New Moon in Leo - August 2018

We are on the merry-go-round of life, and it's going backwards!

The peak of the New Moon is on Saturday, Aug. 11th at about 4 am in Fort Collins, CO mountain time.  The Moon will appear most empty the night of Friday, Aug 10th. For those of you that like to have a ritual, the time before the peak of the New Moon is more of a final completion and emptying, as opposed to the time after the peak of the New Moon which is new beginnings and sewing seeds of intention. With this Moon, there is a partial solar eclipse. An eclipse happens when the Moon and Sun are near or conjunct the lunar nodes. In this case, the Sun and Moon are 13 degrees away from the lunar North Node, so it is a partial eclipse. The closer the Sun and Moon are to sharing the same degree as one of the lunar nodes, the fuller the eclipse will be. The partial solar eclipse will be visible to the most north of North America, as in the Greenland area and Canada, as well as in north west Russia, and a bit of China. For more details on location visibility, you can visit this link: If you have had the pleasure of viewing a partial solar eclipse, you may know it is not very visible to the naked eye and requires special sun viewing glasses. Though it is neat none-the-less! There is much going on in Leo, many planets are retrograde and there is some intensity on the horizon.

Mercury, the Moon and Sun are all nestled in Leo, conjunct one another while they are a little over 10 degrees away from the lunar North Node which is also in Leo. Leo is a fixed fire sign, it is the middle of the season, for the northern hemisphere it carries us through summer. The fixed signs generally feel like the strongest part of its season. The fire is burning strong, we are not yet feeling the window of the fall (or spring in the southern hemisphere) vibes that Virgo brings. Leo is heartfelt, loving, playful and can bring some drama as well. The drama of Leo is apart of the shining in life. It's not always a bad thing the way the word drama can be associated, maybe thinking about drama as meaning bold and passionate, which can have many connotations. Mercury is 4 degrees away from an exact conjunction with the Sun and Moon. Mercury can make conversations and thoughts more heartfelt and passionate (knowing that passionate often means intense) around this time. Also....Mercury is still in retrograde!

With Mercury retrograde there becomes this unknown pressure of 'oh goodness I gotta do it now, hurry!'. Things feel urgent and needing immediate decision. Information overload, too many cars trying to go the same place and random detours. To work with this, it is a time to resist the rush and honor contemplation. It will bring long term value to contemplate decisions and read the fine print. If it still feels right then go through with it. So often this retrograde will put us in a big hurry and this is exactly when the trickster Mercury puts us in scenarios where we feel 'set back', like in a traffic jam, or having to go on teaching a dance class without music because somehow you forgot your phone. And, if you happen upon such a situation, we can discover yes we really need those things or yes it is possible without it! Also, lateness can get emphasized with Mercury retrograde. While in American culture and in some others it is rude to be late, sometime the planets are against you. So, as an anti-stress reminder, respect those waiting on you and know it is more harmful to shame yourself about being late. If you can help it do, if you can't, try to show up anyway and know there can be real beauty to 'lateness' in this story of time. Lateness can add to a cascade of intimacy that could have never been planned. What do we do with Mercury retrograde (which happens 3x/year), gosh darn it: laugh, flow, read the fine print. Holding onto attachments so hard as they shatter, will only ruin your day. Allowing things to be odd and cooky with loose plans around when and how things will exactly happen will secretly free you! 

Mercury is not the only planet retrograde, in fact another planet joined the retrograde club. Guess who? Uranus. The dear sudden-awakening and surprising Uranus, and while in the sign of Taurus. It is to no surprise to be expressing itself by shaking up our home and morals. Initiating situations that break and surprise our own personal values, money, home life, the home itself and what we believe on a deep level. This is our core, what you know as right, wrong and important in any of those categories, suddenly shaken up and feeling like they are going backwards! Holy wow and gee wiz, that's not all.

Of the 11 celestial objects on which I base my readings, only 4 (sun, moon, venus, and jupiter) are moving forward from the view of earth (the plants are not ever actually going backwards, they just appear that way form earth's point of view, like passing someone on the freeway, they look like they are going behind us, but they are going the same direction, just slower!). Our feelings, our lucky positive expansivness, our soul's path and what we like, are moving forward. So, with 7 objects moving backwards (Chiron, Pluto, Mars, Uranus, Mercury, Neptune and Saturn) makes this a great time for getting things done that we meant to before. Finishing old projects and intentions. Tying up loose ends. Clearing out old crap that was pushed aside and by finally getting to the things you said you would do. The energy is flowing in this direction, supporting this. Starting a new thing can meet bizarre and unforeseen challenges, while the old and 'I meant to do this' can flow naturally. Also, don't get too much in your head about it, let your natural sense of living occur. You will notice your internal radar.

Another highlight, going deeper into Chiron retrograde, which is opposing Venus. Man, what we like and what feels good may be confusing or causing a problem right now. And it is coming out karmically through relationships. Venus is in libra, the sign of relations and our outward balance and harmony, which is triggering experiences to learn from. It feels like it has an urgency and may be triggering big internal shifts. This is a chance to exit a karmic loop or repeat it to be learned again. Finding a way to shift something can feel confusing and straight up impossible, but there is a way. It can be done, and many a time it requires some space and openness to new ideas. Opening up to hear and see ways out of the impossible but solvable problem. So, 3d thinking in a 2d world. What we think of first during the drenching emotions often is the programming we have relied on, when, we must see more and be present with our wound, not just reacting. Frequently it is not the present situation we have a problem with, the situation is merely the trigger to something seeded deeper. You can ask yourself 'what is really bothering me', listen to your first natural response and think critically if there is there a deeper layer and if there is something you can do about it. And, are you resisting being able to help yourself? Honesty breaks most chaos and illusion. If one can tell the truth, especially to themselves the world of "he said, she said' drama is softened and stopped.

The partial solar eclipse is like having a foot in both worlds. The eclipse doesn't bring us all the way over as it doesn't come to full maturation. Never the less, we still experience this lapse and pull from the North Node to the Sun. As in, our souls journey (Sun) and our feelings and embodiment (Moon) being pulled with what we should be directing our life and energy towards(North Node). Which, can be very intense. For many of us, the North Node asks us to do that which we are not comfortable doing(there are those with charts that allow them to follow their North Node with ease). And with all this retrograde planetary energy, it can feel a lot like going backwards to revamp so much. At the same time, it is wonderful to tie up loose ends so we can have a cleaner, true beginning when the planets shift forward again.

If you remember back to the beginning of the year, we had some real 'go' to plant more seeds and grow into our destiny. Now, we are called back to clean up all the 'shit we've built up', so we can actually move forward. Sure, it might be nicer to forget about the old things we were going to do years ago, but this time (all the retrogrades) are demanding some clean up attention. So how best set your intentions and flow with the drive of reality? Ask yourself what needs cleaning up or attention so you can support moving forward later. And man, if you can put a little inertia towards it, I think it will take off and be of great benefit as we take care of and clear out some 'procrastination boxes'. Before we finish, remember Mars being retrograde can really heat up tempers, so if you've been more angry, it doesn't mean its ok to lash out, instead recognize your anger and see if you can cool it in kind ways to yourself and others. Lastly, it has been intense out there, and it can be hard to remember that it is only temporary. It will pass, even if it feels all life consuming at the moment. It will pass.


May tranquility find you amongst the storm,

AJ Caprikorn