New Moon in Aquarius - February 2019

The Time is Now.

This New Moon signifies the lunar new year. Each new moon is a time for beginnings, as the cosmic father and mother meet in the sky. The Sun and Moon make their conjunction at 15 degrees Aquarius on Monday, Feb 4th, at about 2 in the afternoon (Colorado Mountain time). The North Node in Cancer is acting as a handle to a bucket as the rest of the planets are distributed between Sagittarius and Aires (Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces and Aires). Mercury has just passed the Sun and Moon, and there is a cosmic drive forward as all planets are direct. This gives the New Moon an even bigger pow for new beginnings. If there was ever a time to initiate those dreams, now is the time. There is also the feeling of a reset, or a 'clean slate' as many of the slower moving planets are at home. This is special and won't happen again in our lifetime. Also, this is Mars' last degrees in its home of Aires, where it will return to in 2 years.

All of the planets are moving forward! The universe is signaling the green light. Many of the planets are in cardinal signs and in fire signs, both of which invoke a 'go get it' vibe. Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn, Aires, Libra) begin a new season on the earth, as well as give a strong push for any beginning in your personal life. Fire signs (Aires, Leo, Sagittarius) are intuitive and provide drive and passion. Specifically, I'd like to Highlight Mars in this New Moon chart. Mars is in Aires (the cardinal fire sign), it is particularly good at starting things--not necessarily good at follow through--however, later this month Mars will transition into Taurus, (a fixed earth sign). Mars in Taurus will give substance to the new beginnings you are growing with this New Moon therefor enabling follow through. Whatever it is you've been growing and thinking about, now is the time to put it forth, and will cosmically be supported to grow roots. At the very least, I recommend utilizing the planetary vibrations by planting your intention and shifting your mindset to align your being with this future. The future you would love to be living in, put aside your mind of how. Thereby living each day open to opportunities to take you forward to this state of existence you have intended. Take the leap to believe fully in the future you are creating, and feel it existing right now. 

The North Node in Cancer, at the handle of the bucket to all the other planets, is emphasizing to add recovery time into your great plans of action and doing. It is so essential to have 'unplanned time' and free time. Amazing things can happen when there is space for it to come into your life. If every moment is filled, the unknown skips you or has to create big events to get your attention. Allowing rest and recovery truly opens the doors for improvement and progress. This reminds me of the quote by Lao Tzu, 'Nature never hurries, yet everthing is accomplished,' using that quote as a reminder that it doesn't all have to happen at once. There are things to be experienced at each step you take up the stairs, enjoying that journey. And remember nature works in cycles and rhythms, you are a being of nature with your own rhythms and cycles. So take breaks and allow magic to happen between all of your hard work.

I haven't even talked about Aquarius, well the Sun and Moon are there, as well as Mercury. Aquarius is an air sign, it is fixed--making it the middle of a season--and it is masculine. Aquarius is the water bearer--thats right--it's so odd it's known as the water bearer, but is an air sign (Rick Levine points this out in his February video). Air is mental, water is emotional, Aquarius is much more intellectual than it is emotive. It rules electricity and the nervous system. Its associated planet is Uranus. Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, provoking new and forward thinking, sparking brilliance to imagination and add to your dreams and goals. Archetypically, Aquarius is the Genius, the rebel, mad scientist, the shaman that lives at the edge of the village. While they like being different and somewhat removed from the rest of their peers, it can feel isolating. They are the innovator, Aquarius is out of the box and pushing humanity to the next level. Aquarius is community, yet being a distinctive odd individual. The Sun and Moon are shining on the importance of this archetype. Naturally or consciously include your place in community and your expression as a unique individual in your intentions. Love and honor these parts of yourself, know that you belong. It is ok to have a different way of doing things, its exactly how new ways and things are invented! Some things stick, somethings take time to be realized of their importance, and other things stay only important to the individual. Uniquely you. 

Stay true, be you and give yourself permission to live, feel connected and love your life.

~AJ Caprikorn

***We all contain fragments of all of the zodiacs expressed through the planets and their location when we were born. There is a moment at birth when our body's immune system differentiates from self and other. This happens after we leave the womb and our skin meets the air, taking our first breath. We astrologers use the exact time when you were born to get as close to the moment of immune differentiation, in order to see where the planets were to interpret our personal star vibrations as we continue our human journey. If you were ever curious and would like to receive a birth chart reading I am available to do so from anywhere in the world! 

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