January 2018 Blue Blood Supermoon Lunar Eclipse

Written by: Ariel Amber (AJ)

Hopefully you got to view the lovely eclipse this early Wednesday morning, The Moon is in Leo and the Sun is in Aquarius.

Leo is our inner child, our heart drive and way of being. It invites us to be playful and to have fun! Aquarius is innovative, a scientist, rebel and thinker, wanting to serve and progress to the greater good. It invites analysis over what we are offering and doing and whether it is serving our personal and larger evolution.

This sun-moon opposition is conjunct with the lunar nodes (this is what occurs when there is an eclipse). The nodes represent our soul's journey of where it came from or what is comfortable (south node) and where it is going or what we can do to have balance and have the universe support us (north node). 

This eclipse of the full moon places emphasis on what we wish to let go of as we give more energy towards what we really love and enjoy in life. With venus conjunct the sun in Aquarius it is not uncommon to feel ready to leave work that no longer aligns with your life principals. As well as, it is natural to feel compressed and therefore wanting to take breaks form close relationships with others and even from yourself. This allows us to reflect on what is it we are wanting to continue and what needs to leave. At the same, time venus conjunct the sun may have us feeling more sociable and like connecting with others and ourselves to experiment with new ways that can serve us.

Saturn in capricorn (which will be there another 2.5 years) places a larger component of getting rid of what no longer serves us and to keep the essentials of what we need in this life. It is like a parental energy wanting us to succeed and have the appropriate access to food, shelter and other basic life needs. Meanwhile reminding us to put in the work to receive the rewards  of success and cut out any 'crap' getting in our way. 

Mercury is moving into Aquarius, this will likely feel like a freeing of our thoughts and communication with ourselves and others.

People with Aspects in Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio, and Leo will likely feel this eclipse vortex the most with this opening to take charge of your life shifts.


Wonderful sources and people to listen to to further this information:

Lisa Schiavone

The Leo King (David Palmer)

Rick Levine


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