Full Blood Moon Total Eclipse

Nine years in review and a spark of creativity!

It's eclipse 2 out of 5 for the year. Lunar eclipses are during full moons (such as this one) when the Sun and Moon conjunct the lunar nodes. The Sun and Moon are in exact opposition at 10:15pm, on Sunday January 20th. The Moon will be in Leo at 0 degrees and the Sun will be in Aquarius at 0 degrees. The lunar North Node is in Cancer at 24 degrees (the nodes move backwards through the degrees, so they started at 30 degrees and are working towards 1 degree). The moon at 0 degrees Leo, the sign after Cancer, which is siting just 5 degrees away from the Lunar North node. Same for the Sun and the South node, thereby there is a conjunction with a 5 degree orb and a Lunar eclipse. One of the cool things about lunar eclipses is that the area of visibility is much larger than a solar eclipse. Pretty much if it is night, you can see the eclipse with the naked eye. This will be visible to us in Colorado on January 20th, the beginning of the partial eclipse is at 8:30pm, with the peak at about 10:15pm, and ending around midnight.

The astrology of it all, last year ended the 9 year period of the Moon's nodes in Aquarius and Leo. This Full Moon with the Sun and Moon in Aquarius and Leo reignites learning from that time. That period of time centered around what our heart's desire and purpose is, along with feeling we are contributing to society. This Full moon sparks creative drive with potential memories of our personal discoveries from last nine years. This brings the joy of the challenges overcome or if that had been suppressed, your heart's needs will once again bring about scenarios in which it can be acknowledged. In full, this Full Moon eclipse is a check-in regarding, if what we are putting our work into (Capricorn lunar South Node) and our balance of home and rejuvenation (Cancer lunar North Node) is in alignment with our heart's purpose (Moon in Leo) and brings the feeling that we are contributing to and progressing society (Sun in Aquarius).

The other planets in sky and their messages are not so different from their support for the New Moon two weeks ago. Mercury is in Capricorn still invoking our thoughts for planing and feeling prepared. Pluto in Capricorn is asking for transformation of yourself and the work you are doing. Saturn is alongside, demanding you continue to face the responsibility of your choices, never surprised by their consequences. The Sun, now in Aquarius, shifts some focus to your contribution to society and seeing that purpose. The Moon in opposition to the Sun, is in Leo calling with your heart to feel aligned with what you are living (or needing the shifts to be in alignment) so you are living from your heart's drive while allowing the mind to follow. Mars is moving through its home sign of Aires taking turns with each planet in Capricorn and making squares to them. Having this square aspect friction has us being ready to go, but meeting resistance individualized by the planet with which it is squaring. Right now the most tension is between Saturn and Mars, creating a dance of stop and go, a feeling of 'now is a the time' and a 'wait a minute' is there something we have to take care of first, before we go for the bigger jump of our end goal? What nit-picky or paper-pushing responsible actions do when need to put into action for our journey to our achievements? What do we need to do for things to run smoothly? Maybe it's taxes, waiting on the government shutdown to be over, tying up loose ends, putting structure to your schedules, discipline on your money or a movement schedule you can maintain. There are many possibilities, honing in on your life personally and what you know really needs your attention.

Neptune eases the tension of the Saturn-Mars square with a sextile to Saturn, reminding us to be unattached to these exact goals and processes. To allow our dreams to carry our inspiration around other corners and let the mystery of the unknown fill in the details. As my father reminds me, I'll also share his wisdom with you, and that is "To do your duty". If ever things feel overwhelming bring yourself into the now and realize what needs your attention in front of you, this is your duty of the moment. It may be as simple as the task at hand to focus on eating, cleaning, listening, or the sometimes challenging task of breathing. Coming back to steady full breaths at anytime of stress resets the nervous systems and opens up more of your brain and higher centers for use.

The Saturnian and Capricornian energies can feel challenging to work with, but are powerful in our lives. When we harness responsibility there is much that can happen. This Full moon eclipse sparks creativity, open your intentions to receiving these messages, being able to listen to the drive and inspiration within you. And, to be brave enough to follow the drive. Know you are deserving of allowing yourself to be happy and to be thankful for the things, people and learning around you. And really, if you have something you love to do or be, that that in itself is valuable. Bringing your passion to life makes the whole world a better place!

Happy Inspirations,

AJ Caprikorn

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For more details on the eclipse and locations of visibility visit: https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2019-january-21