Thanksgiving Full Moon in Gemini - 2018

Thanksgiving Full Moon in Gemini:

A letting go, hanging in-between and preparing for what is to come.

There is a light on the horizon and a freedom about this Full Moon.  It's that Sagittarian belief in yourself, the best you can be and have around you. Typically, Full Moons are about letting go as it is the full maturation of a cycle and a shedding for the next seed to be planted. Well, that is still in effect, and the Pisces presence supports it. However, there is powerful new beginning energy from the Sun and Jupiter preparing to conjunct in Jupiter's home of Sagittarius. Jupiter has begun its 12 month Journey through Sagittarius, while the Sun will spend a month there. This brings optimism and hope. In another sense, this moon is a transition moon. Due to the aspects of the transitory planets, it is best to experience your surroundings, explore that experience on different levels and see if you can open a perspective you haven't used before. All of this prepares us for the kick of the next New Moon. This is a time for change and new starts, initiate the ideas for new things and let go of long carried weights.

On the 22nd (Thanksgiving day), the Sun will transition into Sagittarius, opposing the Moon at 52 minutes of Gemini before 11pm Colorado time.  As the Sun makes its way to Jupiter (exact conjunction on the 26th of Nov) our intention setting for the next 12 months gains power. Later, reinforcing it with the New Moon in December. Despite the bright horizon of Sagittarius, not everything is easy and happy-go-lucky. There are probably scorpio-pluto experiences you are completing, such as finances, debts, ending relations and completing projects. As those are closing, there is also a dreamy fog about this Full Moon with Mercury in retrograde, and Mars and Neptune in Pieces squaring the Sun and Jupiter. There may be parts of your dreams that may not feel achievable, know what you want to create as it can be created.  Keep going. Oh yes, we are also swimming in the Sea of the North Node in Cancer (and south node in Capricorn) for the next 18 months.

What to do, what to do!? This North Node is emphasizing emotions, they are particularly important and a focus for the next year and a half. Cancer is associated with the Moon and one's mood, nurture, feeling and intuitive memory. How you feel about your life is important. Allow yourself to connect with your feelings, suppressing them traps them in the body and initiates disease and physical problems. Our emotional body is a very real thing, it is different from rational thought and often comes from childhood experiences, we were not aware we were imprinting. It is also how we connect to the mood of one's surroundings. So, nurture your own emotions and know that while they may be intense, giving them their honor allows them to pass. Connect with your support system and be your own best support. With the North Node in Cancer there are scenarios where home and nurturing will need to win over the workaholic South Node in Capricorn. Find that balance within and outside yourself, this may be the constant dance this next year and a half in particular, (many a time its a lifetime dance, it may not ever be mastered, but constantly in work). With that in mind, it does not mean we get to skip or ignore our work and duty, but know that if your emotions get pushed aside--along with nurturing your body, mind and spirit--that reality will backlash. If you do not create the opportunity to take care of yourself, reality will, it could happen by getting sick or injured to force a stop. What a balancing act! but we all can do it, and we all deserve nurture.

The Moon is in Gemini emphasizing our mental state of being, and connection with conversations and information. The planet associated with Gemini, Mercury, is in the opposite sign of Sagittarius and in retrograde. This emphasizes the importance of knowing your personal truths. There can be some misunderstandings or head-butting against yourself or others who think they know all there is about something. Don't forget that with whomever you're talking (including yourself), feels entitled to their life experience and opinions as equally as the other person does. It is important to know your truth is not the only one, and find a way to allow other truths to exist at the same time. How can there be softness in allowing there to be different options and enjoying the garden of differences? Reflect how you can hold this space for yourself and others. With the trine to the North node in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces it is import to be kind and nurturing with your words and thoughts about yourself and others. Retrograde can have us reviewing, redoing, revisiting, retracing and other 're-' prefix words. While this can be frustrating in a culture of 'hurry-up-and-go', it actually is beneficial to go over things again. Utilize this energy, with Mercury 'going backwards' in Sagittarius, you may be called to revisit your belief systems or wanting more learning and education. 

Moving on, this Full Moon time is good for some reflection and new ideas,  the square to Neptune and Mars in Pisces brings some feelings of dreamy or lost and confused. This can feel uncomfortable but is is a special place to be in. The confused and connected can bring ideas you weren't considering before. Know that with this Full Moon, the steps you're taking to get where you want to go may be unclear, allow that part to unfold. Direct your attention to align with what feels freeing to your being. What makes you feel like you can expand and grow? Is there anything that feels as though it is in the way of achieving this? Something you need to do or a way of thinking that has prevented you from achieving your dreams? This is what you can thank and let go of, asking for those lessons to be complete or asking what you need to learn from these challenges, so you can move on. Either way, holding in your heart what that 'standing on the mountain-top' way of being is for you, even if that image is unclear, align with that feeling as the Full Moon passes. Allow this to be in-process as things are forming, by the time the Moon joins the Sun in Sagittarius for the December New Moon, we will really be planting this image and intentions for the following Jupiter year.

Looking at the quality of this chart, all the plants are in mutable or cardinal signs, the feeling is of needing change, ready for something different, or having to adapt to circumstances. It makes this a powerful time for changing and beginning those intentions you've set for yourself.  Also, leaving things open-ended for the universe to provide the opportunities and details for your goals to be carried out vs making plans, is most effective at this time. There is an important power of the unknown to fill in the reality that comes to you. Are you open to this change, is letting go of weights worth flying free? What do you identify as weights in your life, and are you willing to let them go? Are you opening and willing to flow with change? Can you nurture yourself through the change?

So much growth is possible, you have learned much from all the hard work this year, now is some space to feel the blooming possibilities. Enjoy the freedom and the in-between being. Love yourself every bit, appreciate your faults and learning. Having that compassion for yourself will flow naturally to others.

~AJ Caprikorn

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