New Moon Forecast - April 15th

Written by: Ariel (AJ) Amber

The new moon is at its peak about 7 pm in Colorado on Sunday the 15th

Hmmm, tension and newness. Drastic sudden new things with the go-getter energy for it, yet there is some uncertainty of "jumping off the cliff of change". 

The Sun and Moon are conjunct in Aries with the unique aspect of Uranus along side them. The Sun/Moon conjunction means there is a new moon in the sky. As per usual, the archetypal masculine and feminine luminaries are overlapping in our view, setting the time to sew seeds of the new. The Aries nature is a strong headed push. The sprout of new ideas bursting through the the seed shell of contemplation and reaching out of the hidden and unknown of the ground to be seen in the daylight of reality. Aries is spring and new ideas.

And who is finishing their time in Aries? Uranus, the planet of shock, awe, awakening and surprise. Uranus is ending its approximate 7 year cycle in Aries, hanging out with the sun and moon, giving this new moon a flavor of unexpected change. Expect the unexpected, this can be small and simple or big changes in your life. All of which is very exciting, and can be so scary at the same time. The unknown shocking happenings can carry that uncertainty with it, but also creates the lightening bolt that rattles our mental cage into awakening. Some of us humans like predictability and will sometimes sacrifice our happiness to maintain it. Here we have a chance to set our intentions and open up our receptive 'antennas' to the unexpected possibility. As Uranus shifts over to Taurus these new ideas have a chance to become more solid like bark growing on soft green twigs that are to become trees.

The planet associated with Aries is the hot-headed, 'do it or die' warrior archetype of Mars. In the chart of the sky, Mars is wedged between Saturn (the planet of boundaries, karma and time) and Pluto (the lord of the underworld, the hidden, secrets and deep transformation, the symbolic death). This cluster of classic malefic planets (which are also important and helpful) are making the hard aspect of a square to the sun, moon and Uranus cluster. 

What does this mean? Well, first off Mars passing Saturn has likely come out in one's life as having had to ram one's head against what feels like a wall of limitations. It doesn't feel nice and appears as limiting, where as this limitation feeling of Saturn can allow us to strengthen and test if what we want to happen actually should and can withstand reality. Mars has already passed that big frustrating wall, so now the effect is felt still, but less intense.

As Mars is approaching Pluto, however, the under-lord wants us to reflect far more deeply on the matters at hand. Experiencing if what we are wanting to do has enough depth, what changes and transformations will be necessary, what must 'die' and be lost, and what debt needs to be paid or might be owed? While reflecting and answering these questions may frustrate the mars nature of 'it needs to happen now', in the long run it is undeniably necessary and will come out into our lives whether we face it or ignore it.

In sum, there are vibrating new possibilities ready for change with unexpected opportunities and turns to spice the adventure, all the while there are challenges to be faced that can appear as big lurking mountains. However, it is this challenge from pluto and saturn that brings so much interest, learning  and fruitfulness into our life.  In this case, it keeps that headstrong drive from Mars in check. Would we fully be able to enjoy the fruit of victory if we did not first burn, try, and challenge ourselves to earn and feel the achievement? Would water taste as good if we were not first parched and in need and ready to receive?

Other tidbits of importance: Mercury is stationary going direct on the 15th--yay! Mercury the ruler of thoughts, communications and transportation is back on the move! Enabling the potential of fluidity and greater ease to the new moon new beginnings!! Mercury is still in Aries bringing an edge of fiery sharpness to our words and thoughts.

Secondly, Chiron, the wounded healer, representing that which is our personal wound and the overall wound of society, is at the critical and last degree of Pisces and about to make the leap over to Aries. This has been buzzing and reinforcing the feelings of death, and bummer, stagnation and need for change or escaping while bothered by larger purpose needs. Yet, if we have been keen enough and able to go inside of ourselves for healing and support on the deepest level, then there has been ease, growth and support initiated from these feelings from Chiron. If not, it can feel like falling in a pit of no-hope. If that has been the case for you, know the 'way out' will be reflection and going inside yourself, and many times giving back and connecting to others, finding your tribe or being with them (they have wounds that hurt too). As Chiron shifts over from Pisces to Aries, we will feel a charge for the changes to come, and a drive forward to heal the wounds of the self. 

Thanks for reading, happy reflections star beings!

~AJ Caprikorn