New Moon in Libra October 2018

'Tis the season for a New Moon. Monday, October 8th, the Libra Sun and Libra Moon will be in exact alignment at almost 10 pm in Colorado. Meeting at about 16 degrees in Libra. Sewing the seeds of intention, the New Moon energizes new beginnings! 

Libra brings balance. It is a cardinal air sign associated with the planet Venus. It's cardinal because it begins a season and has 'fresh-starter energy'. Air signs are in the realm of mentality. With Venus as its traditional ruler it provokes the importance of beauty though balance of suroundings and relationships. Libra is at peace in tidy places where people get along and all sides can have a voice that is heard.

This New Moon is not without challenge, channeling down into the sub conscious with all this Scorpionic energy. Pluto is going direct (the planet related to scorpio) in Capricorn. Jupiter is still in Scorpio, and Venus, (the planet associated with Libra) is also in Scorpio going retrograde. Deepening the inward journey, reflection and sometimes a more touchy trigger from those around us. Being bothered by others due to our personal emotional scars from past experience. It is important to try to remember to reflect. It's probably not realistic to prevent being triggered, but noticing if you feel suddenly bothered, make note of it and do some self-study. Emphasis on study, not a self-criticism, but rather an observation to invite healing. For example, your friend teases you about your hair, you overreact freaking-out and super irritated, later, realizing it was similar teasing that you experienced from your father in childhood. Maybe choosing to let go of that scar (the planets are willing it so its a good time to do so), if you're ready, and even apologize to your friend for freaking out.

Chiron has retrograded back into Pisces bringing in the reminder to act from compassion, when addressing our wounds. Chiron is trining Jupiter, the planet of expansion and the North Node, our destiny. These harmonious aspects give extra potential of growing through our past troubles in this human experience. So may you feel fearless and humble as you observe your sub conscious in action. Keeping track of patterns in dreams may give hints to troubles or growth areas.

On the softer side of things, the Sun and Moon have a flow for getting things done, as they are reaching out with a trine to Mars the 'do it' planet who is in the intellectual, off-the-wall, innovative, furturistic sign of Aquarius. With all this deep hidden stuff coming to surface in your life or those around you, there is still a will to innovate and wanting to push forward. Try to keep that light lit.

And remember, others are going through their version of these transits, you're not alone!

Happy growth!

~AJ Capricorn