December 2017 New Moon

Authored by: Ariel Amber (AJ)

astrology new moon 2017
Its the new moon!! Set your intentions for these new beginnings with these details in mind.

The moon is in Sagittarius, connecting our feelings with philosophy, ideas, travel, reaching for the stars and feeling ready to jump and let reality catch us. Well, don't quite follow that pull. You might fall, as other energetic pulls are occurring.

Mercury is retrograde (goes direct on friday December the 22nd) and has been hanging out by Saturn, what this means is revisiting old ideas and a good time to put in the planing for these ideas to be birthed into reality. The retrograde is also speaking louder making communications, ideas and thoughts feeling like they need to be expressed now, however this is more of a time for growth vs. ready output. In addition Mercury retrograde has a way of creating detours in your life specifically in transportation and communication. Having things occur in different ways or times then expected or intended, best thing to do? Flow with it, enjoy the potential of the detour, know this time will pass and let ideas and plans simmer and be thought out before decided upon.

Saturn is about to enter Capricorn, it is finishing its 2.5 year time in Sagittarius, shifting our drive from looking at the mountain tops of the goals we wish to achieve, to putting things to the test and drawing the maps to get there.

Sources assisting my interpretation: Rick Levine and Rasa Lila Healing.