Full Moon in Libra March 31st - 7:30 am peak


Wow, what intense energy flying around lately. Mercury is retrograde, (it goes direct on April 15th). During retrograde, this ruler of ideas, thoughts, transportation and communication has intensified. Meaning detours, things not turing out or happening in the timing you thought, sudden unexpected delays and overwhelm of information. These are all typical factors during a mercury retrograde.

In general, the astrological vibe has been tiring. Feel worn-out for no apparent reason, yet the desire to get things done. Mars in Capricorn gives us the go and will to follow through to the end, though at the same time, Mars is making a lot of hard aspects to other planets bringing tension with the will to go. 

With venus ending its time in Aires there has been a pull to indulging in quick fixes. Avoid the quick fix, think in the long term goals and what will be of the most benefit for what you are working towards. And, if you're still figuring that out, it's ok! Wanting change and shift in your life is also in the stars right now. Furthermore, Venus will be shifting into Taurus emphasizing one's pleasure in the senses and things, physical things. To support this energy you may be attracted to having textures, scents and foods that you enjoy during this transit.

Back to the moon, which is fullest around 7:30am this Saturday morning (March 31st)!

With the Full moon and the planetary aspects to it, there is a push to cutting out what no longer serves your path, and an emphasis of get rid of it, or be dragged down. This is particularly focused on your personal self and relationships outside of yourself. It is often a hard choice to let go of the known. This intention setting of letting go with the full moon energy is best served if you can make a list of all the dreams you have and a list of the things you feel you can focus on now. This can further allow brainstorming of what may be needed to contribute or change to support where your life may be going.

In more detail, the moon is in Libra, which is a cardinal Air sign, like the fresh wind of fall blowing the leaves off the trees.  Associated with Venus, it specializes in ascetic beauty and relationships (romantic and professional). It sees both sides and seeks to balance. It is the center and transition point of the zodiac.

The sun is in Aires, which is a cardinal fire sign, the initial spark of fire, it begins Spring. Head strong, it prioritizes the self, it is new ideas, the 'go forth' warrior energy, 'do it or die' and the baby of the zodiac.

In sum, avoid the quick fix, surround yourself with things you enjoy, observe your relationship with yourself and others. Make a list of your dreams, what you can focus on now and let go. With all this intensity--and there are some challenging aspects occurring with the maleficent planets--allow yourself to have breaks and recharge while you are climbing the mountain! 


Much Astrological love,

AJ Caprikorn


This entry was a challenge for me, feeling the planetary setting myself, I've thought about it awhile but writing this entry seemed delay in my own work, watching the Leo King and RasaLilaHealing on youtube this week was helpful to kick start my wording and what to share.