Full Moon in Taurus - October 2018

On Wednesday, October 24th, the Sun is moving into Scorpio. As the Sun hits 1 degree and some minutes later, it becomes exactly opposite to the Moon in Taurus at 10:45am (in Colorado). 

Scorpio and Taurus are opposite, both fixed signs. Scorpio is fixed water: emotions. Taurus fixed earth: practicality and manifestation. The fixed signs carry us through a season or process. Taurus likes to preserve, long lasting relations and pleasant things. Taurus is like Fredinand, the bull who prefers smelling roses over bull fights. Taurus is related to Venus and has the sensual side of the venutian ruling, preferring delightful foods and comfortable home. Where Taurus expands outwardly blossoming in the senses, Scorpio contracts and pulls the energy inward. The magic is not on display, it is in the unseen brewing and growing power. The Scorpio holiday of Halloween allows parts of ourselves to be expressed while our outside identity is mysterious and unseen. Scorpio in the northern hemisphere prepares the land for winter, carrying us through fall where the energy is pulled inward. Scorpio sheds the leaves of what it doesn’t want. It is passionate and receptive. It can seem distant and mysterious like frozen water, solid on the outside with liquid depths. Scorpio is associated with Pluto.

Uranus is conjunct the Moon. Uranus is still retrograde hanging onto the last minutes of a degree in Taurus. This conjunction may have our feelings in a fluctuation. Unpredictable and needing a sense of stability. It is also like an antenna sticking out, receptive to signals to trigger one’s feelings. Like thinking you have it under control and an unexpected thing tips off your feelings. 

Power to the Scorpio, the scorpion, eagle and phoenix as the Sun, Venus, Mercury and Jupiter are all in Scorpio. Venus conjuncts the Sun, and Mercury conjuncts Jupiter on different sides of the 30 degrees of Scorpio.  It is likely that there are things stinging to be expressed, and maybe saying too much or thinking too much. Exaggerating and intensifying one’s experience beyond what is happening. Yet our internal interpretation of our world is everything to each one of us. Its a lot of energy in a tight internal space. So find ways to allow yourself to feel the intensity, acknowledge what feelings are being triggered. You’re not going crazy, you are that passionate. For me, I use these feelings as clues to play detective and go deeper into the feeling, asking about what is really important. 

There are harmonious aspects that can support the max growth of our intentions from the Full moon. Preparing us for the letting go part of the cycle. We put in the work at the New moon, its grown and now its time to let the plant of our intentions do its thing. The energy flowing is tapping into Chiron (wounds) and North Node (soul journey) It seems stuff is being stirred and its going to feel like a big deal right now. Try to honor your moments for space with this full moon and the time around it. What feels profound and important to you moment to moment? Continuously? How can this passion be apart of your daily life and ritual? How can you realize you have enough time? What do you value about yourself?

To reiterate: Scorpio is a profound and powerful sign with this Full Moon. The Sun shining, being the seed of potential along with venus our sense of attraction and what we like, Mercury the way we receive, thoughts and information and send it out, and Jupiter, our means of growth and sometimes emphasis or exaggeration. All taking on the scorpionic energy, the withdrawal inward like the trees loosing their leaves and preparing for winter. Where ideas go unseen and down into the magic where anything is possible, hidden and developing waiting to merge into the world.  The Moon exalted in Taurus, creativity conjunct with Uranus in Taurus. Taurus is of the senses of this reality plane. Scorpio is more inner depth and Taurus is more outer show. May you find peace in the inner depths of yourself and pleasantries to keep you going, empowering yourself to enjoy life. 

Happy living,

AJ Caprikorn