New Moon In Cancer - July 2018

Powerful and enabling, if you're down.

Good day, good day to all! It is eclipse season. With this new moon, a partial solar eclipse occurs,  not a full eclipse as the sun and moon are 15 degrees away from the lunar north node. The partial eclipse will only be visible to those in the Melbourne and Adelaide area in Australia (you may follow this link for more detailed info on the eclipse and visibility). Even if the majority of us don't get to see the partial solar eclipse, it will still impact our lives just as much.

Change isn't easy, though at the same time it is occurring all around in the chemical level of our brains and bodies, to the outside world, and the rotation of the universe. Often, when we get what we want, we're not happy with it. So there is this need to 'appreciate what is' instead of what isn't. Trying our best to enjoy the process, and going for it. There is only so much preparation we can do before approaching the unknown, believing in our capability and making the jump. A bird learning to fly must make the first jump. If you were honored with learning how to read and write, starting that process was challenging and bizarrely unfamiliar. After practice, it became second nature (or more easeful) than when we had never done it before. I swear things gain immortality in our lives by us repeating the practice of it--our morning routine, checking social media, driving, getting dressed--it adds up to a larger and larger portion of our life each time, yet they become forgettable with ease, unconscious. The things that we experience once, and often unexpectedly, stick with us forever. A death of a closed loved one, the first time you see a waterfall or the ocean, a vehicle accident, witnessing a full solar eclipse, a random act of kindness from a stranger and beyond. Impermanence is impactful and change goes around again.

With that to chew on, back to the technical stuff. The New Moon is occurring on July 12, 2018 with the maximum at about 9 pm in Colorado. Both the Moon and Sun are in Cancer, meeting at about 20, almost 21 degrees. The lunar north node will be located at 5 degrees Leo. (As a review the lunar nodes are not physical objects, they are intersection points of the earth's path around the sun and the moon's path around the earth). The north node, in part, represents the challenge--so we choose to accept it--which can bring balance to our life. The time leading up to the new moon is letting go and maturation of previous things. And the peak time and afterwards of the New Moon, is planting the seed of beginnings. 

There is an exact opposition to Pluto in Capricorn and Mars retrograde in Aquarius is opposing the North Node. The Sun and Moon are apart of a grand water trine, and a grand trine in earth is occurring at the same time. A grand trine is when there are three planets aspecting each other 120 degrees apart, each planet being a corner of an equilateral triangle. When grand trines occur each planet is in the same element of Earth, Air, Water or Fire. While there are other things going on, these will be the highlights of what I mention.

Starting with the opposition between the New Moon and Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto, the powerful under lord demanding transformation, you may see this in your home and or workplace. It is not uncommon around this time to experience great change or feeling the need to revamp how we are working things to feel stable in our current work. As well as the classic work/home time tug of war. Things at home or at your job can feel 'ripped out from under you', presumably from 'outside' forces or from our own internal need. Mars retrograde in Aquarius opposing the North Node, can bring up anger and frustration. Feeling limited in what you can do, maybe needing to retreat so you can reproach your 'battle' in life. We may feel challenged to connected to community for support, yet they can be very powerful at this time.  While this is going on, there is tension released and assistance offered through the grand trines. 

The grand earth trine is between Saturn in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus and Venus in Virgo. Overall, this trine brings stability and manifestation. Venus is more selective in Virgo, holding high standards in what feels good for us and our health.  Traditionally unpredictable, 'out of the box' Uranus finds more stability in Taurus, preserving things a little longer and needing a more thought out plan for change. And finally, Saturn enjoying being king in his home of Capricorn, being able to dictated the rules of ambition and achievement, responsibility and rules.  The cardinal earth sign of Capricorn initiates what needs to be done, the fixed earth of Taurus carry it out and the mutable earth of Virgo decides what can or has come to perfection and gets rid of what has not. Together these are grounding and enable manifestation.  

The grand water trine empowers the flow of the 'seed planting' beginnings of this New Moon, and catalyze our emotional and intuitive connection. Your intention matters, (really they always do, but having awareness of your intention is individually empowering) around this time you're planting a seed that can grow. This grand water trine is between the Sun and Moon in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio. Overall, this trine brings higher connection, intuition, sensitivity and nourishment. Neptune is home in Pisces, deeply connected to the dream world and other realities, allowing connection of self to higher self, and sometimes escaping from the bounds of reality. We do need to check out from time to time, in balance, it brings perspective and creativity! The Moon is a queen in her home in Cancer, as she holds hands with the Sun. This is biorhythms, intuitive knowledge and nurturing, even father Sun takes a more mothering role in his soul drive while hanging out in Cancer. As we are out in the world doing our life creating in the shared reality, Cancer calls us back home to was is comforting. We must remember replenishing in balance enables us to work harder. Lastly, Jupiter is so jovial, even if he is retrograde there is hardly a challenging aspect, as he is in Scorpio allowing the hidden to be revealed, the mysterious to be worked with and enabling us to expand in our power. The cardinal water sign of Cancer washes and nurtures, the fixed water of scorpio deepens in sensitivity picking up signals and holding onto power, and the mutable water of Pisces releases boundaries and reality's rules, receiving connection to everything, dissolving separation. Together these soften us, allow feeling and sensitivity to the larger picture. 

In the past months, I hope you can acknowledge how much has lead you to where you are now, being able to consciously or unconsciously plant a seed for your future. With this New Moon flirting with the North Node, being aware to include self-care, supporting physical self, mental, emotional and spiritual self. In all the 'doing you are planning' include the right amount of hiding. If you haven't attuned to what you're wanting, pay attention to the happenings in your life that may be un-exactly leading you to where you ought to be. All the while knowing where you are is where you should be, (even if where you are helps you realize what you don't want) and everything will work out. Your future can be met with trust and connection or the opposite and resistance. That rests in you!


Happy Star Living,

AJ Caprikorn