Full Moon in Libra - March 2019

A peek at the new You, the balance and resistance.

Photo by: Caleb Jensen Photography

Photo by: Caleb Jensen Photography

The Sun and Moon oppose one another at 0 degrees (The Aires degree). The Sun having just moved into Aires, and the Moon into Libra, are an exact Full Moon at the same time of the equinox! Happy Equinox, the light is in balance with the Libra Full Moon. This 0 degrees gives more 'pow' to the Aires energy as it is the beginning of the degrees--"the new start"--just as Aires is the beginning of the zodiac, the new start of the zodiac circle. 

Aires is the self, Libra is relationship. Aires is a cardinal fire sign, Libra is a cardinal air sign. While they oppose one another--like anything--they are a mirror and need one another. The ruler of Libra is Venus, in the sky Venus is in Aquarius. This brings the attention to our individual funkiness and what makes us different, with the need to connect with others who have or understand that same uniqueness. Mars is the ruler of Aires, in the sky Mars is in Taurus bringing stability to the doings that we put into action. However, that Mercury retrograde in Pisces is still muddling up our thoughts, letting our gut lead and logic follow later, on a different path. 

Relationships (romantic, friendly, work-related and acquaintances) bring a reflection of the self. While time in isolation can help us peel the layers down and reflect, time with others brings that mirror of different parts of ourselves, as well as conversations to explore oneself--both are important.  Confidence in one's self may be feeling extra challenged by the Sun's conjunction to Chiron. Chiron can bring a lack of confidence or 'wounded' feeling as it is at 1 degree Aires, stirring up feelings. In addition, there's a confusion from Mercury retrograde in Pisces, our thoughts and communications are probably feeling a little uncertain. Trust yourself...how? Well go internal--to the heart, to the gut, to be willing to listen, and move towards what feels right. For those of you that 'play it safe', I can't emphasize enough the importance of trusting odd impulses at times. And it may not even be something unusual to follow, it maybe a lack in confidence in your 'regular' self, and a need to still have faith. After all, you've made it this far. Also, find those moments for detox, away from media. Do something you haven't done in a while, connect with a friend and be willing to ride the wave--believing in the journey.

Photo by: G Mark Art

Photo by: G Mark Art

There are challenges regarding expansion. In the astro-world Jupiter is having a lot of squares (to the Moon, Sun, Chiron, Neptune and Mercury). In our day to day world, it's coming out as limits in how we're feeing some range of uncertainty, invisible resistance and 'lack of confidence'. I recommend to, as best you can, not take those feelings personally. Keep going knowing it will all work out. Things don't have to be clear and make sense all of the time, so practice releasing control. There is a time to cross t's and dot i's, but now is not that time. If you've been trying to do that, it's probably been like an uphill battle. Let life flow, watch the rain and its beauty, the sun will be out soon. Be open to the Pisces 'go with the flow'. 

The opposition of Pluto to the North Node in Cancer, may have old feelings and experiences re-surfacing. Things you thought were done and hadn't thought of in awhile are coming back to mind. While you are changed from these experiences and will never go back, you may be called to make peace with it again (or for the first time). Allowing each scar and learning experience be apart of the resilient, strong and amazing person you are today.

In sum, a new sense of self, yet mildly confused. It’s new, not quite predictable, and letting go to move to the new you. Believe in what you want to happen, deep in your passion. Have trust in the sometimes seemingly rocky road. The best adventures are unplanned. Would it be worth watching as a movie without some unpredictability?

You got this,

AJ Caprikorn

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