Full Moon in Scorpio - April 29th, 2018

The peak of the full moon is just before 6pm mountain time today, Sunday April 29th. The sun is in Taurus and the moon is in the sign opposite it in the astrological wheel, Scorpio.

The moon is considered to be at its detriment in Scorpio. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, like ice, frozen solid. Yet, while large bodies of water may be frozen on the surface, there is fluid, moving water underneath. Such is the nature of Scorpio, all knowing and intuitive, yet functioning with a caveat of repressing its own sense of what it knows. Mysterious and restricted in their emotions yet aware of everything. Scorpio is associated with the planet (in astrology terms we consider it a planet) Pluto, Lord of the underworld and deep transformation.

Taurus is light and pleasant, unyielding, determined and stubborn. It is a fixed earth sign, the deepening of spring. Things that have sprouted and made it to the stage of Taurus are determined to stay, growing buds and bark, thickening and becoming firm and strong. Taurus is associated with the planet venus, loving sensual beauty. Such as the textures that give us pleasure, food and flavors of luxury and comfort. Venus associated with Taurus is not just the aesthetic and balanced beauty venus has with Libra. In Taurus, the beauty is in the physical and experiential tangible senses.

With the sun in Taurus and moon in Scorpio there is bull headed deep determined questions of change. What deeply feels right? Again with pluto ruling scorpio there is an element of sacrifice or death. What in our lives is not suiting our pleasurable sense of the soul and needs to be let go of? Thereby creating space for our own personal growth and transformation. With the other aspects occurring in this transit (such as sun opposed jupiter and trine with saturn, and pluto conjunct mars square with uranus) there is the need for change, formulating ideas about it, knowing it on a deep level, but not quite being ready for it.

So, with the energetic nature of a full moon of previous things coming to maturation and time to let go. I recommend bringing to focus what you should let go of, what in your life (such as physical things, stuff, living situation, job, relationships), is needing to change? You may not be ready, and that's ok. There is likely a deeper knowledge of already knowing what that might be for you. A plan can begin to support you long term of these changes, it doesn't have to happen instantaneously, there can be a process of letting go. Emphasize and reiterate the importance of standing up for yourself and honoring what you need to experience in your life and let go of what no longer 'fits'.


Happy living,

AJ Caprikorn