Full Moon Magic - December Super Moon

Full Moon

Full Moons

Full moons mark the culmination of awareness, growth, and creation. 

The full moon itself causes a rise in the tides, rivers, lakes, and even our blood leaving a stirring of activity, sensation, and a sense of fullness allowing for a perfect opportunity for reflection, contemplation, and shedding of old patterns and habits so we can continue to grow and become a deeper reflection of ourselves. 

This opportunity and change in energy is even more potent this month in the last full moon of 2017 and what's called a Super Moon falling right before the Winter Solstice.  This happens when the full moon is at or within 90% alignment with its perigee, or closest point in a given orbit with Earth.  Energetically these moons (super moons) offer a bigger opportunity to shift.  To the naked eye, the moon will seem much larger as it rises and orbits through the sky and will create a higher rise in the tides.  

Utilize this energy to reflect inward and ask yourself in the last month (and in the last year):

Lunar Cycle
  • What have I cultivated and seen grow into fruition?
  • How have I grown emotionally?
  • What lessons have come to light?
  • What have I learned about myself as a person?
  • What have I learned about my career/work?
  • Have I truly been happy?  
  • What can I let go of, that no longer serves me and my community?
  • Where has my energy not brought much growth?
  • How well have I honored my physical wellness?
  • What do I spend most of my time and energy thinking about? Does this help me grow?
  • Where has my energy best been spent?
  • What can I be grateful for?
  • How have I defined myself? Does this still feel right?
  • How can I create myself in this next cycle to come so that I feel more authentic and genuine each day?

Taking time to reflect on the growth, lessons, changes, and goals we have for ourselves allows awareness to take over so we stop reliving subconscious patterns and habits and start living a conscious life.  Until we truly can observe our behaviors, patterns, habits, thoughts, feelings, and reactions...we cannot start being anything more than we've been, which sometimes is OKAY if you're 100% happy to stay in the same place.  However, if you have goals, if you're wanting change, if you're ready to feel fully supported and live life a little more fully and limitlessly, take this time to turn inward, answer the above questions honestly, and get ready to redirect your energy and shed those layers and past identifiers to become the person you already are underneath it all.

Ritual Suggestion: 

  1. Find a space either under the full moon or with it in view. 
  2. Light a candle.
  3. Spend 2-5 minutes just focusing on your breath, heartbeat, the feeling of the moonlight and your overall feeling.
  4. Open up your journal and take time to go through the questions in this posting. Answer them for the month prior as well as the year of 2017. 
  5. Create an affirmation and focus list for the next lunar cycle.
    1. Acknowledge the top 3-5 things you want to grow and develop and what they look like in your life. These can be qualities, behaviors, goals, etc.
    2. Affirmations are written as action oriented, present tense statements solely referencing the energy you're wanting to cultivate. 
      1. DO NOT reference what you don't want to repeat.  To change the wiring of your brain and energetic field, we have to be willing to redirect our focus 100% away from the things that have previously thwarted us and towards our goals.  
      2. Make sure you can FEEL this statement as true to you.  If it sounds like poppycock, it is...it's as simple as that.  Rewrite and phrase until you believe your statements and goals to be attainable and you can imagine them as reality. Until we connect with the quantum reality as reality, it will stay afar, but the moment we can connect with and feel this reality as our own, the moment we start drawing it into our lives and shifting ourselves to experience the things we really do want to experience.  
  6. Do a closing meditation gazing up to the moon (or into the candlelight if gazing up is at all uncomfortable to your neck).  Allow yourself to, once more, focus on your breath, your heartbeat, the feel of the moonlight, and the feeling of your intentions moving forward as your new reality.  Allow yourself to feel lighter and trust that you CAN and HAVE let go of the limiting patterns and beliefs keeping you from this new energy and way of being, no matter how subtle or large the shift may be. 
  7. Each day observe what feels different and how you're acting to support your affirmations and intentions. 

Embrace the support of the Full Moon and make your own magic this month.  Contact us with any questions or if you'd like support from our in-house Astrologer.