Form Fosters Function

Here at Live Beyond Limit we stand for integrity and full spectrum support, which is why we utilize the philosophy "Form Fosters Function" and are considered Contemporary Circus Arts.  Why?  If we don't maintain proper musculoskeletal integrity, if we don't progress at a certain rate with our base foundational skills and strengths present... we degrade, we get hurt doing the things we love the most, we put ourselves back 10 steps and go against the flow of nature (your body) and create rifts in our lives. Our philosophy and teaching style honors the form and function of the body enabling you to maintain your passions for a lifetime. 

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We know your body is extremely intelligent.  Your body is capable of marvelous things IF you take care of it properly.  Form and proper progression allows you to open to your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual capacity without injury.  It allows you to dive into your flexibility because you've put the work in to ensure that your joints are evenly supported, spacious, and moving through their best range of possible.  Taking time to progress properly take a large dose of humble pie, discipline, and patience with yourself, but just know your life and world is worth every moment. 

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It's because of this we BEG you to vet your teachers.  We BEG you to take some control over your health, well being and future!   Why? Unfortunately, many individuals lack the depth of physiological, kinesthetic, and exercise progression background to SAFELY progress and teach students how to enjoy the magic of the body's capacity, which leads to a lot of unnecessary injuries and time away from the things you love.

The industry is just that - an industry.  Teacher trainings are designed to crank out students with base levels of information, but often time don't monitor the quality of demonstration/replication, instruction, and hands on work that is necessary to work with clients and have them move through both basic and advanced postures, poses, tricks, or exercises. 

This is a tragedy and I BEG you to expect more from your teachers.  Ask if you're doing it properly.  Ask to take it slow. Ask to get the basics of engagement and have them point out and explain your musculature to you.  Ask how to isolate muscles and connect your kinetic chain.

Honor the basics first and foremost.  Honor yourself and humble yourself to find your form, alignment, and ease in your body as you progress in your practice or performance careers. 

We honor our form so we can function, do you? 


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