New Moon and Solar Eclipse - January 2019

Capricorn to the 6th power. Grow your Dreams.

Talk about a serious start to the New Year! On the 1st of January, the Sun was conjunct Saturn in its home of Capricorn. Now, just a few days later we have the 1st of 5 eclipses for the year. The New Moon Solar eclipse is on Saturday, January 5th at 6:28pm, Colorado time. The Moon and Sun meet at 15 degrees in Capricorn and they are about an 11 degree orb of the Lunar South Node. The moon will be blocking the Sun, however this occurs at night for us in Colorado, so the eclipse will not be visible, nor does it reach totality. Aside from the South Lunar Node in Capricorn, Mercury will have just moved in at 1 degree Capricorn, and Pluto is at 20 degrees and Saturn is at 12 degrees sandwiching the Sun and Moon. What a line up for starting the year.

This New Moon is a setup and preview to the following year as these same planets will be in Capricorn with the addition of Jupiter joining the crowd January 2020. Plant a serious seed that you're willing to work for as it grows into 2020 with this New Moon eclipse. This time and the time leading up to now may have felt brutal to some, as Capricorn is known as the karma-bringer, bringing you the fruit of your labors or lack there of. So, decide what you want to grow towards and be willing to work for it. 

Some of the planets in review, Chiron is at the end of Pisces, Uranus in the end degrees of Aires, and the Lunar North Node is, of course, in the opposite sign of Capricorn, Cancer. Our feelings and desires are represented by Venus who is still at the end degrees of the depths of Scorpio. There is self-power and seriousness about her as she makes her way out of Scorpio. Venus is demanding her boundaries and releasing the pressure of Capricorn as she makes a grand water trine to the Cancer North Node and Chiron in Pisces. This grand trine gives a release and ease of completion to lessons learned on a deep level, sometimes unconscious.

Furthermore, The dark and deep transformative Pluto asks for, exactly that, deep transformation from which you will never look back. The seed you have or will plant with this New Moon will instill changes in your life. Change can be challenging and unsettling though, when it is said and done, it’s wonderful. Mercury is making its pass through Capricorn and is stimulating your thoughts to think everything out, to plan for the longterm, and call in the details of ‘what if’ to prepare and have well thought out goal setting. Saturn, who is a King in his castle in the home of Capricorn, is overseeing what the other planets are doing, only to soften slightly to the depths of Pluto and the dreaminess of Neptune (Neptune is in Pisces making a sextile to Saturn, the Moon and Sun). Aside from that, Saturn is cracking the whip and reminding the rest of the planets and parts of yourself to be responsible and own the consequences of your decisions. 

Ok, stepping aside from some of the Capricorn seriousness, what else is happening here? Well, you can enjoy your cheerleader Jupiter. He will be here until November and is joyous, bright and hopeful in his home of Sagittarius. It is supportive of expansion of your horizons, ideas, learning and travel. Jupiter here is best satisfied if you can find excitement in what you are choosing to learn next by expanding your knowledge, experiences and abilities. Make sure your goals include this, it will feed your soul!

With that said, there are many plants at home here. It is uncommon to have so many slower moving planets at home at the same time. Namely, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces, and Saturn in Capricorn. They all are in their power and comfortable giving more bang for your buck. And a personal planet is at home, as I mentioned in my previous blog, Mars is busting into Aires!  Or rather it did, and is at 3 degrees Aires with this New Moon. This really gives a new start and pow to your intention setting! Mars is ready to go and starting his 2 year journey through all of the zodiac.  Mars likes to be expressed by physically doing things, such as exercise, and can get pent up and pissy if it doesn't get an outlet. Movement can be a great thing to add to your routine or make sure it stays in your habits. There is some conflict between 'ready to go' Mars in Aires and 'think it through' Mercury in Capricorn they are making a square to one another. I recommend finding steps that feel ready to put into action that will help you build your long term goals to satisfy these pulls. Mars wants action and Mercury wants you to double check everything. (I personally used this energy to initiate some things I've already be wanting to do (for about a year) to further my business for a while). So maybe you also have some things you think “I’ve been wanting to do this, now thief like a good time”.

Off to Neptune, listening to Molly McCord's New Moon eclipse video (link below), I really like her interpretation of Neptune's interaction in the chart. In fact, it has been something I've lived by being a Sun in Pisces with a 6 planet stellium in Capricorn. My life motto and this Neptune making a sextile to the New Moon is “flexible plans”! Plan and have a goal, a mountain top in mind but allow a flow. As you are taking steps to your dreams allow a flexibility as to how the end goal is, don't get too caught up in exactly how you want everything to look and be. This unattachment to precise achievement allows a happy flow, and for the universe to bring you opportunities for an even better and complete achievement of your goal in a way you couldn't imagine. Even if that goal transforms along the way. So yes, plan, cross your t's and dot you i’s, all the while leaving space for magic!

Happy empowerment to change your life and work your dreams into a reality!

~AJ Caprikorn

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Molly McCords youtube video: