Full Moon in Pisces - August 2018

A little bit of ease, finally. It has been quite the squeeze, maybe like living the experience, of being made into lemonade.

The Moon is in exact opposition to the Sun on Sunday, August 26th at about 5am mountain time, each will be at 3 degrees in opposite signs (the Sun in Virgo and the Moon in Pisces). The Moon will appear the most full Saturday night the 25th. For ceremonies, the time leading to the Full Moon is the building and full maturation of past intentions. While the time after, is the release and letting go which creates space for the seed of the New Moon to come. The time of the Full Moon is great for charging and reseting any precious stones, laying them out directly in the moonlight is most powerful, but be aware of stones that 'melt' in water (and maybe just place those on a windowsill that sees the moonlight).

The Sun has moved into Virgo as of Wednesday the 22nd. I don't know about you, but I felt it. Maybe it was the Sun's shift into Virgo and maybe it was also because the Sun made a trine with Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn to form a grand earth trine. But dang, it was like the 'power get-shit-done bug' bit me hard in the hiney. I'm feeling ready and focused for this Full Moon. If you've followed along you may remember that 6 planets and Chiron were retrograde!! Well, they still are but Mercury went direct and Mars goes direct following the Full Moon. Yes, something finally gave. I mean, even if you haven't followed along I can only imagine your version of 'what the heck life!?' that you have experienced the past two months or so. Anywho, back to some of the basics. 

Summer isn't over but you may have noticed the slight shift in the air. That would be the Sun in Virgo, making way for the season to change. Virgo is a mutable earth sign associated with the planet Mercury. With the Sun's shift, the essence of fall is becoming real and a buzz of preparing and organizing may be hitting your senses. If you recall or know already, Mercury is associated with both Gemini and Virgo. When in the form of Virgo, Mercury takes its information-loving-self to a detailed orientation. It sorts out the muck, and only wants the refined and perfected. The Moon, on the other hand, is in the sign opposite to Virgo on the zodiac wheel, which is Pisces.

Pisces is a mutable water sign. It not only ends a season, but also is the end of the zodiac cycle. Pisces ends winter (in the northern hemisphere), creating the stage for the new beginning of spring. Pisces is the culmination of all the signs and associated with the planet Neptune. It is dreamy, otherworldly and can be challenged to differentiate self from other because of its interconnectedness and understanding. The Moon stationed here may be calling you to feel more connected to others and feeling compassionate. It may spark some creativity and a need to express your personal art. On the flip side of the Neptunian/Piscinian feeling of being connected to everything, one can also become overwhelmed and depressed as 'over-compassion' gets bombarded and confusing. This leads to the escapist nature of Neptune. So, how to work this to your advantage? Go to your 'what helps me feel balanced' list or make one. Some examples could be: Hang out with friends, alone time, craft night, morning mediation, pajama dance off with the mirror, trying something new, organizing, doodling, bath time, petting the cat and breathing. Of course there can be many more. You are worth carving a little chunk of time, so there is no need to deprive yourself. Be smart enough to know how much-ish brings the balance you need, and then get back in the game!

On to the other planets. Mercury is picking up speed out of retrograde! Yay! Before, when Mercury was retrograde, shit felt pressured. Like it had to happen now and random annoying detours were happening. We made it through that, and all those eclipses. Now, things are softening and easing up a bit and the same life scenarios are feeling more manageable in comparison. But dang, that was intense, especially with all the other planetary movements. In other good news, Mars is stationary and about to move forward again around the time of the Full Moon. While Mars was retrograde, tempers were especially sensitive and easily set off. There was this feeling of wanting to take over the castle, yet really needing to retreat or being forced to retreat in some way (and retreating can be very beneficial, but at the same time hold frustration). So yes, four of the planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) plus Chiron are still retrograde, but with Mercury and Mars out of retrograde, it is like removing the vice grip on our thoughts, and what we are doing. Thereby allowing some flow in how we are thinking and manifesting our life in the world. 

There is another give. The grand earth trine the Sun went into brings a sense of stability. Not only that, it gets triggered by the Moon making the the aspect of a kite (which the aspect lines literally look like a kite) between the Sun, Moon, Uranus and Saturn. This is useful because it helps stimulate the grand trine, helping us to avoid the lazy side that can occur under this transit. A grand trine of any sort creates stability and ability to get things done. In the element of earth, it is more focused on the reality plane, grounded in the senses and manifestation.You may have been feeling more stable or sometimes, due to the self-efficiency factor of a grand trine, one can get more relaxed, comfortable and lazy. If this has been the case for you, do something about it, that way it can pay off once the trine shifts and goes away. As I mentioned before, the Moon is stimulating the Trine, (which, is in exact opposition to the Sun) supporting some get-it-doneness through our emotions. The Moon is the governor of our feelings and mood, and in Pisces is more intuitive and creative.

In recap, there are still planets retrograde so the theme of manifestation is still most effective when tending to procrastinated to-do's (vs brand new projects). This and regular living, has been made easier with Mercury out of retrograde and Mars just about to go direct with the Full Moon. Intention setting should be easier after all the crap you've been through in the last month or so as experience has hopefully brought some clarity in what you want in your life. Getting squeezed and shaped so you have a clearer idea of what is important to you, and buckling down to do the current possible steps to begin your climb to your goals, while taking time for activities which help you to feel balanced. We can do it!


Happy Star Living,

AJ Caprikorn