New Moon Outlook- November 2018

Set your intentions for your intentions! Darkness becomes light as the winter comes.

Say what? There has been some struggle this year, lots of tension in the stars, but new hope is on the horizon! There is change in the air, and in particular Jupiter is moving out of Scorpio and into its home sign of Sagittarius. Scorpio can get a bad wrap because it is so intense that people don't always want to look at the grit, the dark side, accept the letting go that comes with tansformation, or be so intensely passionate. Well, that has been the story of October and November will bring some sparkle to the intensity. This New Moon is in Scorpio.

Here it is, the New Moon will be at its peak at 9am on Wednesday, November 7th 2018, Colorado mountain time. The Sun and Moon conjunct at 15 degrees Scorpio (in the middle of Scorpio, as each sign takes up 30 degrees). There is an intensity about this New Moon of saying your goodbyes, as change is in the air. Jupiter will be at 29 degrees Scorpio (the last degree before it is in Sagittarius). The Current retrograde planets, Venus and Uranus have both made their leap into a new sign. Venus will be at 26 degrees Libra and Uranus will oppose Venus at 29 degrees Aires. Another big deal change is the North Node which will be moving into Cancer. What does it all mean?

Well, the atmosphere of the planet means change, funnily enough this will be around election time in the US, which is harmonious to the astro-energies of change, no matter what direction it takes. On a personal and individual level, (the level of intensity depends on your birth chart), I can say that overall, it will have something to do with embracing the challenge and dark side of yourself, and using it to power the direction you hope to go in. We are connected through our ability to feel emotions. So, how can you embrace your feeling as an integrated part of yourself in society, and move foreward?

The Venus-Uranus opposition also stimulates change, and, because they are both in retrograde (FYI the planets are not ever moving backwards, they just appear that way to us on earth) this transit may have more internal effects. As in, a the need of big, sudden or unusual change in what we want will likely show up in our relationship to ourselves which will likely effect our relationship to others. Now, this is generally a short transit, but due to Venus's place and timing of retrograde, makes this the 2nd time out of 3 that we have and will feel this transit (the 3rd Venus-Uranus opposition will be Nov 30th). This Transit is very stimulating artistically as it initiates new views and exposure to other ways of being and doing.

Furthermore, as we are intention setting--feeling the depths and hope on the horizon--the Lunar North Node will switch to Cancer. This will be layering a flavor of the importance of nurture (for ourselves and others), rhythms (the rhythm of our monthly patterns of living) and our home life. It’s like, however we are setting intentions for our hopes regarding career, we have to include how that will affect our time at home, and how we will take care and nurture ourselves. These are very important factors which enable us to keep going.

Another important aspect I haven't mentioned yet, is Neptune trine the Moon and Sun. On one side of the coin, this can have us feeling more connected to the larger picture and to everything around us. On the other side of the coin, sometimes that connected feeling can come off as confusing or overwhelming. I imagine that as all these shifts and planetary sign changes are happening, it will be more of the former and this Neptune trine the Sun will allow for a more connected feeling as we are experiencing the scorpio tensions of our intention setting. As in, realizing we are not alone, or opening us to acknowledge that the pain or challenge we are feeling is not forever, and there is a 'bigger-picture' direction that we are headed towards. A potential of hope.

Ok, I haven't mentioned much about Scorpio this far. I should say that Scorpio and its associated planet Pluto, is about diving into the depths and coming out transformed. Scorpio has 3 symbols associated with it, the scorpion, the eagle and the pheonix (in some cases the dove or the snake are interchanged in there as well). So, with this last squeeze of scorpio, how would you like to see yourself on the other end of the experiences you've been having? What transformation do you want to be of yourself?

Finally, some more things to know for the future. Mercury retrograde alert! Venus will be in retrograde until the 16th of November, which as is moves direct, Mercury will be going retrograde. A reminder that retrograde planets are a re-tracing of steps, finishing projects that were on pause and a time of reflection. Mercury is the ruler of thoughts, speaking, transportation and an exchange of goods, ideas, information and yourself from one place to another. The retrograde time can be when Mercury will take charge and present opportunities for do-overs, and the creativity that comes with things not going so smoothly. There is the potential of misconnections, miscommunications, detours and the like. Its not always as bad as it seems, but it is important to read the fine print and try to take your time or allow patience for the unplanned delays.

The potentially rocky Mercury retrograde will have its transition and it will pass. Also, I wanted to recap and clarify that the whole intention setting for intention setting, has to do with the Sun-Jupiter conjunction on the 26th. I will mention it again with the Full Moon on the 22nd (Thanksgiving day). But, also let you know now, that these new intentions you're putting forth with the New Moon will get another kick and time for refining after the Full Moon. Happy New Moon, transition from the depths and hope on the horizen.

~AJ Caprikorn

I found Rick Levine's November 2018 youtube video as a useful resource as I worked on my own take on this New moon: