Spring cleaning and loving your human-ness - March 1st Full Moon Astrology

Written by:  Ariel Amber (AJ Caprikorn)

Virgo full moon Thursday, March 1st, 2018. What a way to start the month! Change is continuing on the horizon after the new moon partial solar eclipse we experienced back in February.  This change may bring the feeling of ''starting from scratch".

The sun is in the 12th and last zodiac sign of Pisces, the mutable water sign. It is ending winter before the first day of spring when the sun enters Aires on Tuesday, March 20th. With that brings the natural feeling of the spring cleaning vibe; both on our internal plane and in our external surroundings. Stuff, thoughts, friendships, connections, how we are spending our time. It is the transition of out with the 'old and no more' whilst creating space. The Virgo full moon emphasis this weeding out to continually strive towards perfection.

Pisces, associated with the planet neptune, can dissolve boundaries. It can open connection, intuition and compassion. It can get confused between self and other and it is dreamy. Pieces can connect and fully experience any of the zodiac archetypes. We may be able to connect, or desire to connect with our bigger dream and desire. Meanwhile, I recommend touching your feet to the ground and also realizing which parts of the dream can be experienced and created in reality, and which parts must stay in the romantic dream world. 

The rays of the sun in Pisces is shining on the moon in the zodiac opposed to it, Virgo. Virgo is the mutable earth sign, associated with the planet mercury (the planet of transportation, communication and thought). It is a detailed oriented zodiac that eliminates the unnecessary for what is the most pure and useful. This includes purity in being, good health and hygiene.

Avoid getting overly critical with yourself or downing yourself because it wasn't up to a certain personal standard. Realize change is not all that comfortable and celebrate yourself for what you do get to include. For example, maybe you have a goal of increasing your yoga practice to 4 times a week for an hour class. Well maybe you only get one class in or 15mins a day instead of an hour. Instead of getting down on yourself, celebrate what you are able to do to encourage your journey on reaching these goals! Ok maybe you go ahead and have some brownies when you were trying to restrict yourself, what can you do next to feel good about yourself in a different way? this will bring your highest success at this time. Celebrating your own imperfection, existing as a human and allowing your potential to learn and grow! We exist because things are seeking balance, there are opposites occurring. In a simple day to day example, we are awake so we sleep, we eat and excrete, we have time of expansion and times of contraction. Realizing it is natural and embracing the ebb and flow of existence.

Virgo full moon likes routines around health (approach this with some flexibility and intuition), it also will add scrutiny as we shed in our life. And with the sun in pieces, know escaping isn't the balanced answer and that parts of your dream can be expressed in your life!


All the best,

Ariel Amber aka AJ Caprikorn


Rasa lila healing was a great inspiration in my own interpretation for this full moon, you can watch his full moon video on youtube.