Full Moon May 29, 2018

By AJ Caprikorn

Image from:  1463932897829

Image from: 1463932897829

Beginning with the past, because, whoa it has been a doozey. Sustaining our life, and trying new things.

Using some of the ideas the Leo King shared from his May 15-21 2018 YouTube video, for what has been going on we see more with Uranus in Taurus. Taurus is stubborn and it sticks to its values, Uranus likes the new and spontaneous. Confront your ego and inflexibility with what you value in your life, as sometimes what you're attached to is making your life harder and things can be better and easier for you with exploring a different way. There is a slow growth to learning the value of new circumstances and things in our life. Try new things and give it a chance knowing you can always revert if you so choose.

The circumstance of self scrutiny, and personal values has been in the air. 

And the energy has been pushing for trying new ways of doing things, even if we think we know the best way for ourselves.  What do you have to lose? Maybe you learn you prefer your way, maybe you find something better for you, and maybe you discover things you didn't expect or know before. Enjoying the process of shift in keeping your personal understanding of your individual niche of personal support.

Ascending to bettering our circumstance, thus rippling new patterns of opening to a higher quality of life.

Moving forward to where we are now. The full moon peak is a little after 7 am, in Colorado on Tuesday May 29th, 2018. The moon will therefore look its fullest the night of Monday the 28th.

The Sun is in Gemini and the Moon is in Sagittarius. Its a time to shed, the fulfillment of the last moon cycle and shed for the next internal planting time of the new moon.

Gemini and Sagittarius are mutable signs. Moving the energy out, finishing and changing, switching and mutating.  Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, it has to do with finding the larger meaning, greater truth and it shoots over the horizon to greater perspective. Gemini is a mutable air sign, it is more interested in the details of informational truth, collecting data and interested in any and all information. Gemini is the iconic gossip sign.

This Full moon stimulates our information seeking centers. Hopefully we've been growing with mutable energy now that there's softness to the fixed 'permeant' energy there was. Looking at the chart of this moon there is soooo much energy bouncing around in the air. And the planets in the more stable earthly signs are making 'annoying aspects' or hard aspects (squares, oppositions, semi-squares and quincunx) to the other plants. I would interpret this time to feel like great change and turnover is rattling the cage, best one can do is flow with it, resisting is going to be very effortful, things will soften and be able to be more concrete feeling later.

For now, life is flipping over and our interactions with others are shifting, as well as our internal work with ourselves. Go with it, intention setting with this full moon will be charged towards with information gathering, and seeking the philosophical perspectives that you enjoy, ones that challenge you and some new ones. With the moon and Mercury opposing one another it is very likely to have mind/heart conflicts, so use the chaos to open yourself up and discover more of your personal potential. There may also be circumstances that demand us to be certain and forward while we don't feel certain. Go for it. Making a list of boundaries (what you are open to experience and what you are not), is powerful at this time. Know that reality will likely challenge what you are not open to, demanding you reenforce what you need and weaving a creative journey.

-AJ Caprikorn


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