New Moon Forecast December 2018

The vision of the New Year and Blooming in your heart's desires.

The New Moon is at its peak on December 7th at 12:20 am  (Nearly the night of the 6th) Colorado Mountain time. The Sun and Moon meet at 15 of Sagittarius with Jupiter in a 9degree orb at 6 degrees Sagittarius. Nearly, all the planets are moving forward as Mercury goes direct on the 6th leaving only Uranus and Chiron in retrograde (they aren't actually moving backwards they just appear to be in the view from Earth). 

The Sagittarius archetype has to do with higher education, traveling, the philosophical big truth of the universe, personal truth, exploration in subjects of personal interest and growth, hope, jolly and knowledge seeking. Here it is, a dark open sky to allow the big thought of your dreams and the destination you're shooting for in your life. Maybe it has to do with what you're already working on, and maybe new ideas blossom that you didn't consider before. Dreamy Neptune is conjunct with Mars in Pisces, slowing down what we are doing--not having clear immediate direction--allowing for this dreamy exploration of the 'big horizon' future for yourself. If anything is possible, what would you ask for? This is your moment, put it out to the universe and allow the potential to soar with this Sagittarius arrow. Later, as we approach the Equinox we will face Capricorn's support of 'ok, how are you going to work for it and what will you do to get here'. But we don't have to think about that right now, dream big, I'm sure some creative thinking can spice up your plans! Besides meeting goals are not as fun as the journey to the goals.

Here it is, we are stamping out the end of the year. Mars is emphasizing this ending and beginning as it moves through Pisces (the 12th and final zodiac) this December and busts into its home sign of Aires (the 1st Zodiac) in January. By the time Mars makes it's way to Pisces, the 'do-it' warrior planet is tired. So this call of the Cancer North Node is important, what do you consider recharging to you? What are the little comforts you can do for yourself? Can you connect with people or the person that makes you feel connected and home-y? Do you need to disconnect for some moments or hours? This is vital to do in balance with our hard work.

 In addition, Chiron (the wounded healer)  is in a grand water trine with the North Node in Cancer and Mercury in Scorpio, also Neptune (dreams and illusions) is in exact conjunction with Mars. It is no surprise that nostalgia, positive or tear invoking, can be bubbling up to the surface. Mercury is dipping back into Scorpio which can reveal something hidden in our minds or with Chiron in Pisces, it may be something we thought we had dealt with and were past, but actually is painful or present again. Be with it, certainly you have learned things to support yourself, it's not going to go away or be avoidable, but you can carry it as a whole part of your being. Even if it is just that ability to feel. You can remind yourself of what you have in your life, but sometimes we do need to sit with sadness or loss and not condone ourselves for that. To put in simple terms, when a child falls and scrapes their elbow it hurts and they cry. As a caretaker we scoop them up and allow them comfort while they let our their pain of what happened, and it passes and they continue to play. We don't lecture them on how they were so clumsy and they should have not tripped and there is no reason to cry to hold in the pain, don't let it out and tell them how stupid or childish they are. No, that doesn't help, there is no reason to bombard yourself with equivalent thoughts. Maybe you lost a loved one, the loss of that person is real pain and it is perfectly ok to feel the sadness of that loss. Hold yourself in warm arms for whatever you are experiencing, and it may be so intense, but after that nurture you will be able to carry on.

With Mars wading deep in the Neptunian Pisces waters, while conducting Neptune in its home, this lends our action to be stronger in the dream world than in the immediate reality. Having this, in combination to the Sagittarius New Moon as its holds hands with Jupiter (who is at home in Sagittarius), the cosmos are catalyzing the conditions to Dream big. It may be easy to get lost in other realities or memory world. So don't forget your consciousness and make use of this energy by directing it to what could be wonderful to experience in your life. Where would you travel to? What would you do if money was no obstacle and you didn't have to work? Lend your imagination to ignite your hearts desires.

There is a reflection of the year, a culmination feeling, seeing where you've been how you've grown what you've let go of. (remind yourself you are good enough and have done the best you can with the knowledge given to you). Experiencing the past, and a feeling of needing rest. We are building and getting ready to kick into 2019 with Mars' entry into its home of Aires. Venus is moving out of Libra (one of its home signs) and into Scorpio covering ground its been in since its retrograde in October. It is revising any shadow or hidden sides of the relationship to yourself and others.  Mercury is dipping out of retrograde at the end degrees of scorpio which is revealing hidden things in our thoughts or opening a realization. These are all important. The big shining gust of energy in the sky comes with this stellium (3 or more planets) of the Sun, Moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius. May you enjoy the nostalgia, make time for rest in your comfy sense of home, and Dream big!

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If this wasn't enough for you and you want more, I enjoyed listening to Molly McCord's New Moon talk on YouTube:

Happy Star Living,AJ Caprikorn