Capricorn Full Moon June 2018

The solstice just occurred on June 21st, announcing summer as the sun shifted into Cancer. Shining with the most daylight for the longest day of the year here in the northern hemisphere, (with a typical a-typical cloudy day in colorado), marking the halfway point in the year. The solstice is the when the earth’s axis reaches its maximum tilt to the sun as we work our way back to the equinox.

And a solstice tidbit with the signs, Sun and Moon. At the beginning of the year the Sun was in Capricorn and the Moon was in Cancer. Now, it is in reverse. The Sun is in Cancer and Moon is in Capricorn. This 'role reversal'  of the signs and the Sun and Moon will continue for the rest of the full moons until the next solstice (which will be the winter solstice for the northern hemisphere).

In Colorado, the peak of the full moon will occur at about 10pm on Wednesday June 27th, 2018. The Sun is in Cancer, opposing the Moon in Capricorn (making it a full moon in the sky). Along with the Moon is Saturn, still retrograde just one degree away from an exact conjunction with the Moon.

It is time for reward! Or, a time to check in and ask ‘did I take on too much?’ This Moon and Sun's passing interaction with Saturn opens a ‘check-in’ of our feelings and life with the karmic elder. Have we been putting in the work to meet those goals from the beginning of the year? Did we set the bar too high? Are you skipping or avoiding foundational steps to climb your mountain to success? Well, here is a time to enjoy the hard work you have put in, or look at what needs attention and adjusting to enable your own success. And it may be a combination of both and in different parts of your life. If all has been coming along, you’ll surly be receiving reward; breakthroughs, connections, feeling possible; as you’re moving on. 

But, that’s not all of what is going on, looking at the chart of the full moon, there are/will be 5 planets in retrograde(“going backwards”): Neptune, Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. Overall, it calls for a second look at things in our lives. If we don’t do it of our own initiative, we may experience ‘hiccups’ or ‘setbacks’ that demands our attention to look things over again. Mars is just recently going retrograde, and will be in retrograde or going over territory it has already been in for the rest of the year. This can make things more agitating, the degree of effect and intensity depends on how it interacts and aspects the planets in your personal natal birth chart. Though, it is not a bad idea to have healthy anger habits to express and process your experience anyway. 

In particular, for the chart of the full moon, Mars is opposing the North Node and Venus, squaring Jupiter and Uranus, and quincunx the Sun. Whoa, cowabunga! Those are all agitating aspects that may have what you are doing feeling as though it is taking you away from your main purpose, what you want and like. Possibly, we are avoiding random opportunities that don’t seem significant but could help us towards our goal in the long run, or the surprising changes happening appear to be setting us back. And in the short term they may feel like set backs. Hopefully, these ‘setbacks’ can instead be seen as opportunity for what we’re doing. Mars will pick up speed (moving ‘backwards’), and this time will pass. Don’t get too tied up in those feelings if they come up for you, and if anything use that moment of honing in on what are the 4 most important things and goals in your core of being. It is ok for them to take time and sometimes it requires us to change our definitions of success to realize what we have already achieved. Often we get so caught up in the pursuit, we don’t realize the ground we’ve covered!

The Sun in Cancer is driving the ego to make sure it is carving time into our daily and weekly routine for rejuvenation, as well as reflection. No joke. If you are not, you’re probably feeling it. And if you’ve been over indulgent in hiding from your duties, the sluggish lack of success feeling may be hovering. The Moon in Capricorn is asking us to put emotions aside, deal with them systematically and make sure our work is in align with our needs. It is stirring feelings of whether we are feeling worthy. So don’t get lost in ‘woe is me’ get system-magic, that’s right create a system and watch the magic unfold in your life. That’s a secret to the Saturnian Capricorn energy, draw a map, create rules and foundation, and the great reward of work manifests. Reflect and recall the most important things for you in life. Set some routines and boundaries.  Make sure to create time for both responsibilities and the activities which recharge you, achievement and rejuvenation. You will be so much more efficient and effective in your life if you allow yourself to feel whole and happy. And you can!

The Moon is considered to be at its detriment when in Capricorn, (I, myself, have my natal moon in Capricorn) because it is as far from home as it can get (its home is in Cancer, its traditional ruling sign). Capricorn is not as soft and sensitive as Cancer, to say the least. Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign, earth is associated with the material realm and manifestation. Capricorn is go-getter and restrictive, the planet associated with Capricorn is Saturn, ruler of rules, contracts and boundaries. Cancer is much softer, a cardinal water sign, associated with the moon! The moon is intuitive deep knowledge, feelings and rhythms. 

This is what makes this time good for reflection and making routines. If you already have that in place and it resonates with you, you’re likely reaping the reward of flow. You can be successful, you are successful, and you will be successful. Know that you matter and you are worth the work you put into yourself. Enjoy the fruits of your labor or be inspired to get your ducks in a row so that the reward of hard work can come around to you. 

Happy Living,

AJ Caprikorn