New Moon in Taurus May 2018

Potent beginnings in reality.

In the sky, when the sun and the moon conjunct there is a new moon. This occurs at about 5am mountain time on May 15th, 2018, the sun and moon will be at 24 degrees in Taurus. Like most new moons, it is a time when the luminary mother and father of the sky are joined together for creation, but there are some planetary aspects in particular that give this 'seed sowing' a whole lot of bang and emphasis. Specifically, I will mention Uranus, Mars, Mercury and Venus. Uranus is about to end its cycle in Aires and begin its (approximately) 7year cycle in Taurus. It makes this switch right next to the new moon's peak. Any intention setting with the taurus energy is not only holding power through the next lunar cycle, but also for the next 7 years of Uranus's journey through Taurus.

This big beginning of Uranus's transition makes it an important and valuable time for a ceremonial intention setting. To quote Rick Levine from his May 2018 forecast, quoting Carolyn Casey, "the gods don't speak english" but they recognize ceremony. With that said, while it is very beneficial to mentally note or speak out loud what your intentions are, it is even more powerful to perform a ritual to harnesses this planetary energy in your intentions and trajectory in your life. Ritual could include writing down your intentions, placing them somewhere scared or burying them to be 'grown'. It could also be attending a moon ceremony or sweat lodge. If you are in or near the Boulder area you can attend Lisa Schiavone's archetypical moon journey (you can find her on Facebook or message me for details). You can experience it in a group, or make it more solo and personal and do meditative walk. There are many variations to express and honor your intentions ritualistically. I recommend including journaling of some sort as this outward expression or intent can create more integrity and follow through form yourself.

Back tracking a little to address Taurus and the essence it carries. Taurus rules our physical resource: i.e. our home, food and income. Taurus makes things last, it preserves. It is the most stable of the 3 earth signs. Taurus is fixed earth and associated with the planet Venus. It values beauty and comforts, with an emphasis on the sensuality of what feels, smells, sounds and tastes good. It is the stability side of relationships. It works and grows projects, and builds trust and integrity. Taurus is how we value our self and have self esteem. Intention setting should center on these aspects in your life. 

Now here's more on how the planets moving around the new moon support/ are affecting all of this. Uranus is like lightening striking unexpectedly and releasing tension, moving into Taurus it will release energy in unexpected ways sometimes towards direction we desire in the short term and sometimes not.  Being open to theses sudden burst of awakening and knowledge can be beneficial in our long term journey. Mercury, the planet of thought, communication and exchange is passing through Taurus, provoking some deeper and slower thought, and this is strengthened by Venus in Gemini (venus the planet associated with Taurus is hanging out in one of the castles of Mercury (Mercury is associated with Gemini), and Mercury is hanging out in one of the castles of Venus (Mercury is in Taurus). There is this Mercury/ Venus switch of rulership occurring. I would interpret this as our feelings (Venus) and our thoughts (Mercury) working together during this new moon giving us personal 'oomph' for our intention setting.

Lastly Mars, the 'do it' planet is at the last degree in Capricorn and about to jump into Aquarius. Mars has been happy in Capricorn, as the Capricorn nature gives Mars the drive to finish what it begins. Mars moving into Aquarius is very significant at this time, because that is the kingdom of Uranus, so the planet of Mars 'go forth and do it now or die' is powering this Uranus transit. I think it very likely that our actions can help drive the start of Uranus's long journey thorough Taurus, and our own intentions channeling the potentials in our life affecting our home, financial situation and self esteem.

You may think of this as an opportunity, and as an analogy, say uranus is like a bomb going to explode at an unknown time, you could just let it be and explode in your house where it is, or you could stick that bomb next to a wall you've been ready to remove and utilize the release in a helpful way! The vibe is in your favor, might as well ask for what you want. Be open for what you can do to get it there, and know resistance is futile for the energy will be released although a bit more restricted and requiring more maturation before coming forth (because of Taurus grounded earthly and diligent nature), none-the-less, it will find a way.

So what do you want resources to look like in your life? Are you happy with things? What are you growing and bringing into maturation? What more do you need to bring this forth? Are you open to the unexpected, (maybe sudden unexpected) changes that may bring you closer to your goals or what your goals should be? Do you value yourself? What can you bring into your life, and hold space for to feel great self esteem? What can you do to support your self and your self esteem?


Much love,

AJ Caprikorn


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