New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse Feb 15th 2018

Written By: AJ Caprikorn

Revolutionizing beginnings:

The sun and moon are going to be conjunct near the south lunar node, thereby a partial solar eclipse will occur. All happening at the edge of Aquarius with the moon being void of course, meaning it does not make other major aspects to planets before moving into Pisces.

Aquarius, an air sign often mistaken as a water sign. It may be known as a water bearer, however it is associated with fixed air. Air is connected to thoughts and the mental body, so archetypically Aquarius is the idealist. Aquarius can be unpredictable, rebellious, and have difficulty staying in the present. It is considered innovative, eccentric, futuristic and freethinking. The sun in astrology represents the soul's life purpose, the moon the embodiment and feelings of that journey and the lunar nodes are the driven pathway of the soul's purpose (where it came from and where it's going, or what falls back as easy and what can help bring balance in our lives).

With these celestial bodies and nodes all sharing space in Aquarius, it creates the collective experience drive towards questioning and reflecting if what we are doing with our lives is working to bring us to our ideal vision. At this time, between the past full moon lunar eclipse and this new moon partial solar eclipse, we may be meeting new connections, loosing ones that no longer feed or align with our life's ideal goals thereby creating space for ones that will. We may be feeling compressed or needing these changes to occur now. Although now this energy is best spent setting up how you would like those changes and shifts to be made into long term goals so that your ideal can occur and sustain you. All the while knowing that there may be some compensations between what is imagined in your mind to what will maturate in your reality.

The sun is conjunct mercury, and venus, while it is sextile to uranus and squared to jupiter. The sun sextile to uranus; uranus is the planet associated with Aquarius, this brings greater flow to all that aquarian pull and thought process mentioned above, new ideas, the need and happening of sudden change, and aligning with our ideal future and truth. Sun conjunct mercury; mercury rules communication and transportation. Mercury is also in Aquarius and is placing greater emphasis on ideas and mental energy communicating with ourselves about these greater life purpose needs and even sharing them outwardly and making plans. Venus has just moved over to Pisces but is still within 10 degrees of the Sun, this is bringing a soft, dreamy and compassionate layer to our desires and bonding with others. It can also create a pull to be over indulgent especially with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, squaring the sun. Jupiter squaring the sun is an aspect of friction, we may be ready to leap and go for our new found ideas or ways to reach our goals, ready to expand and grow. However, we still need to face the process to turn these ideals into reality, it make take more time even though we feel ready now, but with venus sextile to saturn, we also feel good about putting the work in with a bit of mental clarity on ways that could happen. 

Main take away for this new moon is yes that compression, need, and change you're experiencing is for the greater good, and you have the ability to move to what is driving you towards your life goals. You have probably have had some awaking of truth and your needs, although allow time for these to grow as things are going to feel more dreamy and confused as many planets will be moving into Pisces. This is a great time to plan the steps you'd like to take to get there to your truth. Set intentions and plant the seeds. Give it some time and nurture.

Happy traversing! 

~AJ Caprikorn


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