Full Moon in Aries - September 2018

Changing of the Times

This Full Moon occurs on Monday the 24th, at 2 degrees on the dot, with the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aires. In Colorado, we will experience this peak right before 9pm. This Full Moon is of the changing times, just two days before on the 22nd, was the equinox. The equinox occurs when the sun enters Libra, the archetype of balance. The light of day and night pass through a point of balance switching to the other side. Connecting us throughout the planet before flip flopping to shorter days in the Northern hemisphere or longer days in the southern hemisphere.

Libra is the initiate of a new season, a cardinal air sign associated with the planet Venus. Libra blows the winds of change shifting us Northerners into Autumn. Harmoniously the Moon spends its time in Pisces feeling sensitive and artistic, helping to end the season. Then our feelings are asked to be kicked into gear on Monday the 24th as the Moon shifts into Aires that afternoon. The Full Moon is that night, a beginning, a culmination and an end.

Aires is Libra's opposite. Associated with the planet Mars, fiery and driven. Libra is the diplomat, while Aires is about the self. The warrior carving its way through life, headstrong asserting its importance. These are all important energies, after all, the beginning of a new season needs the fiery Aires warrior kick, like a sprout busting through a seed at spring time. And so is the fresh wind of Libra needed to begin its season. Refreshing the air with balance, tipping the scales in the opposite direction. Here lies this Full Moon, the Sun shining in Libra opposed by the bright Aires Moon. A time to balance these energies within our self. Our self centric need and feelings with that of the outside application being in thoughtful balance as we continue on our journey. Full Moon intentions can reinforce any intentions of the equinox. This is a time to really call in what your heart is wanting, having time for its happy spaces. Observing your past time and taking what memories you want to build off of. Bringing your actions into balance. Have you been go-go-going like crazy? Well, its time to slow down. Have you been dragging your feet and avoiding action?? Time to act and kick yourself in the butt to do what you've been planning. Have you been dreading life and seeing only the challenges? Time to appreciate all the beauty you come by and love the blessings in your life. Or, have you been too positive, seeing the silver lining in everything to the point of not giving support to wounds that need healing or change? Review yourself, be honest in what could bring balance to your life. And set your intention for this change of season.

In other news, Mars is a big deal, as the Moon is in Aries, which gives whatever Mars is doing more importance. Also, Mars is relieving the pressure of this Full moon as it is making a sextile with the moon (and a trine with the Sun). Mars is in Aquarius and is opposing the North Node in Leo.  The challenge in our feelings can be relieved by what we do, and initiating radical things that are familiar may be a tendency. After listening the Leo King and Rick Levine, they point out that Mars is moving forward from its 3rd and final square to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus square Mars can mean identity change or conflict. The pressure of the changing of identity is softening. Chiron will be conjunct with the moon. This brings up our wounds. It can mean making decisions that helps our human experience, there can be tendency to avoid it, though this is an opportune moment. It is possible you have been integrating balance to working with your wounds and if not, it is possible for them to be in our face. There is also a quincunx of Uranus in Taurus to the Moon and Sun, so these decisions can feel irritating to our home, self worth or finances in the short term. Both Sun and Moon are squaring Saturn in Capricorn, there will be some thinking ahead that needs to happen before fully putting things into action. There is some tough stuff stirring, if our choices are in align with our deep soul needs there is some flow and relief. Also, once we take a step in our thought out direction, open your intuition to what alterations may need following along the way. It all comes back to balance in this time of Libra.

For those of us that are entering fall, moving towards the wintery time of reflection, the equinox is a special time to reflect on your life prior to this moment. Reviewing both the tough and easy times. What lessons have you learned? And, what do you wish to take with you? Finding that balance point in your being so you can go off into the dance of life again. The venutian in Libra loves the visual ascetic of beauty as well as outside circumstances being pleasant and equal. Relations; romantic, friendly or professional, are meant to have opposing sides that deserve to be represented and heard. This includes those different sides of yourself. A quick note, that Venus (the planet associated with Libra) is in Scorpio and will be going retrograde come the beginning of October. The gritty needs of our love for ourselves and others can come from this dark and raw need of Scorpio. Try to have some gentle understanding and patience with your needs and others when it doesn't feel possible. 

Happy Equinox, Happy Full Moon,

AJ Caprikorn