Full Solstice Moon - December 2018

The Full Moon is at its peak on Saturday, December 22nd, at 10:50am Colorado mountain time. The Sun will be at 0 degrees and 50minutes in Capricorn while the Moon is exactly opposite in its home sign of Cancer at 0 degrees 50minutes. The solstice occurs as the Sun goes into Capricorn on December 21st, which, before the sun reaches a full degree in Capricorn, will exactly be opposing the moon the next day.

What a powerful time as the earth's ratio to night and day shifts. Here in the northern hemisphere we will experience our darkest day and longest night with the bright full moon illuminating our intentions. Feeding into the Cancerian nostalgia of all that has passed in our life while we experience the Capricornian reward from our previous hard work in the year. Observing the work we've been putting into your lives as we have danced with this transformational Plutarian energy. This Full moon has even more emphasis as the Sun and Moon are holding the beginning space of the North and South Lunar nodes. The North node is in Cancer at 26 degrees (while the moon is at 0 degrees Cancer), working its way backwards towards the 1st degree of Cancer (The south node is always exactly opposite at 26 degrees Capricorn and the Sun is at 0 degrees Capricorn). The Nodes are naturally in retrograde (except the times when they are 'retrograde' and are therefore moving forward, confusing--I know).

As I heard from Molly McCord's Full moon recording (video at the bottom), she points out an energetic ending as planets leave places they've been. Such as Chiron spending its last time in Pisces, only to return in 60 or so years. Uranus will still be retrograde in Aires at the time of the Full Moon, but once it moves forward it won't return to Aires for about 80 years or so. This brings and energetic 'saying goodbye' to certain parts of ourselves or our life that is finished as these planets shift, truly bringing new experiences to us in the New Year. Now, we did get a taste of Uranus in Taurus and Chiron in Aires this past year, allowing a preview of where we're headed and what we may deal with. As a reminder, there is not light without the Dark. In this life of duality we work with both sides as well as Middle and balance points. This is what brings the interest and our own existence into being (as in if all opposites were gone we would experience void). So yes, there are brighter horizons on the way, and yes we can align with our heart's desires and what resonates with our beings and feels purposeful for our personal existence. But, put any foolishness aside and know it takes work, regular work, this is a lesson from Capricorn and its associated planet Saturn. To have things exist in this plane of reality it takes work and cause and effect to be in existence. There are rules to the way of the world and consequences that go along with it. Be receptive to the work you must take on at a pace you can best handle it. All the while, catering to the north node in Cancer, by making time to nurture yourself and recharge so you can keep the Capricorn work drive steady. You will arrive to where you are going, and I guarantee you can enjoy the ride and arrive with energy. Rushing to burn yourself out will move you farther back then a steady pace with reminders of what you love and the purpose with which you follow your drive!

The first day of a new season, winter (for the northern hemisphere). Capricorn is the planner, the ambitious and hard-worker. During the previous moon cycle the planetary energies were beckoning for us to dream far and wide, what do you want to do and see, travel and experience? While Jupiter will continue its 12 month journey through its home sign of Sagittarius lightening the year with this type of energy, this Full Moon is calling upon a seriousness about these plans. Wether you personally have strong Capricorn aspects in your chart or not, the next 30 or so days of the Sun's stay in Capricorn is asking us 'How?'. How will we travel? How will we pay for it? How will we quite or get rid of what no longer serves us and still be responsible for ourselves? 

A poem in the book "Different Dances" by Shel Silverstein reminds me of Capricorn (well more of a 'visual' poem as there aren't many words, only drawings). It is about a bank robber, the get-away car drops him off, he applies for a job at the bank--I believe he starts as the janitor--and works his way up to the highest most position over the course of many years. Finally, he has the key to the vault, goes down takes the Money and the get-away car takes him away--some 50 or so years later. Brilliant.The lessons of Capricorn teach us that our goals take steady work to achieve, and when we do it is a sweet, sweet reward at the end. So polish the year's ambitions with what you wish to carry on with you and see through continued growth? On a recent tea tab I read "from a tiny seed a tree can grow", well the work we do between planting a seed having grown a study self sustaining tree is the magic and lessons of Capricorn.

A last blurb about the rest of the chart, overall there is a bunch of cardinal (beginnings) and mutable (endings) about this chart. This is a time of shedding skin and rebirthing. There are hard aspects to  Neptune, Mars, and Chiron who are all in Pisces. It is not unlikely that we may feel pinned, worn out, a little lost or at wits end. The softer aspects, particularly from Venus in Scorpio and the North Node in Cancer are reminding us of what lessons we just uncovered about our own personal strength, making peace and realizing the empowerment of allowing space for our feelings. These will be apart of the keys to experience the next few days.  Face the planning and 'house keeping' logistics that need your attention, allow healthy freedom of your feelings and pay attention to things you may have been clinging to for safety that actually should dissolve and be let go. Believe everything will work out, because it always does.

Happy sunny-moon Solstice,

~AJ Caprikorn

Molly McCord's Full Moon video for December: