Gemini New Moon - June 2018

By: AJ (Ariel) Amber

The peak of the new moon in Colorado, is about 1pm on Wednesday, the 13th, June 2018. The sun and moon will be at about 22 degrees in Gemini, in a conjunction with the midheaven and Mercury which is 10 degrees away hanging out at 2 degrees in Cancer.

There is the overall theme of the past few months--which have been intense for most of us--finally soaking in, and utilizing your intentions thus so for this new moon. Having the knowledge what you have hoped for previously, and being able to polish it with your current self's newfound understandings as you've been journeying through life. 

After watching Rick Levine's June forecast, his main take away was that June is a breath after many 'go-go-go' intense months this year. That this time is like finally arriving at the weekend after your most crazy hectic week, and then getting sick because you were finally able to catch up with yourself.

Well, maybe you have gotten literally sick or were able to absorb and get clarity around circumstances in your life. Hopefully, things have been feeling like they have found some completion, understanding, have been revealed, etc. In any case,  this month and this new moon is letting 'it all soak in'.  The time leading to the new moon is the culmination of past intentions before the new beginning. This would be a good time to review your past intentions. Utilize this absorbed information to re-empower intentions you have made before or modifying them for optimized growth.

The air of the Sun and Moon. There is a twist of 'deep and make it happen' with this information-loving, hard-to-catch Gemini. Gemini is a mutable air sign associated with the planet Mercury. It is the end of spring, pushing out the cool air and switching gears for summer's beginning. Air is a mental sign, Gemini is associated with Mercury, archetype of thoughts, communication, exchange and transportation. Mercury is also apart of this Gemini new moon (10 degrees away) giving it an extra kick of power.

The 'deep and make it happen' comes from Saturn, which is in Capricorn opposing Mercury, and Pluto, which is also in Capricorn quincunx the Sun and Moon (quincunx is an aspect of about 150 degrees, it is generally an annoying aspect in terms of the planetary interaction). Pluto in Capricorn says let's look at the structure and foundation of our life (or a certain aspect of out life) and rebuild it from the ground up. Capricorn is structure, Pluto brings transformation. The Mercury in Cancer/Saturn in Capricorn aspect is demanding to put thoughts and feelings into reality, 'don't just say it, think it, or feel it; do it.' Put your manifestation where your mind is.

The midheaven has to do with career, ambitions, aspiration, and life goal. Having the moon and sun there brings this feeling of wanting to communicate and bursting out at the seams to share your work. A drive to get ahead and attain your ambitions. And ego expression, as in, being firm in your personality and the 'doer' side of you.There is positive energy and drive that you can put into work if you focus it, and choose to do so. The motivation is available to tap into. Once again, reviewing past intentions can power a ripple effect for the future as you move forward with even stronger reenforced intentions. Like being able to review your crop and only selecting the most juicy, yummy strawberries to move forward with.

Like any planetary transitions, this new moon will be the most significant for those who have major aspects to 22 degrees Gemini in their natal birth chart. However, what has been shared is still a piece of the overall energy of the planet's atmosphere. We can tap into it, or it will play out and be expressed in our personal life unknowingly. 

I am happy to answer questions. I love reading birth charts and can give a reading from anywhere in the world to you or someone you know! Contact me via the LBL Contact Page with questions or to setup your reading!

Happy Living,

AJ Caprikorn


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