enjoying being king in his home of Capricorn, being able to dictated the rules of ambition and achievement, responsibility and rules.  The cardinal earth sign of Capricorn initiates what needs to be done, the fixed earth of Taurus carry it out and the mutable earth of Virgo decides what can or has come to perfection and gets rid of what has not. Together these are grounding and enable manifestation.  

The grand water trine empowers the flow of the 'seed planting' beginnings of this New Moon, and catalyze our emotional and intuitive connection. Your intention matters, (really they always do, but having awareness of your intention is individually empowering) around this time you're planting a seed that can grow. This grand water trine is between the Sun and Moon in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio. Overall, this trine brings higher connection, intuition, sensitivity and nourishment. Neptune is home in Pisces, deeply connected to the dream world and other realities, allowing connection of self to higher self, and sometimes escaping from the bounds of reality. We do need to check out from time to time, in balance, it brings perspective and creativity! The Moon is a queen in her home in Cancer, as she holds hands with the Sun. This is biorhythms, intuitive knowledge and nurturing, even father Sun takes a more mothering role in his soul drive while hanging out in Cancer. As we are out in the world doing our life creating in the shared reality, Cancer calls us back home to was is comforting. We must remember replenishing in balance enables us to work harder. Lastly, Jupiter is so jovial, even if he is retrograde there is hardly a challenging aspect, as he is in Scorpio allowing the hidden to be revealed, the mysterious to be worked with and enabling us to expand in our power. The cardinal water sign of Cancer washes and nurtures, the fixed water of scorpio deepens in sensitivity picking up signals and holding onto power, and the mutable water of Pisces releases boundaries and reality's rules, receiving connection to everything, dissolving separation. Together these soften us, allow feeling and sensitivity to the larger picture. 

In the past months, I hope you can acknowledge how much has lead you to where you are now, being able to consciously or unconsciously plant a seed for your future. With this New Moon flirting with the North Node, being aware to include self-care, supporting physical self, mental, emotional and spiritual self. In all the 'doing you are planning' include the right amount of hiding. If you haven't attuned to what you're wanting, pay attention to the happenings in your life that may be un-exactly leading you to where you ought to be. All the while knowing where you are is where you should be, (even if where you are helps you realize what you don't want) and everything will work out. Your future can be met with trust and connection or the opposite and resistance. That rests in you!


Happy Star Living,

AJ Caprikorn


Capricorn Full Moon June 2018

The solstice just occurred on June 21st, announcing summer as the sun shifted into Cancer. Shining with the most daylight for the longest day of the year here in the northern hemisphere, (with a typical a-typical cloudy day in colorado), marking the halfway point in the year. The solstice is the when the earth’s axis reaches its maximum tilt to the sun as we work our way back to the equinox.

And a solstice tidbit with the signs, Sun and Moon. At the beginning of the year the Sun was in Capricorn and the Moon was in Cancer. Now, it is in reverse. The Sun is in Cancer and Moon is in Capricorn. This 'role reversal'  of the signs and the Sun and Moon will continue for the rest of the full moons until the next solstice (which will be the winter solstice for the northern hemisphere).

In Colorado, the peak of the full moon will occur at about 10pm on Wednesday June 27th, 2018. The Sun is in Cancer, opposing the Moon in Capricorn (making it a full moon in the sky). Along with the Moon is Saturn, still retrograde just one degree away from an exact conjunction with the Moon.

It is time for reward! Or, a time to check in and ask ‘did I take on too much?’ This Moon and Sun's passing interaction with Saturn opens a ‘check-in’ of our feelings and life with the karmic elder. Have we been putting in the work to meet those goals from the beginning of the year? Did we set the bar too high? Are you skipping or avoiding foundational steps to climb your mountain to success? Well, here is a time to enjoy the hard work you have put in, or look at what needs attention and adjusting to enable your own success. And it may be a combination of both and in different parts of your life. If all has been coming along, you’ll surly be receiving reward; breakthroughs, connections, feeling possible; as you’re moving on. 

But, that’s not all of what is going on, looking at the chart of the full moon, there are/will be 5 planets in retrograde(“going backwards”): Neptune, Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. Overall, it calls for a second look at things in our lives. If we don’t do it of our own initiative, we may experience ‘hiccups’ or ‘setbacks’ that demands our attention to look things over again. Mars is just recently going retrograde, and will be in retrograde or going over territory it has already been in for the rest of the year. This can make things more agitating, the degree of effect and intensity depends on how it interacts and aspects the planets in your personal natal birth chart. Though, it is not a bad idea to have healthy anger habits to express and process your experience anyway. 

In particular, for the chart of the full moon, Mars is opposing the North Node and Venus, squaring Jupiter and Uranus, and quincunx the Sun. Whoa, cowabunga! Those are all agitating aspects that may have what you are doing feeling as though it is taking you away from your main purpose, what you want and like. Possibly, we are avoiding random opportunities that don’t seem significant but could help us towards our goal in the long run, or the surprising changes happening appear to be setting us back. And in the short term they may feel like set backs. Hopefully, these ‘setbacks’ can instead be seen as opportunity for what we’re doing. Mars will pick up speed (moving ‘backwards’), and this time will pass. Don’t get too tied up in those feelings if they come up for you, and if anything use that moment of honing in on what are the 4 most important things and goals in your core of being. It is ok for them to take time and sometimes it requires us to change our definitions of success to realize what we have already achieved. Often we get so caught up in the pursuit, we don’t realize the ground we’ve covered!

The Sun in Cancer is driving the ego to make sure it is carving time into our daily and weekly routine for rejuvenation, as well as reflection. No joke. If you are not, you’re probably feeling it. And if you’ve been over indulgent in hiding from your duties, the sluggish lack of success feeling may be hovering. The Moon in Capricorn is asking us to put emotions aside, deal with them systematically and make sure our work is in align with our needs. It is stirring feelings of whether we are feeling worthy. So don’t get lost in ‘woe is me’ get system-magic, that’s right create a system and watch the magic unfold in your life. That’s a secret to the Saturnian Capricorn energy, draw a map, create rules and foundation, and the great reward of work manifests. Reflect and recall the most important things for you in life. Set some routines and boundaries.  Make sure to create time for both responsibilities and the activities which recharge you, achievement and rejuvenation. You will be so much more efficient and effective in your life if you allow yourself to feel whole and happy. And you can!

The Moon is considered to be at its detriment when in Capricorn, (I, myself, have my natal moon in Capricorn) because it is as far from home as it can get (its home is in Cancer, its traditional ruling sign). Capricorn is not as soft and sensitive as Cancer, to say the least. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, earth is associated with the material realm and manifestation. Capricorn is go-getter and restrictive, the planet associated with Capricorn is Saturn, ruler of rules, contracts and boundaries. Cancer is much softer, a cardinal water sign, associated with the moon! The moon is intuitive deep knowledge, feelings and rhythms. 

This is what makes this time good for reflection and making routines. If you already have that in place and it resonates with you, you’re likely reaping the reward of flow. You can be successful, you are successful, and you will be successful. Know that you matter and you are worth the work you put into yourself. Enjoy the fruits of your labor or be inspired to get your ducks in a row so that the reward of hard work can come around to you. 

Happy Living,

AJ Caprikorn


Gemini New Moon - June 2018

By: AJ (Ariel) Amber

The peak of the new moon in Colorado, is about 1pm on Wednesday, the 13th, June 2018. The sun and moon will be at about 22 degrees in Gemini, in a conjunction with the midheaven and Mercury which is 10 degrees away hanging out at 2 degrees in Cancer.

There is the overall theme of the past few months--which have been intense for most of us--finally soaking in, and utilizing your intentions thus so for this new moon. Having the knowledge what you have hoped for previously, and being able to polish it with your current self's newfound understandings as you've been journeying through life. 

After watching Rick Levine's June forecast, his main take away was that June is a breath after many 'go-go-go' intense months this year. That this time is like finally arriving at the weekend after your most crazy hectic week, and then getting sick because you were finally able to catch up with yourself.

Well, maybe you have gotten literally sick or were able to absorb and get clarity around circumstances in your life. Hopefully, things have been feeling like they have found some completion, understanding, have been revealed, etc. In any case,  this month and this new moon is letting 'it all soak in'.  The time leading to the new moon is the culmination of past intentions before the new beginning. This would be a good time to review your past intentions. Utilize this absorbed information to re-empower intentions you have made before or modifying them for optimized growth.

The air of the Sun and Moon. There is a twist of 'deep and make it happen' with this information-loving, hard-to-catch Gemini. Gemini is a mutable air sign associated with the planet Mercury. It is the end of spring, pushing out the cool air and switching gears for summer's beginning. Air is a mental sign, Gemini is associated with Mercury, archetype of thoughts, communication, exchange and transportation. Mercury is also apart of this Gemini new moon (10 degrees away) giving it an extra kick of power.

The 'deep and make it happen' comes from Saturn, which is in Capricorn opposing Mercury, and Pluto, which is also in Capricorn quincunx the Sun and Moon (quincunx is an aspect of about 150 degrees, it is generally an annoying aspect in terms of the planetary interaction). Pluto in Capricorn says let's look at the structure and foundation of our life (or a certain aspect of out life) and rebuild it from the ground up. Capricorn is structure, Pluto brings transformation. The Mercury in Cancer/Saturn in Capricorn aspect is demanding to put thoughts and feelings into reality, 'don't just say it, think it, or feel it; do it.' Put your manifestation where your mind is.

The midheaven has to do with career, ambitions, aspiration, and life goal. Having the moon and sun there brings this feeling of wanting to communicate and bursting out at the seams to share your work. A drive to get ahead and attain your ambitions. And ego expression, as in, being firm in your personality and the 'doer' side of you.There is positive energy and drive that you can put into work if you focus it, and choose to do so. The motivation is available to tap into. Once again, reviewing past intentions can power a ripple effect for the future as you move forward with even stronger reenforced intentions. Like being able to review your crop and only selecting the most juicy, yummy strawberries to move forward with.

Like any planetary transitions, this new moon will be the most significant for those who have major aspects to 22 degrees Gemini in their natal birth chart. However, what has been shared is still a piece of the overall energy of the planet's atmosphere. We can tap into it, or it will play out and be expressed in our personal life unknowingly. 

I am happy to answer questions. I love reading birth charts and can give a reading from anywhere in the world to you or someone you know! Contact me via the LBL Contact Page with questions or to setup your reading!

Happy Living,

AJ Caprikorn


Other Helpful Resources:

Rick Levine's June 2018 youtube video: https://youtu.be/42fDybHIFjo

A wonderful and favorite book for reference: "Planets in Transit" by Robert Hand

Full Moon May 29, 2018

By AJ Caprikorn

Image from:  1463932897829

Image from: 1463932897829

Beginning with the past, because, whoa it has been a doozey. Sustaining our life, and trying new things.

Using some of the ideas the Leo King shared from his May 15-21 2018 YouTube video, for what has been going on we see more with Uranus in Taurus. Taurus is stubborn and it sticks to its values, Uranus likes the new and spontaneous. Confront your ego and inflexibility with what you value in your life, as sometimes what you're attached to is making your life harder and things can be better and easier for you with exploring a different way. There is a slow growth to learning the value of new circumstances and things in our life. Try new things and give it a chance knowing you can always revert if you so choose.

The circumstance of self scrutiny, and personal values has been in the air. 

And the energy has been pushing for trying new ways of doing things, even if we think we know the best way for ourselves.  What do you have to lose? Maybe you learn you prefer your way, maybe you find something better for you, and maybe you discover things you didn't expect or know before. Enjoying the process of shift in keeping your personal understanding of your individual niche of personal support.

Ascending to bettering our circumstance, thus rippling new patterns of opening to a higher quality of life.

Moving forward to where we are now. The full moon peak is a little after 7 am, in Colorado on Tuesday May 29th, 2018. The moon will therefore look its fullest the night of Monday the 28th.

The Sun is in Gemini and the Moon is in Sagittarius. Its a time to shed, the fulfillment of the last moon cycle and shed for the next internal planting time of the new moon.

Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs. Moving the energy out, finishing and changing, switching and mutating.  Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, it has to do with finding the larger meaning, greater truth and it shoots over the horizon to greater perspective. Gemini is a mutable air sign, it is more interested in the details of informational truth, collecting data and interested in any and all information. Gemini is the iconic gossip sign.

This Full moon stimulates our information seeking centers. Hopefully we've been growing with mutable energy now that there's softness to the fixed 'permeant' energy there was. Looking at the chart of this moon there is soooo much energy bouncing around in the air. And the planets in the more stable earthly signs are making 'annoying aspects' or hard aspects (squares, oppositions, semi-squares and quincunx) to the other plants. I would interpret this time to feel like great change and turnover is rattling the cage, best one can do is flow with it, resisting is going to be very effortful, things will soften and be able to be more concrete feeling later.

For now, life is flipping over and our interactions with others are shifting, as well as our internal work with ourselves. Go with it, intention setting with this full moon will be charged towards with information gathering, and seeking the philosophical perspectives that you enjoy, ones that challenge you and some new ones. With the moon and Mercury opposing one another it is very likely to have mind/heart conflicts, so use the chaos to open yourself up and discover more of your personal potential. There may also be circumstances that demand us to be certain and forward while we don't feel certain. Go for it. Making a list of boundaries (what you are open to experience and what you are not), is powerful at this time. Know that reality will likely challenge what you are not open to, demanding you reenforce what you need and weaving a creative journey.

-AJ Caprikorn


More Resources:

Leo king video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XGBVN6baYPA

New Moon in Taurus May 2018

Potent beginnings in reality.

In the sky, when the sun and the moon conjunct there is a new moon. This occurs at about 5am mountain time on May 15th, 2018, the sun and moon will be at 24 degrees in Taurus. Like most new moons, it is a time when the luminary mother and father of the sky are joined together for creation, but there are some planetary aspects in particular that give this 'seed sowing' a whole lot of bang and emphasis. Specifically, I will mention Uranus, Mars, Mercury and Venus. Uranus is about to end its cycle in Aires and begin its (approximately) 7year cycle in Taurus. It makes this switch right next to the new moon's peak. Any intention setting with the taurus energy is not only holding power through the next lunar cycle, but also for the next 7 years of Uranus's journey through Taurus.

This big beginning of Uranus's transition makes it an important and valuable time for a ceremonial intention setting. To quote Rick Levine from his May 2018 forecast, quoting Carolyn Casey, "the gods don't speak english" but they recognize ceremony. With that said, while it is very beneficial to mentally note or speak out loud what your intentions are, it is even more powerful to perform a ritual to harnesses this planetary energy in your intentions and trajectory in your life. Ritual could include writing down your intentions, placing them somewhere scared or burying them to be 'grown'. It could also be attending a moon ceremony or sweat lodge. If you are in or near the Boulder area you can attend Lisa Schiavone's archetypical moon journey (you can find her on Facebook or message me for details). You can experience it in a group, or make it more solo and personal and do meditative walk. There are many variations to express and honor your intentions ritualistically. I recommend including journaling of some sort as this outward expression or intent can create more integrity and follow through form yourself.

Back tracking a little to address Taurus and the essence it carries. Taurus rules our physical resource: i.e. our home, food and income. Taurus makes things last, it preserves. It is the most stable of the 3 earth signs. Taurus is fixed earth and associated with the planet Venus. It values beauty and comforts, with an emphasis on the sensuality of what feels, smells, sounds and tastes good. It is the stability side of relationships. It works and grows projects, and builds trust and integrity. Taurus is how we value our self and have self esteem. Intention setting should center on these aspects in your life. 

Now here's more on how the planets moving around the new moon support/ are affecting all of this. Uranus is like lightening striking unexpectedly and releasing tension, moving into Taurus it will release energy in unexpected ways sometimes towards direction we desire in the short term and sometimes not.  Being open to theses sudden burst of awakening and knowledge can be beneficial in our long term journey. Mercury, the planet of thought, communication and exchange is passing through Taurus, provoking some deeper and slower thought, and this is strengthened by Venus in Gemini (venus the planet associated with Taurus is hanging out in one of the castles of Mercury (Mercury is associated with Gemini), and Mercury is hanging out in one of the castles of Venus (Mercury is in Taurus). There is this Mercury/ Venus switch of rulership occurring. I would interpret this as our feelings (Venus) and our thoughts (Mercury) working together during this new moon giving us personal 'oomph' for our intention setting.

Lastly Mars, the 'do it' planet is at the last degree in Capricorn and about to jump into Aquarius. Mars has been happy in Capricorn, as the Capricorn nature gives Mars the drive to finish what it begins. Mars moving into Aquarius is very significant at this time, because that is the kingdom of Uranus, so the planet of Mars 'go forth and do it now or die' is powering this Uranus transit. I think it very likely that our actions can help drive the start of Uranus's long journey thorough Taurus, and our own intentions channeling the potentials in our life affecting our home, financial situation and self esteem.

You may think of this as an opportunity, and as an analogy, say uranus is like a bomb going to explode at an unknown time, you could just let it be and explode in your house where it is, or you could stick that bomb next to a wall you've been ready to remove and utilize the release in a helpful way! The vibe is in your favor, might as well ask for what you want. Be open for what you can do to get it there, and know resistance is futile for the energy will be released although a bit more restricted and requiring more maturation before coming forth (because of Taurus grounded earthly and diligent nature), none-the-less, it will find a way.

So what do you want resources to look like in your life? Are you happy with things? What are you growing and bringing into maturation? What more do you need to bring this forth? Are you open to the unexpected, (maybe sudden unexpected) changes that may bring you closer to your goals or what your goals should be? Do you value yourself? What can you bring into your life, and hold space for to feel great self esteem? What can you do to support your self and your self esteem?


Much love,

AJ Caprikorn


Resources that have helped me create this:

Thank you to Rick Levine for the monthly forecasts he posts on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAreVAmG7wI

Thank you Lisa Schiavone, such and wonderful source of information and talented astrologer!: https://www.facebook.com/lisaschiavone1

And thank you Astrodeist for existing as a free resource for creating charts and more: https://www.astro.com/