Full Moon in Aires

The Self and the Other


The Full Moon reaches its peak at 3:07pm (GMT) on Sunday, October 13th 2019, when the Moon in Aires moves to 20 degrees exactly opposite the Sun at 20 degrees Libra. Whenever we experience a Full Moon, it has a balancing-effect as opposite archetypal energies balance one another. It is a time when you can reflect, get rid of, and add things to your doings, after living out and learning from your intentions from the fresh energetic beginnings of the previous New Moon. So here we are again, reflecting on what was and what is to become as some things have now come to frutirition. We are experiencing some big reveals in the realms of relationships to other and our needs. The warrior energy of Aires won't back down, while Peacemaker Libra may sometimes compensate too much.
Who are the other contenders? Well, at least on the surface there may be some more unintended snappiness with interactions as Mars is uncomfortable in Libra and the heat is getting brought out with the moon moving through Aires. (Not everyone is so affected by that but it might be more frequent than usually). With Mercury and Venus in Scorpio we have deeper needs. Needs that can come out as insecurities, if we don't take the time to go deeper. We must go within ourselves and face the grit of our needs. This is all a nice preparation of the Sun preparing to moving into Scorpio in little over a week. Scorpio is the time when the Magic goes deep within, hidden and disguised from the surface. And thus comes power. It is very important not to bleed energy, check in with keeping the right amount of energy in the reserves. It is possible to give to yourself and others. It is possible to have respect for yourself and others.

Also, Mercury in Scorpio is making a grand trine with the North Node in Cancer and Neptune in Pisces. This is an efficient emotive 'get lost' in the comfort of home energy cycle. There's an undeniable need for time in your homey comfortable space, whether that is at a physical home or somewhere else that gives a sense of home and retreat for you (or the need to find/create such space physically or internally). This is also a very powerful time to meditate, whether it is at home or facilitated by somebody. You are being called to go down deep for the answers you seek and the messages that are waiting to reach you.

You may be running into bumps and neediness for reassurance from the outside and feeling unable to get it. It is important to go inward. If your first instinct is to reach out when feeling lonely, questioning yourself or in some other type of need--wait, and go inside first. What do I mean? if you're feeling hurt and lost and want someone to comfort you, look to yourself and ask yourself for comfort and approval(like literally having a conversation with yourself and literally hugging yourself, or journaling could also be another method to do this). Self assurance is an opportunity to grow that inner strength and have a moment to really hear your needs from yourself. Then, of course you can proceed to reach out as you wanted to before, after doing the self-love internal exercise which will enable you to feel more whole (maybe only a little, maybe a lot a bit). Other ideas to do this could be to take a bath, meditate, take 10mins just to sit and listen to your feelings and thoughts (with as little judgment as possible). Experiment and find a method to take a moment with you. Also, acknowledge and cheer yourself on like a loving parent would do for a young child learning something new. Have your own back. Need I go on?

If you have more questions, or would like a reading, I'm here for you!
May you find the power of self love,

~AJ Caprikorn

Photo by Caleb Jon Photography instagram: @calebjonphoto

New Moon in Libra

Bringing in the balance


The New Moon in Libra brings it all to balance. The Moon and Sun meet in the sky at exactly 5 degrees and 20 minutes in Libra, on Saturday, September 28th 2019, at 12:27pm Mountain Standard Time.
We have just experienced the equinox this past Monday, when the Sun transitioned into Libra. The equinox is the mid-way point between the solstices, the balance of light and dark, and the transition of the seasons. Libra is all about balance, the mediator, a cardinal air sign ruled by Venus. Air is a mental element, cardinality brings in the beginnings and fresh-starts. Venus, when a Queen in the Libra castle, cares about peace and beauty, that the ascetics are pleasing, and that there is harmony inside with outward balance and fairness between all in the space. It just so happens that during the New Moon, Venus is in Libra with Mercury but neither are making a conjunction to the Sun and Moon.
Mercury with Venus in Libra are charging up what you like and and how you are thinking about what your soul and heart are creating. It is supported by big ideas from philosophical Jupiter in Sagittarius and challenged by the healing and personal wounds of Chiron in Aires. And, of course, we are still experiencing the growth potential by facing rules and reality(coming from Saturn in Capricorn), which is enabling long term transformation(coming from Pluto in Capricorn). There is the experience of seeing and knowing what you want or is to come, but a glass wall or something that its quite allowing it to be now. Keep in mind its all working in good time, let the needs of the present guide you, as you choose to place your actions on the most valuable things you want to thrive in your life. "Where thoughts go, energy flows"!

Backtracking, the last Full Moon in Virgo had us detailing our plan of action. Some of the virgoan energy is still carrying us forward as Mars is in Virgo. This is giving a drive forward with our past intentions, caring about those details as we move with the fresh breath of Libra. However, we are pulled to pay attention to how our choices are affecting the relationship to ourselves and others. Promoting us to check-in with our integration into social flow, and having us come to terms with any overwhelm--you may be facing something you can't take on right now. Be that the case, that thing will need to be dropped for the moment, and amendments made to agreements for the better harmony of the whole. All in good time.
As you set your intentions with the new beginnings of the lunar and seasonal cycle, focus on what brings balance to your life and your work. Bring in the intent to honor yourself, your surroundings, and your relationship to others. it is ok to ask what you need from others and what you need from yourself. This is a time of integration as anything that was inward is coming outward and vice versa, things experienced on the outside are internalizing. May you be at peace as you come to terms with what is best for your personal internal and outward harmony.

AJ Caprikorn

Photo by G. Mark Art

Full Harvest Moon in Pisces

Bring it on! As soon as you realize it is possible, possibilities come!

The Sun in Virgo will reach 21 degrees as the Moon will be in exact opposition in Pisces at 11:30pm (MDT), in the last night hours of Friday September 13th.


The energies are tipping heavy on the mutable side with the entourage of planets in Virgo with the Sun. Neptune and the Moon are both in Pisces and Jupiter is still in Sagittarius. Mutable signs bring about an end, they transition energy from one season to the next. The Full Moon energy is backing us with powerful change. The universe is in full support of letting go, things have come to full maturation. Now is the time to let those endings be filled, as we near the equinox. The extra time with the Sun is winding down in the Northern hemisphere as we pass the longer sunny days to the South. It is a good thing, we need this. It is a natural and beautiful balance to all the activity of summer. The ‘get it done’ energy is not over, but rather slowing down and adding more precision. The nature of Virgo is guiding us to be exact and particular into what we feed our creation. Along with the letting go, is this big new thing in your life that is inspiring your attention. And finally having the opportunity to give it focused growth.

The Moon in Pisces, is the gentle and whimsical reminder to chill and unplug. The Virgo entourage (of Mars, Sun, Venus and Mercury) has us clearing the space and making the success list for this new thing in our life. But, the Moon in Pisces reminds us we can burn out our flame—and will get sick if we do. You must take breaks to get lost in something, and it feeds your creative energy anyway. Talking with friends and strangers can stimulate new ideas as well as sinking into some literature or even a movie with the right mindset to trigger inspiration for you. So what do you do? Yes drive, push and organize as you squeeze the last bit out of summer, and be wise to connection with your feelings and intuition for recharge and moments of escape. Goal setting is a useful thing at this time and very Virgo-pleasing, you could also set a goal to honor the Pisces and Virgo nature, such as “for the next 30days I plan to take 2 hours a week to pamper myself and I will take 5minutes of everyday to step outside to breath slow and deep as I experience my surroundings, and for 20mins everyday I will work on “(fill in the blank)” to achieve this new project in my life. 

With that example you can make it your own as you set your Full Moon Intentions. Allow this new shift in your life for your success, you are completely capable. I’m here for you, if you have questions or would like to set up a personal birth chart reading.

~AJ Caprikorn 

Photo by Gmark Art

New Moon in Virgo August 2019

Time to make it real. 


The Sun and Moon are conjunct at about 7 degrees in Virgo sometime before 5am (colorado mountain time) on August 30th 2019. Surrounding the New Moon in Virgo, are the personal planets. Mercury on one side, then Mars and Venus on the other. This New Moon carries the ‘detailing’ virgoan energy. It is beckoning us to narrow down our intentions into an organized and achievable goal.

Virgo, is a mutable earth sign, it is the most changeable earth with Mercury as the ruler. Virgo is a sign of service. it cares about health and well being, and it is constantly working to achieve the next level of perfection (whatever the focus for perfecting is). It is the maiden sorting the grain, deciding what should be kept and what should not. It brings focus to what is important, and eliminates the unnecessary in order to achieve a more perfect result.  With Mars (our will to do), Venus (what we like) and Mercury (how we think and communicate) all on board with the Virgo nature we are called to make our goals realistic and improved. To sort out the achievable, trim off any excess and bring focus for manifestation. 

With the personal planets surrounding the New Moon, we have more clarity and opportunity to bring our goals into our lives. But that’s not all, there is a grand trine binding the transformative potential for the manifesting in your life. Saturn and Pluto are stretching out from the middle and late degrees of Capricorn to give a tickle of support for transformation and rule-bound decisions. Their touch is light and most strongly tugging on Venus. You might be shifting what you want and putting limitations on what you think you can have. On the other hand you may be utilizing the hoops to jump though, in order to ‘grind’ and get what you want. I can’t help to think with Pluto there, it brings a layer of personal transformation. I'm not sure in what direction, it may be what you’re achieving has transformed you. Or, as you are changing, so is what you come to terms with as your true desires—your really, down-to-the-bone, must-haves in reality, not just the idealization of dreams. 

The 3rd corner of the Trine, and sitting strong is Uranus in the early degrees of Taurus. Giving some pizzaz and stability as it provokes inspiration in how your potential achievements can affect the community. Uranus the rebellious, electric, eccentric mad scientist is provoking your goal to have larger purpose in the outer world, and may be inspiring some unexpected turns and awakenings as you work with the scrutiny of the Virgo nature.

While this Virgo New Moon can be used for goal refining, it is also possible the ‘urge to purge’ is popping up in your day to day life. Wanting to finally clean up your diet, change up your personal routines or an almost ‘spring cleaning’ type of vibe. I hope you can direct these energies effectively in your life, and may you have a great time polishing your potential!

Happy Star Living,

AJ Caprikorn

Photo by GMarkArt

Full Moon in Leo - August 2019

The courage to love yourself

Image by gMark Art

Image by gMark Art

The Sun is in Leo at 22 degrees exactly opposite the Moon at 22 degrees in Aquarius by 6:30am (colorado mountain time) on Thursday, Aug 15th, 2019.

Next to the Sun is Venus and Mars, with Mercury not to far away at the beginning of Leo. There is fresh energy from Mercury as it is free from its shadow period, and has just recently moved into Leo.

Leo is courage, love, and creativity. With Venus there, we are drawn to our personal Leo fire, how we like our selves, and self love. Having Mars in the mix is giving a drive to pursue what we want to create and be. There is both that male warrior power and the female intuition to listen and connect. All shining with the Leo Sun. What do we really love and are creating to ripple onward and be passed on when our light goes out? The Aquarius Moon brings balance with its opposition (as all full moons do) and is asking us to think about how we will integrate what we offer into our community. This moon provokes a check-in and observation to notice how our choices are affecting our surroundings. So that we can truly be at ease with our bubbling new discoveries about ourselves.

Aquarius is air, easily mistaken for water, as it is the 'water bearer'. However, it is an intellectual air sign (not a water sign). It has an understanding of all the zodiac signs, it is unusual, rebellious and futuristic. The Moon here requires our attention to our surrounds, so we can bring the most personal satisfaction, when the time is right to share our developments. Also, Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) is in Taurus making a square to Mercury. We are being asked to think in new ways, to remember the greater collective with which we harmonize, and invoke creative new and even bizarre thoughts to broaden our potential.

I love Molly Accord's interpretation of the previous quincunx between the Sun and Neptune that happened around Aug 10th, where we were feeling motivated and changed--totally ready for something, but our outside circumstances did not make it possible to enact this drive. We now have this Leo Full moon where we are asked to shine in ourselves. How can we have the courage to continue to shine. And let it happen. Let our dreams happen. This things sometimes happen all of a sudden, and sometimes take more time before it's right. Come back to letting your heart shine light on your path. Be open to collaboration with others, and involving yourself and what you produce to be shared with your community.

For now, let go of the details of exactly 'how' (earth sign energies will bring that in later), and take note of the motivation for what. Take note of the inspiration you have now, things may 'get in the way' later, so make some relic, vision board, diary or something else to record this bold inspiration. That way, you can look upon it again and be reminded of this spark! This Full moon is an opportunity to change our way of thinking, to build the courage to move forward, shining in our motivation for this new direction in our lives, with the importance of reflection to enable it to stick.

Happy star living!

~AJ Caprikorn

Molly Accord's full moon August: https://youtu.be/-JuP0JYQzYc

Black New Moon in Leo - July 31st

Not quite a fresh start, but fresh courage.

A new moon we can see at its peak. The Sun and Moon will conjunct at 8 degrees Leo at 9:11pm Colorado Mountain time. The Sun has Mars just 10 degrees away and the moon has Venus hugging close about 3 degrees away, all in Leo. Not so far away in Cancer is Mercury, still in its shadow from being in retrograde, but it will be picking up speed to move forward towards Leo.

Leo New Moon Astrology

The previous Full Moon was a lunar eclipse, and there are some things to note about eclipses in general. The time leading to an eclipse and especially the time after, are big deals. The moment itself is not always a gigantic thing. It is like stacking up dominos, and then the exact moment the first one is knocked over is not as intense as them falling one by one and their impact as a whole. Eclipses also flavor and energize a whole 9-year era while the nodes make their journey through an opposing pair of signs. So while the button had been pushed, it is not the last time and there is a theme we are working with under this balance of recovery time and responsibilities. What aligns with our heart and how to face the boundaries of life to enact it.

Moving on, the mercury retrograde cloud lifts! Mercury is still retracing its steps, it is in what we astrologers call its shadow. But it will be moving forward and there will be more ease in the flow of life. However, I must say there is real magic to Mercury Retrograde--yes--it can be frustrating to be misunderstood, for things to break down, or have long detours that make you late. But, the peace that comes from accepting these things(as opposed to resisting) is magical, and I enjoy the 'getting things done you had meant to" I like the reconnection of something missed from before. These are all classic happenings of retrograde. As well as internal reflection which is super beneficial. Anyways the peak of that time may be passing, but it will come again.

Leo Astrology - Lyra Elbow Hang

So what next? This Leo Moon is radiant and loving, filling our hearts with that extra confidence. Then there's that will to shine with Mars conjunct the Sun, powering up that warrior energy, and ready to perform. After that retrograde time in Cancer, something has come around that we are ready to put out in the world. The feminine Venus emphasizes the warm emotional moon in Leo, giving an edge of entitlement to our feelings. Which probably feels justified after the transformation and challenges from the previous oppositions with Saturn and Pluto over in Capricorn. (don't forget to allow others to be deserving of their feelings as well, two completely opposite things can exist in the same space and respect one another) Mercury is still getting some crap from Pluto and Saturn. So, our thoughts or the information we're coming across may still be instigating second thoughts, but our heart feels strongly in the right place and we're ready to go for it, and take on the challenge!

Also, a little bit of a warning: if you're inspired to learn more, travel, expand your mind, experiences and understanding--ride that wave! Jupiter is nearing the end of its time in Sagittarius. So, that inspiration is not going to wait for you, seize it! Why? --Because as Jupiter moves into Capricorn, we'll be shutting the doors and needing to work on something to show for all that exposure of what we received, and the new us with all our learnings. My point, we're still in the fun research phase, use it, as we'll be required to work on our report later.

The times have been frustrating, with miscommunication and unsure feelings, it is not over completely, but more confidence is striking the air to move forward. The Leo Sun is warming our hearts, as we feel the peak of summer with this fixed fire sign. There is still inspiration on expanding oneself as we enjoy Jupiter’s last few months in Sagittarius.

May you always trust everything is working in perfect timing,

AJ Caprikorn

***Photographs by GmarkArt

Full Moon in Capricorn - July 2019

Epic letting go...

Another eclipse, Lunar this time.The Sun is at 24 degrees Cancer and the Moon is at 24 degrees Capricorn. They are in exact opposition at about 3:30pm, Colorado Mountain time, On Tuesday, July 16th.
The First thing's first, the Sun and Moon each have their own entourage as they stand in opposition. On one side, the Sun is surrounded by Venus and North Node in Cancer, and Mercury at 1 degree Leo, (in retrograde headed back to Cancer) and Mars at 9 degrees Leo. These five planets (including the sun as a 'planet' in astrology terms) are opposing Pluto, Saturn, the South Node, and The Moon, who are all in a tight-nit group in Capricorn. The oppositions make lines strung like a corset, these tensions are instigating change, and an epic letting go. That thing, you're finally sick of it--it's enough already--you're ready to make a change and let it go. On the other hand you may not be fully conscious of what needs change but you can feel it in the air. Or, you might experience it as a questioning or a longing for something different in your life. (The shift will be there, and continue into 2020)

Photo by GMarkArt

Photo by GMarkArt

Cancer is where our heart and home is, Capricorn is our obligations, work, responsibilities and how we show up in the world. It is a duel, and back and forth between the mind and the heart. This conflict can be a kind awakening and confirmation of where you've been headed/wanting to go. It's that thought at the back of your mind, that you want something different. As well as, confirmation or a searching of what feels like home. If you haven't belonged in the life situation you created, the 'dis-ease' will be strong, empowering change. If you do feel you belong in what you created in your life, then the empowerment will come though small conflicts of head and heart, work and rest, all for appropriate growth. And dang, if you haven't made time for that vacation or stay-cation you never have time for, start putting some energy into that existing for you that or somehow taking a moment for perspective. Gaining perspective of your life by stepping out of your personal hamster wheel is powerful! It can be so easy to maintain a habit that is not for you and nearly not realize it because 'it works'. What really matters to you? If you only focus on one thing with your intensions for this Moon, meditate on what really matters to you.

Uranus is Stirring up trouble--as it does--in the chart of the Full moon it is making a Square to Mars. For any of you who have planets close to 7degrees in Taurus, Leo, Aquarius or Scorpio (all the fixed signs), you're feeling the lightning strike far more. For the rest of the world, outward actions may be fostering unexpected results or random things getting in the way. You try to do something and the effect is so different then you would have expected. The good side? Uranus is the Awakener, so while it may not make sense while it is happening, it will flow into the big picture better than you thought. And, it's important to shake up the predicable every now and then anyway!

In sum, reface, change and you can't go back. What is your exit plan? you don't have to have one yet, but thinking about it is a necessary step in creation. Cancer is about retreat and recover. For the whole and the rest of the Sun's time in Cancer, nurture your being and make sure you're taking appropriate recovery time. Build some little recovery habits to take with you, as we exit the Sun's reign in Cancer. How can you continue to take care of yourself? With this heart to head conflict between Capricorn and Cancer, and Mercury retrograde, you're bound to be rethinking things over. Making sure you've made the right choice, and questioning it again. You may be questioning yourself in this moment--but it is ok--come time of the next New Moon you'll be moving forward with more confidence, as Mercury will no longer be in retrograde, and the Sun and Moon will be in Leo.

Even if a few weeks feel like forever, it is a short period of time. So enjoy your drama wisely, and make ripples into how you define yourself each moment of 'NOW' that you get a chance to be YOU.

Happy Star Living,

~AJ Caprikorn

New Moon Solar Eclipse!

The line of visibility falls on South America and The Pacific Ocean. Not much eclipse to see here in Colorado, even though the peak of the New Moon is during the day (at about 1pm). We may not be able to see it, but we will feel it. The Sun and Moon conjunct at 11 degrees of Cancer, just 6 degrees away from the North Node also in Cancer, on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign, initiating a new season (Summer for those in the northern hemisphere). Cancer is a very personal sign, it deals with feelings that are private and personal. It rules home, the place where you can have privacy from the world, your physical hide-away shell. Cancer is also a very instinctual sign--much like the crab that symbolizes it. The way a crab senses the tides and hides in its shell, as to not get swept away, is similar to that of someone with strong Cancer in their chart being driven and in touch with their instincts.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Astrology

The other culprits: Sun and Moon opposition to Saturn, Mars moving into Leo, and Mercury. The pressure can get more intense as aspects become more exact, however the opposition to Saturn is in orb, so you might be feeling hints of it now. This opposition can have us feeling isolated, like there is uncrossable boundaries separating us from others or what allows us to shine. Feelings of inadequacy, possibly dealing with rules and regulations, getting us down. We must meet in the middle, we may not have full connection or complete perfection, and as we learn about the regulations that feel like a block, we can find a way to continue in harmony for achievement.

A Little note about Mercury, who is slowing down to go retrograde beginning the 7th of July, and will be that way for most of the month. Mercury has made its way into the fiery realm of Leo and will be back tracking though Cancer once more. With any intentions initiated this New Moon, we will get to think them over this month or rather 'feel' them over again. And finally Mars, our will to do, is experiencing some relief as he cruises into Leo, reigniting Mars' fire after his watery journey through Cancer. Though, this doesn't stop the emotions from flying, if anything it steps away from passive aggressive to passionately expressive. If you're able, set yourself up for situations where you feel you can express yourself, maybe that is venting to your journal or people who are appropriate receivers for you. Expressing yourself and your feelings is more healthy then bottling it up. And heck, if it doesn't happen that way ('appropriate perfect timing'), let it go, because it is going to work out anyway! Oh also, if you catch yourself sounding like a broken record--as in saying the same complaint over and over again--that's a flag that you should reflect on, most liking requiring you to change a perspective within yourself.

Finally, intentions. All New Moons are an energetic calling of planting seeds to grow in the next moon cycle. With a new moon eclipse, those intentions can be for the next 9 or 18 years (it takes about 18 years for the nodes to make it all the way back to their position and 9 to make it halfway). The Changes and growth you're working with now will ripple through the next decade, probably in ways you can't figure out until after its happened (so don't worry about that, its just nice note).

So, what do you want to grow an create over the next lunar cycle? What needs nurture in your life? It is likely your retreat place--your home (literal or figurative)--where you can unwind, may be going though changes as your support is being restructured. This Cancerian time calls us also to address our heart center, feeling of fulfillment and divine purpose. What fills your heart in life? One or all of these may be shifting and calling your attention through this time. If you are aware of your personal Moon sign (what sign the Moon was in when you were born (if you don't know and want to, you can always schedule a chart reading!)) now is a great time to honor it, it is the way we feel and digest life, it will be calling to you. Center in on your heart, self nurture and rhythm.

Happy emotional tides,

~AJ Caprikorn

Photo by GMarkArt

Full Moon in Sagittarius - June 2019

Full Moon Astrology

Let's be real, it's been tuff for many of us the last few weeks. Moments of reflection on that can bring powerful opportunity as we realize the things needing changing in ourself, and let it go with the timing of this Full Moon. Thankfully, this Sagittarius Moon brings a moment of perspective and and light heartedness. Seeing beyond the horizon, happy go lucky Sagittarius. A moment of relief amongst the heavy emotions and changes with the fullness of the Moon and the rest of the stars. The Sun and Moon will exactly oppose one another at 28 degree (the Sun will still be in Gemini), on Monday, June 17th at about 7:30am Colorado mountain time. Here we have opposite signs Sagittarius and Gemini. Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon. Gemini seeks information, details, daily doings and the truth of the moment. Sagittarius is also a truth seeker, but more in the expansion of philosophical wholesome truth and the meaning of it all. It seeks education in subjects of interest and expands in all directions to grow the expertise on such chosen subjects.

What's been the big deal? Well, the most domineering trait of this chart is the opposition between Mercury and Mars in Cancer to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. These energies are where the eclipses will be expressed. They are the energies we are already feeling pressure from, and will so even more through 2020 (Mercury and Mars will keep moving around the zodiac wheel, but the north node in cancer will remain, and the saturn pluto presence in Capricorn will also). A balance between work and play and a lot of pressure with self scrutiny, emotions and wanting changes in oneself. With the answer coming from the figuring out of daily tasks and what is important to us. Open up and notice what sparks passion to live and to keep living. Allow the longterm goals be the dragon tail that follows the head, and this case the head is those daily doings and passion expanding or exploring. We must lead with the Cancerian side, making sure we are nurtured and have that passion for living. Then the Capricornian energy will follow, our presentation to the world, the respect we earn--it all will come into existence.

Full Moon Astrology Fort Collins

There's a bit of a choke hold on what you're doing with career and emotions from this Mars and Mercury in Cancer and the aspects they are making. as is typical with cancer, take time with what it is you're feeling, if not recognized Mars can come out very passive aggression around this time. Mars in Cancer can feel like a bit of a drag compared to other times, though it is still possible to deal and this position can bring personal insight. With the lighthearted sprinkle from this Moon along with the other aspects, ask yourself, how can I expand? How have I already expanded? What contracts and rules must I face to get what I want? What hoops are there, can I get my stuff together to jump though? Is there another way around? Can I make peace with myself as I pursue my goals? These are all questions to explore as your Full Moon intentions are being fulfilled, and as these answers come, take note of what can you let go of.  What is holding you back from these things? Ride the wave of Moon,as this energy is ready to help you to let go. If you are frustrated by things you didn't do or do well enough, how can you make a different decision now? Let go of any attachment of feeling bad and stand up for your dreams, to yourself. And again, what brings that daily passion and meaning to your life? Let that flourish. Maybe it is family, art, movies, books, animals, seeing someone smile, non-profit, a movement practice, community events, gourmet food, or something else. And nourish it, take time to retreat in it, learn more about it. Feed the reasons that bring passion and meaning into your life.

This moon gives a break, and an ease, with the ability to see the bigger picture. Stepping back to see where you are going in your life and beyond. Even to the larger picture beyond your individual self. Hopefully serving as positive motivation for the letting go (of physical things, relationships, jobs, ways of thinking and anything that feels like its weighing down your ability to 'daily life flow') that way space can be made for those better things to arrive and integrate.

You can do it,

AJ Caprikorn

Photo credits: GMarkArt

New Moon in Gemini

How can one get through the chaos? -With the heart and the breath-

In the wee hours of the Colorado Monday morning--around 4am--on the 3rd of June, the Sun and Moon make a conjunction in Gemini at 12 degrees. Mercury is just 15 degrees away speeding forward and busying our day, duties, transactions and thoughts. The warrior-'do it'-planet, Mars, is watered down in the emotions of Cancer, nearing a conjunction with the North Node. Venus is pleasantly positioned in one of its homes,Taurus. Pluto and Saturn are in no hurry and moving in retrograde only 3 degrees apart from one another in Capricorn. Jupiter too, is in retrograde, allow us more time in its mind- and truth- expanding home of Sagittarius, gathering more information before its change into Capricorn closer to November.

Photographer: GmartArt

Photographer: GmartArt

Yes, we are reforming. Pluto wouldn't have it any other way. With Saturn nearby the focus centers on breaking down and rebuild structures in our lives. It is not a quick process, no deep and permanent transformation is. While in process, our emotions are asking for strong recognition at the forefront, or, our emotions are squeezing through to have their needs acknowledge if we dare back burner them in denial. It’s important to feel good about what you are doing, and also completely ok to feel like a total mess or lost. Zoning in our your feelings (whatever they are) and allowing them to existence helps smooth the turbulence of change.

Jupiter in Sagittarius, we're inspired to take in inspirational information! This expands our philosophical horizons. Likely with this retrograde, we are reviewing resources we sought before, realizing and refreshing their vital influence. Take the time to take it in, if you haven't been, then this can be a good outlet for emotional balance. Inspiration from travel, books, podcasts, videos and more, whatever moves you about your topics of interest. This has been important the whole 12 month cycle of Jupiter in Sagittarius. Come the end of the year, we'll be buckling down and refining, planning how and putting forth all we've gathered as Jupiter journeys through Capricorn. Maybe you've already felt the pressure for some preparation as change comes faster than we expect. Oh, and that venus in Taurus, we are still granted escapes though food, fabrics, baths and other pleasures of sight, sound, flavor and touch. What a complimentary experience for the honor of emotions of Mars in Cancer. Our feelings are driving, maybe taking sharp turns, but less resting allows for an adventure, releasing the previous mental attachments and riding the emotional wave. And where does it all lead?....Neptune.

Wow, last but not least, Neptune. All the planets are pointing to and aspecting Neptune. Neptune is sitting whimsically at 18 degrees Pieces (its home sign), while making a sextile to Venus, Pluto, and Saturn. It is making a Trine to Mars and the North Node. And, it is making squares to the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter. What in the world do you do with that? I'll tell you what, it is a chance to rewrite your reality. Neptune sits on the throne of dreams, illusions and dissolution. Perception is reality, writing on the doors, the secret behind your mind and eyes. Yes, the sky is blue, or is it? Did you notice the sparkle of the sun or the vibrant colors bouncing around you under clouds of grey, the magical melancholy and overwhelm of the to-do? What is your story? What are the words you're interpreting from the movie of the world playing around you? Your personal narration shapes your entire experience, you are making it. Maybe you use rules and patterns to justify your choice of narration. Those can all change in any moment. If this is unfamiliar, play with it, make things up until something fits, even if it is silly and outlandish. Let’s try some examples:

"Ariel walked jubilantly from her car to her destination, the puddle she passes splashed around her shoe having no effect on her day, aside from a chuckle and reminder of her present," or "She gloomy slouched and dragged her feet, buzzing with hurry without the will to speed up, the puddle topped off the gloom of the day, reminding her of the sludge she keeps carrying," or maybe "Ariel walked form the car to her destination with no adjectives involved, she was completely in the now, absorbing and passing thorough her surroundings, a puddle she passes over initiated a jump, with only a little splash of mud to remind her of her journey" 

Silly as it maybe, even the small details you're experiencing in your reality changes everything. And the little shifts, make big shifts! Also, it is ok if gloom or confusion strikes. Release any attachment to it-the gloom-realize its impermanence and enjoy the depression while it last. Yes, actually appreciate it, as it too like all things offer experience and learning. 

In sum, all the Gemini has us speeding around, catching up, or flying with the needs of the day, week and month. Feel your emotions. Create the space for a moment, even if its just 2 minutes, to feel-sad-mad-furious-devistated-depressed-happy-elated-excited-nervous-all of them? Layers covering something else, opening to messages and meaning--and hugging yourself (metaphorically, energetically and physically!) --no matter the reason and especially if there is no reason that comes to mind. You need zero explanation for validating your sense of being. Then moving onward, rewriting your narration of your life, each step of the way. Dreams lay the tracks for the reality train to follow. Living with determination and commitment to your heart's beliefs, knowing them or discovering them, deciding and asking for what you want. It is ok to change your mind, you get to keep living in your dream world.

Happy Star Living,

~AJ Capricorn

Full Moon in Scorpio - May 2019

Transformation for your inner peace.

Scorpio Full Moon

The Full moon is at peak on Saturday May 18th, 2019 at about 3pm. The Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio will exactly oppose one another around 27 degrees. Mercury is an important contender as it approaches a conjunction with the Sun and a trine with Pluto and Saturn (who are both in Capricorn). Taurus preserves and Scorpio transforms. Like any Full Moon, opposite signs are represented to make a whole. Scorpio is the hidden, the magic from within created by mystery and associated with powerful Pluto. Taurus shows all its beauty through the senses, pleasure of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Taurus is the blossoming flowers of spring and associated with pleasurable Venus. Both are fixed signs, Scorpio can be emotionally stubborn and Taurus can be literally stubborn, often around what  will or will not be done.

In this chart, much of the focus is around physical creation and establishment with all the earth in the chart. What we are putting in and making happen in our reality. Its a lot of drive of the grit and do, alongside some spiky emotions. Not all the emotions are spiking but old triggers and things you may thought were done with, are coming up as road blocks. Though as you’re able to choose to make peace with each one, you’re able to move forward again. Maybe it is having everything in place and hesitating to jump for it. Or going though old things sparking feelings of old love ones pasted, not realizing how much the nostalgia would affect you. Reminding us of the passion and importance of life. Every moment is important and to be less of a means to an end, and more of each moment is its fullest experience. I’m talking about the "meaningless stuff” like walking across the room, driving to a destination, waiting for food. And I don't mean filling each moment with entertainment, I mean dissecting the details of life around you, being present and realizing the constant immense beauty and harmony of all life.

Where is the transformation in your inner peace? In these emotion spikes and opportunities to be in the now. As past emotions re-earth, it is an opportunity for acknowledgment and peace. A reminder of all you've grown to be, appreciating the 'then' and allowing yourself to come back to the details of now. Now is where the peace is. If you're getting lost in the past feeling guilt, anger or shame about what happened, remind yourself that everyone (you and every person involved) were doing the best they could with the knowledge they had in the moment. Give it peace. If you are feeling anxious about the 'what ifs' of the future and the unsteady unpredictability, let it go. Let it go, let it flow--there is no need to put tension on the future, it only makes now uncomfortable. Trust yourself, know you will have the knowledge you need to move forward. Come back to the now.

Ok more specifics on the planets. Mercury is making its way to conjunct the Sun opposed the Moon. Mercury in Taurus invokes a more methodical way of thinking, taking our time to mull things over. Mercury moving into a trine with Saturn and Pluto brings easy thought flow to redress whether things are working to our long term benefit. The caveat of course, is to not get too caught up in the 'what ifs' of the future, explore the rules and regulations you may and facing, and leave the 'what ifs' to be revealed as you actually put it into action. This is letting the magic happen. Along with the natural pull of the Moon to our intuitive intelligence. The Moon is harmonizing with Neptune and the North Node. Our guts and intelligence beyond the brain's understanding as it is connected to the larger collective and flow of life enabling support of the best decisions to be made. Let your heart be your guide and believe in it.

How to set your intentions, what are the physical surroundings you wish to experience? Tell the story of your life as you would want it to be. Visualizing your exact experience of who you are, what you’re doing and how you love all of it. Then set the intention to aline with your gut so you may trust to be guided. That you align with this reality fully as though it is completely existing right now, you can invite your being to walk that path. May your gut lead with your mind on board. And allow the transformations, you are a new butterfly, while parts of you may remind you of that time you were a caterpillar, you are not longer are. Or maybe dreaming now, as the caterpillar imagining itself to be an amazing butterfly, as though it was now. Accepting it all and being present for the transformation.

All the Love,

~AJ Caprikorn

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A New Moon in Taurus - May 2019

New Moon Blog - May 2019

The Sun and Moon meet at 14 degrees, the near middle of Taurus, around 5pm on Saturday, May 4th. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, the most stable of all the earth signs. Represented by the bull, a gentle bull who prefers to smell the flowers. Taurus is a fertile feminine sign associated with the planet Venus. The beauty of Venus is experienced in the physical senses. In the northern hemisphere, it carries us though spring when the flowers are blossoming, new trees are growing their bark and reaching their roots deeper. The time when spring is the strongest. What do you wish to blossom and to grow deeper roots in your life?

What a wonderful start to things--or well--mostly. Saturn and Pluto nearly making their conjunction has stirred some boundary recreation, whether that is centered on personal, mental, or physical boundaries. Whichever category is hitting your life, is all a preview to what you'll be working with into 2020 (when the exact conjunction occurs on Jan 11th).

The last few weeks have simmered down, though are still probably feeling busy, busy, busy!  Mercury in Aires along with a trine to Jupiter is the energetic culprit. Some good news may have come your way or lots of news, and ideas in general. With Mercury's Square to Pluto and Capricorn all these happens have been demanding concrete schedules, commitments and deadlines. Mercury in Aires has a lot of gun-ho drive firing up our day to day tasks. The magnifying glass of Jupiter in Sagittarius can empower and center your focus for the day to day tasks that make important impact for longer term goals. This gives an opportunity to feed the small building blocks to a strong foundation for your future. What is that for you?

Taurus Astrology - GMARK

The Sun and Moon are (in Taurus) in a Trine with Saturn and Pluto (in Capricorn) This easy energy flow between the earth signs harbors manifestation on the physical plane, with the real potential for our intentions to come into being. Know there are more details to the journey, growth and break down, before the end goal. Also, that North Node in Cancer is best honored by remembering why you're doing what you are doing. To continue to feed your soul, or making shifts to enable that deep down purpose and support. It is ok to lose sight of it from time to time, but without it, we can drive ourselves into the ground. While we may need to work hard, remember why you are doing so and it will come with more joy and ease. This New Moon in Taurus is a harmonious time to clarify and imagine the real physical existence of your home, career and respect you wish to be in your surroundings. 

Happy continue-ings,

AJ Caprikorn

**Photography by GMark Art 2019

Libra Full Moon April 2019

Letting go a full cycle and reset.

Image by Caleb Jensen Photography

Image by Caleb Jensen Photography

There is something unusual about this Full Moon, It is a Libra Full Moon. The unusual part is last Full Moon was a Libra Full moon, making 2 Libra full moons in a row. The Sun and Moon directly oppose one another around 5am April 19th at 29 degrees of Libra and Aires. 29 degrees is a Pisceian degree. It is an ending and change into the next cycle.

Like the last full moon, the focus is about the self (Aires archetype) and the relationship with the other (Libra archetype).  This double Full Moon has brought an understanding about our selfs and how we relate to others in this past four week period. As well as a reset into easier energetic flow. Things may have been feeling a little upside down as you're untangling details of your life and facing things that are complete and need to be let go. especially in the last couples of weeks leading up to this turnover of the moon cycle.

This Libra Full moon is bringing an energetic balance. Quite naturally a Libra is all about balance and equality. This Full Moon is shifting the moon cycle. What I mean is now the new moon will be will be the first in a new sign and leading the way, where as before, we stated on a Full Moon. More specifically, the next new moon will be in Taurus, and then the full moon will be a taurus Sun with the Moon in Scorpio. before that would be revered which is a bit disjointed. A new moon is a seed planting, new time. A full moon is a culmination and ending to a cycle. This is a much more natural energetic flow for the New Moon to begin the cycle and the Full moon to complete it. We get to plant a seed and watch it come to full spectrum. Previously, while the new moon is still initiation and the full moon completion, there was something about it that felt like we were either ahead or behind as we made intentions and brought them about. Life can function in both ways, but in this way, we get more flow.

Image by Gmark Art

Image by Gmark Art

Venus, the planet associated with Libra is located in Picses at 28 degrees, Venus is also at the end of something. Venus is very happy and exalted in Pisces. We may have been feeling a little more indulgent or wanting to treat ourselves, enjoying our surroundings. Amongst that, we may be discovering something that doesn't fit or you know needs to change, thereby opening up your psychic space bringing comfort on a level beyond the physical as you make change for yourself in the here and now.

While this thing may not fully be in action until later down the road, your decision and pursuit of it has been initiated or clarified so you can initiate more into physicality with the next New Moon.  This full moon is the acceptance of letting go. Of course there are times we resist change and make things harder on ourselves. There real magic trick is acceptance, allowing yourself to be present with the now and make decisions with clarity vs. getting tied up with attachment of the past or 'what ifs' of the future.

Happy reset,

AJ Caprikorn

The Secrets to Bouncing Back from Adversity

By: Pamela Ballard

Transformational Retreats

Did you know….Those who take time to regularly relax report fewer headaches and chronic pain than those who don’t make time to relax.

"If a man insisted always on being serious, and never allowed himself a bit of fun and relaxation, he would go mad or become unstable without knowing it." 

- Herodotus

When tough times bring you down, your ability to cope in a positive way is known as resilience. An essential skill for healthy development in childhood, resilience is critical to well being throughout our lifetime. The overriding question is this: as adults can we increase our capacity for resilience to lead more fulfilling lives?

The answer is YES. Resilience is not a super power; it's an ordinary skill that anyone can develop at any age. Think of it as an emotional muscle that can be strengthened. Research shows that resilience is linked to well being by way of positive emotions and coping strategies (e.g., optimism, cheerfulness, gratitude, mindfulness).

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Benefits include:

  • a healthier immune system

  • lower risk of chronic disease

  • faster recovery from illness/ surgery

  • improved stress management

  • less depression & anxiety

Six Secrets to Pumping Up Your Resilience:

Catch It Early. One trait of highly resilient individuals is a keen awareness for when things aren't going right. We've all heard doctors say, "good thing we caught it early," and that applies to stress: Identify stress early in the process and you can be proactive in managing how it (and your emotions) affect you and your health.

Stay in the Light. Optimism is the ability to look at a dire situation and assess its meaning for your life. If a significant relationship has ended, there will be grief, confusion, anger and so on. There's also an opportunity to re-examine your needs and explore what truly makes you happy. Amid dark times, you can mentally stay in the light by using positive affirmation, hanging-out with supportive people, and monitoring what you watch and read on a regular basis.

Look at What's Next. We all tend to blame ourselves for setbacks, worrying about what could have been done/not done differently. To bolster resilience, remind yourself that even if you made a mistake, many factors likely contributed to the problem. Focus on next steps and see how the vibe of that situation changes from desperation to opportunity.

Recall Your Victories. We've all had shining moments of glory - whether at work, in sports, or potty-training a child. When you remind yourself of the challenges you have overcome, you give yourself a shot of resilience.

Manage Daily Hassles. Whether sitting in traffic or waiting in an unexpected long line when you're in a hurry, use those moments to practice coping skills (deep breathing, for example). Those mindful-skills will come more naturally to you when a crisis hits, and you'll have made a big deposit in your resilience bank.

Break Routine. Routines feel comfortable and are necessary - to a point - but rigidity breeds stress. A sense of adventure, even a simple but challenging activity, helps build resilience by enhancing skills that prepare you to handle stress. So, instead of the 1-mile fun run, enter the 5k; pass on the beach vacation and plan a guided backpacking trip; ditch date-night at the movies and go to the Escape Room or take a class.

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Aires New Moon Astrology - April 2019

The energetic new year!

The peak of the New Moon is nearly at 2 am on Friday, April 5th. The Sun and Moon are in Aires meeting at about 15 degrees. Start the Fire and start the year, here is the season of creation and all that new beginnings Jazz. It’s Aires time, the first of the 12 zodiac. We see the power of spring rearing to bust out of the winter. Aires is this drive and pow of the sprout bursting through the sleepy seed and emerging out of the ground. What will be your adventure this year? What do you want to feed your energy into? What is worth your time? Do it!!

We can see the sunny days and active parts of our life bubbling with existence. This new moon is planting the energy we wish to use and emerge with us out of our contemplative winter.

Aires New Moon

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is in Sagittarius making a far trine to Uranus in Taurus and the Sun and Moon in Aires. This is Supportive of new beginnings, expanding our horizons and helping things to feel possible. Listening to Molly McCord’s New Moon youtube video (link below) she points out that the Moon, then the Sun will make an exact trine with Jupiter after making a square to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This is all significant. Aires is an impulse energy, it gives the drive to go--generally--before thinking at all(but is necessary at times!). As we take the leap with this New Moon, we will experience a reality check and transformation as the Sun and Moon aspect Pluto and Saturn. Saturn will help us decide if we can commit to our leap and Pluto will help it melt and reform in its existence. While these confrontations can feel challenging, we come out better on the other side. And we really will as we get some feel good support from Jupiter after the potentially challenging squares.

Jupiter will be stationed to go retrograde, making our expansion more internalized, and onward with our spiritual growth. In all reality, it is this connection to our internal health and balance which enables large shifts on the outside.

Astrologer Fort Collins

Mercury is direct! The retrograde is over and Mercury is working its way back into speed as it retraces its steps out of its shadow (degrees it was in before its retrograde). Therefore is still in Pisces, maybe a little dazed and dreamy in our world of thoughts, but it feels good. Mercury is running away from its conjunction with Neptune, as Venus is scooting closer (approaching a  conjunction with Neptune). Venus loves Pisces, it feels good and is luxurious. Do things that feel good, don’t get totally lost in it. However, with the challenging aspects in the sky and the Trine to the North Node in Cancer, down time is very important. Listen to your self, go inside and hear the call of you heart and the needs of you body. These times of reset can be useful to bring clarity as to what you’re ready to grow with.

Life exists in cycles, one after another with layers amongst it. Needless to say, enjoy each part in the moment and the task needed at hand. So often, we think we want it all and to have it all now. However, there is a heart beat, a breath and a rhythm within our small beings and connected to all of the universe and beyond. So initiate that thing you’ve been waiting to jump forward. Be wise and know there may be challenges to face to strengthen your journey, and that's a good thing. Of course there is even more to come later, that will thicken the roots of what you grow, such is the nature of cycles. Waning and waxing like the moon.

Mars is important to note as it is the planet associated with Aires. Mars in Gemini is giving oomph to our thoughts, maybe in an overwhelming way and driving the need to multitask. A square between Mars and Venus in Pisces is recommending we let some of the multiple tasks go and move with what feels good, to be creative and find unconditional love for yourself amongst the upbeat chaos. If the demands you’re navigating bring anxiety or overwhelm, go inside to that place where you remember how small your problems are, that everything has a larger picture beyond the human experience. Take care of your body and honor the down time. In the honor of Aires, bust out and take a risk on being you.

Happy self-investments and beginnings,

AJ Caprikorn

Molly McCord's New Moon video: https://youtu.be/xR68KiQc7cA

Full Moon in Libra - March 2019

A peek at the new You, the balance and resistance.

Photo by: Caleb Jensen Photography

Photo by: Caleb Jensen Photography

The Sun and Moon oppose one another at 0 degrees (The Aires degree). The Sun having just moved into Aires, and the Moon into Libra, are an exact Full Moon at the same time of the equinox! Happy Equinox, the light is in balance with the Libra Full Moon. This 0 degrees gives more 'pow' to the Aires energy as it is the beginning of the degrees--"the new start"--just as Aires is the beginning of the zodiac, the new start of the zodiac circle. 

Aires is the self, Libra is relationship. Aires is a cardinal fire sign, Libra is a cardinal air sign. While they oppose one another--like anything--they are a mirror and need one another. The ruler of Libra is Venus, in the sky Venus is in Aquarius. This brings the attention to our individual funkiness and what makes us different, with the need to connect with others who have or understand that same uniqueness. Mars is the ruler of Aires, in the sky Mars is in Taurus bringing stability to the doings that we put into action. However, that Mercury retrograde in Pisces is still muddling up our thoughts, letting our gut lead and logic follow later, on a different path. 

Relationships (romantic, friendly, work-related and acquaintances) bring a reflection of the self. While time in isolation can help us peel the layers down and reflect, time with others brings that mirror of different parts of ourselves, as well as conversations to explore oneself--both are important.  Confidence in one's self may be feeling extra challenged by the Sun's conjunction to Chiron. Chiron can bring a lack of confidence or 'wounded' feeling as it is at 1 degree Aires, stirring up feelings. In addition, there's a confusion from Mercury retrograde in Pisces, our thoughts and communications are probably feeling a little uncertain. Trust yourself...how? Well go internal--to the heart, to the gut, to be willing to listen, and move towards what feels right. For those of you that 'play it safe', I can't emphasize enough the importance of trusting odd impulses at times. And it may not even be something unusual to follow, it maybe a lack in confidence in your 'regular' self, and a need to still have faith. After all, you've made it this far. Also, find those moments for detox, away from media. Do something you haven't done in a while, connect with a friend and be willing to ride the wave--believing in the journey.

Photo by: G Mark Art

Photo by: G Mark Art

There are challenges regarding expansion. In the astro-world Jupiter is having a lot of squares (to the Moon, Sun, Chiron, Neptune and Mercury). In our day to day world, it's coming out as limits in how we're feeing some range of uncertainty, invisible resistance and 'lack of confidence'. I recommend to, as best you can, not take those feelings personally. Keep going knowing it will all work out. Things don't have to be clear and make sense all of the time, so practice releasing control. There is a time to cross t's and dot i's, but now is not that time. If you've been trying to do that, it's probably been like an uphill battle. Let life flow, watch the rain and its beauty, the sun will be out soon. Be open to the Pisces 'go with the flow'. 

The opposition of Pluto to the North Node in Cancer, may have old feelings and experiences re-surfacing. Things you thought were done and hadn't thought of in awhile are coming back to mind. While you are changed from these experiences and will never go back, you may be called to make peace with it again (or for the first time). Allowing each scar and learning experience be apart of the resilient, strong and amazing person you are today.

In sum, a new sense of self, yet mildly confused. It’s new, not quite predictable, and letting go to move to the new you. Believe in what you want to happen, deep in your passion. Have trust in the sometimes seemingly rocky road. The best adventures are unplanned. Would it be worth watching as a movie without some unpredictability?

You got this,

AJ Caprikorn

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New Moon Astrology - March 2019

Mercury Retrograde, and your spirituality...

The Sun and Moon conjunct at 15 degrees around 8am (Colorado mountain time) on Wednesday morning March 6th. They meet in Pisces and make a conjunction with Neptune (which is at 16degrees Pisces) giving hyper power to this Pieces New Moon. Swimming in the same waters at 29 degrees Pisces is Mercury, stationed to go retrograde and reaching out with a conjunction to Chiron who has moved into Aires nearly at 1 degree. Mercury will be retrograde until March 28th.

What does it all mean? Different things to different people, sharing the same flavor of loud Mercury in Pisces. Mercury is transpiration, exchange of goods thoughts, words, and other things of that nature. In Pisces, Mercury is rather watered down and checked out, exploring the easy going flow of Pisces or frustrated by it, while being lost in the moment. Mercury in Pisces brings the focus more to the communication within ourselves and our connection to spirit (or however you have align to define it in your life, whether it is God, Oneness, Gravity, the Cosmic Ah, Great Spirit or something else). This connection is emphasized along with the need to shed or let go of anything weighing you down.

With all the Capricorn energy we've been experiencing, including the South Node, Saturn and Pluto still in Capricorn, our destination, our goal, that which we are striving towards-is clear. We've already been climbing the goal of our mountain top. This New Moon is a chance to shed. What things, patterns, relationships or physical stuff has been weighing you down as you make your way upward? It may be a limiting belief putting obstacles in your path. if your goal or destination in life has been unclear, this letting go will bring the clarity you have ben seeking.

Art by Logan Nard

Art by Logan Nard

Neptune, who is the historic ruler of Pisces, fuels power to the end of a cycle and the 'letting go' nature of compassionate Pisces. Neptune is dreams and other dimensions. Mercury's conjunction with Chiron (before moving backwards in degrees in Pisces) gives more emphasis to this letting go, you may need to re-hash some lesson you felt you was complete. Or experience tests to enact your own learning. Know that while letting go can feel awful in some circumstances, it is alway creating space for something new. Chiron is the wounded healer, that wound which makes us human and we are in human form to learn about. It is karmic healing. This New Moon brings potential for personal big karmic shifts.

A little more about Mercury in retrograde. The appearance of a planet in retrograde means the planet is closer to earth, and is 'speaking' louder. This retrograde of Mercury will be moving back to the early degrees of Pisces, evoking where you felt like you were progressing back in mid-Feburary. This may take some re-wiring externally, although my bet, with all this Pisces, is your key will lie within. It will be of benefit to exorcise your internal connection to the Devine, re-align yourself with the goals you set before, re-connecting to your spiritual practices and moments of re-flection. Allowing yourself to re-set and re-lax through the madness that may or may not demand attention. A lot of 're-'words happen with retrogrades (which is why I hyphenated the previous 're' words). This re-doing and re-checking, along with letting go.

This letting go is much without words as Neptune blurs the lines and information with illusion and spirituality. You must go inward to your sense of true being to guide you through that letting go which Pisces brings. In preparation for new beginnings, then cycle begins again.

So use this New Moon for supporting yourself through this growth. You may use the mantras: "I align with the Divine within. My Spirit is beautiful and I am ready to shed that which is to be let go and is weighing my spirit, mind, body and soul down, so I can full-fill my destiny and be in alignment with my true self. I express myself though kindness and compassion". Of course you can come up with your own and modify these as suits you.

Happy Star Living,~AJ Caprikorn

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Full Supermoon in Virgo February 2019

Spaced out and working hard.

The Sun is in Pisces exactly opposite the Moon in Virgo. They oppose one another at exactly 0 degrees and 42minutes, just before 9am on Tuesday, February 19th (Colorado time). While the Pisces nature may be beckoning procrastination and escape, the planets in Capricorn and Taurus are giving substance for manifestation. This Full moon is a 'checking in' time, Mercury is in Pisces and will return here as its first retrograde is coming. Utilize this last squeeze forward for crossing your t's and dotting your i's--and no need to worry, that eventual retrograde will let you know of the things you missed. 

Image from: https://www.timesnownews.com

Image from: https://www.timesnownews.com

Virgo is a mutable earth sign associated with Mercury. Earth manifests, and mutability stirs change. Virgo is detailed and seeks the next level of perfection. Virgo rules the digestive system. In our bodies, the intestines decide what is worthy to be kept and what is not and should be eliminated. Virgo digests and process information, holding onto what is valuable until the new truth replaces it. The opposite sign, Pisces, is a mutable water sign associated with Neptune. Water is emotive and intuitive. Pisces is the 12th zodiac and has a mix of all of the signs into the Mystic archetype. Pisces is kind and compassionate.
Mercury (the planet associated with Virgo) is in Pisces conjunct Neptune(the planet associated with Pisces), fueling our mind and feelings to this Pisces Sun. The Sun radiating in Pisces is calling us to check out the need to put things off, worry about it later and escape. How could this be used in a positive way, in your life? Well, I'll say there are helpful ways of checking out and its important to do so. Looking to the Virgo Moon, it centers on our personal well being--the food we're eating, what we're feeding our mind, our movement in our bodies--and our ability to meet our daily responsibilities. So, can you incorporate things that help you recharge and are good for your health? Like yoga or mediation, dance class? Or, are you someone that needs time in a book or a movie? Make time for all of those things, you can make them rewards and intermix it with your daily duties. Feed the animals, feed you, source of income, keeping your mind sharp and at ease. Bathing and good hygiene go a long way. 

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With the Trine and sextile that Mars and Uranus (they are conjunct while straddling the border of Aires and Taurus, Uranus is at the last degree of Aires and Mars is moving forward in Taurus) are making to the Sun and Moon, there is faith to follow through with your plans. Check-in with your expectations for yourself and make sure you're being reasonable. Yes you can have bigger goals, but be reasonable with your daily quota and reward yourself along the way. Everything you do matters, you are a culmination of what your did before, and the present is an opportunity to make ripples into your future you are always in. So yes, eat your 'chocolate cake' did your eat your vegetables first? did you pay that bill and prepare your taxes? Ok, well get at least some of that done and reward your self with 'escape time'.

Venus in Capricorn is also playing into the 'work and then reward'. Venus is more reserved in Capricorn and there is a sense of 'earning pleasure', especially with Saturn Conjunct Venus, looking over her shoulder. Saturn is making sure the 'ducks' are in order. The pull of the Pisces Sun will be softening your need of exact perfection. And, we still get to ride this fiery inspiration to expand our horizon with Jupiter in Sagittarius, until the end of the year. In sum, how is your health and what shifts can you make to support your well being? Are there things in your 'new years resolution' or your future goals that dropped off that you want to pick back up? Now is a time to use all the planets moving foreword to add anything that slipped in the cracks that is actually important to you. Allow appropriate escape time, then get back to your responsibilities so you can chill and have fun-time again.

Happy Full Moon,
AJ Caprikorn

New Moon in Aquarius - February 2019

The Time is Now.

This New Moon signifies the lunar new year. Each new moon is a time for beginnings, as the cosmic father and mother meet in the sky. The Sun and Moon make their conjunction at 15 degrees Aquarius on Monday, Feb 4th, at about 2 in the afternoon (Colorado Mountain time). The North Node in Cancer is acting as a handle to a bucket as the rest of the planets are distributed between Sagittarius and Aires (Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Aires). Mercury has just passed the Sun and Moon, and there is a cosmic drive forward as all planets are direct. This gives the New Moon an even bigger pow for new beginnings. If there was ever a time to initiate those dreams, now is the time. There is also the feeling of a reset, or a 'clean slate' as many of the slower moving planets are at home. This is special and won't happen again in our lifetime. Also, this is Mars' last degrees in its home of Aires, where it will return to in 2 years.

All of the planets are moving forward! The universe is signaling the green light. Many of the planets are in cardinal signs and in fire signs, both of which invoke a 'go get it' vibe. Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aires, Libra) begin a new season on the earth, as well as give a strong push for any beginning in your personal life. Fire signs (Aires, Leo, Sagittarius) are intuitive and provide drive and passion. Specifically, I'd like to Highlight Mars in this New Moon chart. Mars is in Aires (the cardinal fire sign), it is particularly good at starting things--not necessarily good at follow through--however, later this month Mars will transition into Taurus, (a fixed earth sign). Mars in Taurus will give substance to the new beginnings you are growing with this New Moon therefor enabling follow through. Whatever it is you've been growing and thinking about, now is the time to put it forth, and will cosmically be supported to grow roots. At the very least, I recommend utilizing the planetary vibrations by planting your intention and shifting your mindset to align your being with this future. The future you would love to be living in, put aside your mind of how. Thereby living each day open to opportunities to take you forward to this state of existence you have intended. Take the leap to believe fully in the future you are creating, and feel it existing right now. 

The North Node in Cancer, at the handle of the bucket to all the other planets, is emphasizing to add recovery time into your great plans of action and doing. It is so essential to have 'unplanned time' and free time. Amazing things can happen when there is space for it to come into your life. If every moment is filled, the unknown skips you or has to create big events to get your attention. Allowing rest and recovery truly opens the doors for improvement and progress. This reminds me of the quote by Lao Tzu, 'Nature never hurries, yet everthing is accomplished,' using that quote as a reminder that it doesn't all have to happen at once. There are things to be experienced at each step you take up the stairs, enjoying that journey. And remember nature works in cycles and rhythms, you are a being of nature with your own rhythms and cycles. So take breaks and allow magic to happen between all of your hard work.

I haven't even talked about Aquarius, well the Sun and Moon are there, as well as Mercury. Aquarius is an air sign, it is fixed--making it the middle of a season--and it is masculine. Aquarius is the water bearer--thats right--it's so odd it's known as the water bearer, but is an air sign (Rick Levine points this out in his February video). Air is mental, water is emotional, Aquarius is much more intellectual than it is emotive. It rules electricity and the nervous system. Its associated planet is Uranus. Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, provoking new and forward thinking, sparking brilliance to imagination and add to your dreams and goals. Archetypically, Aquarius is the Genius, the rebel, mad scientist, the shaman that lives at the edge of the village. While they like being different and somewhat removed from the rest of their peers, it can feel isolating. They are the innovator, Aquarius is out of the box and pushing humanity to the next level. Aquarius is community, yet being a distinctive odd individual. The Sun and Moon are shining on the importance of this archetype. Naturally or consciously include your place in community and your expression as a unique individual in your intentions. Love and honor these parts of yourself, know that you belong. It is ok to have a different way of doing things, its exactly how new ways and things are invented! Some things stick, somethings take time to be realized of their importance, and other things stay only important to the individual. Uniquely you. 

Stay true, be you and give yourself permission to live, feel connected and love your life.

~AJ Caprikorn

***We all contain fragments of all of the zodiacs expressed through the planets and their location when we were born. There is a moment at birth when our body's immune system differentiates from self and other. This happens after we leave the womb and our skin meets the air, taking our first breath. We astrologers use the exact time when you were born to get as close to the moment of immune differentiation, in order to see where the planets were to interpret our personal star vibrations as we continue our human journey. If you were ever curious and would like to receive a birth chart reading I am available to do so from anywhere in the world! 

My influences:

Molly McCord's New Moon video: 

Lisa Schiavone: http://lisaschiavone.com

Rick Levine's February report:

Full Blood Moon Total Eclipse

Nine years in review and a spark of creativity!

It's eclipse 2 out of 5 for the year. Lunar eclipses are during full moons (such as this one) when the Sun and Moon conjunct the lunar nodes. The Sun and Moon are in exact opposition at 10:15pm, on Sunday January 20th. The Moon will be in Leo at 0 degrees and the Sun will be in Aquarius at 0 degrees. The lunar North Node is in Cancer at 24 degrees (the nodes move backwards through the degrees, so they started at 30 degrees and are working towards 1 degree). The moon at 0 degrees Leo, the sign after Cancer, which is siting just 5 degrees away from the Lunar North node. Same for the Sun and the South node, thereby there is a conjunction with a 5 degree orb and a Lunar eclipse. One of the cool things about lunar eclipses is that the area of visibility is much larger than a solar eclipse. Pretty much if it is night, you can see the eclipse with the naked eye. This will be visible to us in Colorado on January 20th, the beginning of the partial eclipse is at 8:30pm, with the peak at about 10:15pm, and ending around midnight.

The astrology of it all, last year ended the 9 year period of the Moon's nodes in Aquarius and Leo. This Full Moon with the Sun and Moon in Aquarius and Leo reignites learning from that time. That period of time centered around what our heart's desire and purpose is, along with feeling we are contributing to society. This Full moon sparks creative drive with potential memories of our personal discoveries from last nine years. This brings the joy of the challenges overcome or if that had been suppressed, your heart's needs will once again bring about scenarios in which it can be acknowledged. In full, this Full Moon eclipse is a check-in regarding, if what we are putting our work into (Capricorn lunar South Node) and our balance of home and rejuvenation (Cancer lunar North Node) is in alignment with our heart's purpose (Moon in Leo) and brings the feeling that we are contributing to and progressing society (Sun in Aquarius).

The other planets in sky and their messages are not so different from their support for the New Moon two weeks ago. Mercury is in Capricorn still invoking our thoughts for planing and feeling prepared. Pluto in Capricorn is asking for transformation of yourself and the work you are doing. Saturn is alongside, demanding you continue to face the responsibility of your choices, never surprised by their consequences. The Sun, now in Aquarius, shifts some focus to your contribution to society and seeing that purpose. The Moon in opposition to the Sun, is in Leo calling with your heart to feel aligned with what you are living (or needing the shifts to be in alignment) so you are living from your heart's drive while allowing the mind to follow. Mars is moving through its home sign of Aires taking turns with each planet in Capricorn and making squares to them. Having this square aspect friction has us being ready to go, but meeting resistance individualized by the planet with which it is squaring. Right now the most tension is between Saturn and Mars, creating a dance of stop and go, a feeling of 'now is a the time' and a 'wait a minute' is there something we have to take care of first, before we go for the bigger jump of our end goal? What nit-picky or paper-pushing responsible actions do when need to put into action for our journey to our achievements? What do we need to do for things to run smoothly? Maybe it's taxes, waiting on the government shutdown to be over, tying up loose ends, putting structure to your schedules, discipline on your money or a movement schedule you can maintain. There are many possibilities, honing in on your life personally and what you know really needs your attention.

Neptune eases the tension of the Saturn-Mars square with a sextile to Saturn, reminding us to be unattached to these exact goals and processes. To allow our dreams to carry our inspiration around other corners and let the mystery of the unknown fill in the details. As my father reminds me, I'll also share his wisdom with you, and that is "To do your duty". If ever things feel overwhelming bring yourself into the now and realize what needs your attention in front of you, this is your duty of the moment. It may be as simple as the task at hand to focus on eating, cleaning, listening, or the sometimes challenging task of breathing. Coming back to steady full breaths at anytime of stress resets the nervous systems and opens up more of your brain and higher centers for use.

The Saturnian and Capricornian energies can feel challenging to work with, but are powerful in our lives. When we harness responsibility there is much that can happen. This Full moon eclipse sparks creativity, open your intentions to receiving these messages, being able to listen to the drive and inspiration within you. And, to be brave enough to follow the drive. Know you are deserving of allowing yourself to be happy and to be thankful for the things, people and learning around you. And really, if you have something you love to do or be, that that in itself is valuable. Bringing your passion to life makes the whole world a better place!

Happy Inspirations,

AJ Caprikorn

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For more details on the eclipse and locations of visibility visit: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2019-january-21