New Moon in Virgo - September 2018

Let's Kick it into Gear!

Fresh energy is powering the intention-setting for this Virgo New Moon. Virgo Sun and Virgo Moon will be exactly conjunct at about 17 degrees on September 9th, 11:00am mountain time. Saturn is about to go direct, there are may planets in the earth signs and there is a challenging yet secretly helpful opposition from Neptune occurring.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign, associated with the planet Mercury. It is a bit tough, yet wonderful. I like the 'get it done' vibe of Virgo, but it can be tedious at times. Health, hygiene and well being are important. Of course, the out of balance thing can hit, meaning things can feel challenged in health, as well as overwhelm to be organized. As in, perfection is 'so hard to achieve,' so why try? But, if you are reading this, you're putting forth the awareness in order to direct the energy to your well being and to getting some fall setup and organization done. My grandma once shared a Chinese proverb in a moment I was feeling overwhelmed, it went something like: "A person can eat an elephant one bite at a time". Piece by piece we can accomplish so much by focusing our attention to the first thing we can get done.

Earth signs bring vibes that make doing and creating very possible in the reality realm. This New Moon chart is very earthy. Mercury is also in Virgo, just 10 degrees away from the Sun and Moon. It is speeding though at its quickest right now, briefly making a Grand earth trine to Uranus in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. Both of which are at 2 degrees while Mercury will already be at 6 degrees and moving on at the time of the New Moon. None-the-less it gives us a little kick in the 'mind-pants' connection to ideas we want to get done. What structures may need breaking down to do it (Uranus in Taurus), and the powerful determination of Saturn in Capricorn can help task master our way to our goal. Lastly, Mars will be at the 29th and last degree of Capricorn, with Mars exalted in Capricorn (meaning at its strongest). The focus of Capricorn allows Mars' 'fresh initiation' to follow through and complete things (as opposed to starting a bunch of new projects left unattended). This is great energy to kick off some new intentions. Oh, also, Saturn is moving out of retrograde and beginning to move forward again! This brings some big flow. I enjoy the Leo King's example that Saturn going direct in Capricorn (its home sign) is like the train arriving at the station. We've been ready with our bags packed to board the train, and now the train is in ear shot. Finally, all those things you've been intending to build in your life, and all the de-procrastination you may have done, can now begin its manifestation and work.

Also I want to touch a little on some of the challenges some of you may be experiencing, which in part may have to do with Chiron making a trine to the north node in Leo and a sextile to the south node in Aquarius. There can be an edgy flow hitting our wounds and making us panic and want to jump off from what we've been building. Second guess or dealing with unexpected situations. The kind that aren't debilitating, but feel like a set back in some way. Keep going. Frequently, we want to ignore these things as you keep going--but if you didn't jump off--it would be of great benefit to call yourself out so you can build a way to support yourself the way you need to be, so you follow your definition of success (which sometimes, your definition of success needs to be redefined).

How to set your intentions: What have you been wanting? What do you feel you need? How is your emotional, spiritual, mental and physical health? What do you want your work time and free time to be like? What feels like the key priorities? What are the next steps to supporting these goals, and what can you do now?

There are a handful of other things to keep in mind with the charts. For instance, the dark lord Pluto is in Capricorn making a trine to the Sun and Moon. This will bring out our deep survival need. Feeling passionate about how bad we want those things in our life. So, know that what you are setting your intentions for now, may soften in its passionate need for better or for worse, as this aspect transitions. Also, there is a big deal watery aspect in the mix. The inter-dimensional Neptune is hanging out in its home of dreamy Pisces in a direct opposition to the Sun and Moon. I've heard a handful of astrologers mention this aspect as a warning that you may feel disillusioned and lost in your our version of reality. So yeah, that may be a possibility, but I get a different feeling with this aspect amongst the rest of the chart. I find that this Neptune in Pisces opposing Sun and Moon in Virgo brings a balance to the chart. There is so much in earth going on, that I think one could get overly caught up in the story of what is real, and this contradiction of Neptune knocks on the door of our minds and offers imagination! It is a reminder that "imagination lays the tracks for the reality train to follow". It allows us to be inspired and imagine what could be. Actually visualizing and experiencing many possibilities for the future--in our minds and hearts! Sure, it may not happen exactly that way, but it is beautiful how the journey grows as we follow our inspiration. Take one step at a time in reality and use this utilize these dreams and your connection to spirit to enjoy the challenge to help you grow into your path.


Happy Star Living,

AJ Caprikorn


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