Full Supermoon in Virgo February 2019

Spaced out and working hard.

The Sun is in Pisces exactly opposite the Moon in Virgo. They oppose one another at exactly 0 degrees and 42minutes, just before 9am on Tuesday, February 19th (Colorado time). While the Pisces nature may be beckoning procrastination and escape, the planets in Capricorn and Taurus are giving substance for manifestation. This Full moon is a 'checking in' time, Mercury is in Pisces and will return here as its first retrograde is coming. Utilize this last squeeze forward for crossing your t's and dotting your i's--and no need to worry, that eventual retrograde will let you know of the things you missed. 

Image from: https://www.timesnownews.com

Image from: https://www.timesnownews.com

Virgo is a mutable earth sign associated with Mercury. Earth manifests, and mutability stirs change. Virgo is detailed and seeks the next level of perfection. Virgo rules the digestive system. In our bodies, the intestines decide what is worthy to be kept and what is not and should be eliminated. Virgo digests and process information, holding onto what is valuable until the new truth replaces it. The opposite sign, Pisces, is a mutable water sign associated with Neptune. Water is emotive and intuitive. Pisces is the 12th zodiac and has a mix of all of the signs into the Mystic archetype. Pisces is kind and compassionate.
Mercury (the planet associated with Virgo) is in Pisces conjunct Neptune(the planet associated with Pisces), fueling our mind and feelings to this Pisces Sun. The Sun radiating in Pisces is calling us to check out the need to put things off, worry about it later and escape. How could this be used in a positive way, in your life? Well, I'll say there are helpful ways of checking out and its important to do so. Looking to the Virgo Moon, it centers on our personal well being--the food we're eating, what we're feeding our mind, our movement in our bodies--and our ability to meet our daily responsibilities. So, can you incorporate things that help you recharge and are good for your health? Like yoga or mediation, dance class? Or, are you someone that needs time in a book or a movie? Make time for all of those things, you can make them rewards and intermix it with your daily duties. Feed the animals, feed you, source of income, keeping your mind sharp and at ease. Bathing and good hygiene go a long way. 

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With the Trine and sextile that Mars and Uranus (they are conjunct while straddling the border of Aires and Taurus, Uranus is at the last degree of Aires and Mars is moving forward in Taurus) are making to the Sun and Moon, there is faith to follow through with your plans. Check-in with your expectations for yourself and make sure you're being reasonable. Yes you can have bigger goals, but be reasonable with your daily quota and reward yourself along the way. Everything you do matters, you are a culmination of what your did before, and the present is an opportunity to make ripples into your future you are always in. So yes, eat your 'chocolate cake' did your eat your vegetables first? did you pay that bill and prepare your taxes? Ok, well get at least some of that done and reward your self with 'escape time'.

Venus in Capricorn is also playing into the 'work and then reward'. Venus is more reserved in Capricorn and there is a sense of 'earning pleasure', especially with Saturn Conjunct Venus, looking over her shoulder. Saturn is making sure the 'ducks' are in order. The pull of the Pisces Sun will be softening your need of exact perfection. And, we still get to ride this fiery inspiration to expand our horizon with Jupiter in Sagittarius, until the end of the year. In sum, how is your health and what shifts can you make to support your well being? Are there things in your 'new years resolution' or your future goals that dropped off that you want to pick back up? Now is a time to use all the planets moving foreword to add anything that slipped in the cracks that is actually important to you. Allow appropriate escape time, then get back to your responsibilities so you can chill and have fun-time again.

Happy Full Moon,
AJ Caprikorn