New Moon Astrology - March 2019

Mercury Retrograde, and your spirituality...

The Sun and Moon conjunct at 15 degrees around 8am (Colorado mountain time) on Wednesday morning March 6th. They meet in Pisces and make a conjunction with Neptune (which is at 16degrees Pisces) giving hyper power to this Pieces New Moon. Swimming in the same waters at 29 degrees Pisces is Mercury, stationed to go retrograde and reaching out with a conjunction to Chiron who has moved into Aires nearly at 1 degree. Mercury will be retrograde until March 28th.

What does it all mean? Different things to different people, sharing the same flavor of loud Mercury in Pisces. Mercury is transpiration, exchange of goods thoughts, words, and other things of that nature. In Pisces, Mercury is rather watered down and checked out, exploring the easy going flow of Pisces or frustrated by it, while being lost in the moment. Mercury in Pisces brings the focus more to the communication within ourselves and our connection to spirit (or however you have align to define it in your life, whether it is God, Oneness, Gravity, the Cosmic Ah, Great Spirit or something else). This connection is emphasized along with the need to shed or let go of anything weighing you down.

With all the Capricorn energy we've been experiencing, including the South Node, Saturn and Pluto still in Capricorn, our destination, our goal, that which we are striving towards-is clear. We've already been climbing the goal of our mountain top. This New Moon is a chance to shed. What things, patterns, relationships or physical stuff has been weighing you down as you make your way upward? It may be a limiting belief putting obstacles in your path. if your goal or destination in life has been unclear, this letting go will bring the clarity you have ben seeking.

Art by Logan Nard

Art by Logan Nard

Neptune, who is the historic ruler of Pisces, fuels power to the end of a cycle and the 'letting go' nature of compassionate Pisces. Neptune is dreams and other dimensions. Mercury's conjunction with Chiron (before moving backwards in degrees in Pisces) gives more emphasis to this letting go, you may need to re-hash some lesson you felt you was complete. Or experience tests to enact your own learning. Know that while letting go can feel awful in some circumstances, it is alway creating space for something new. Chiron is the wounded healer, that wound which makes us human and we are in human form to learn about. It is karmic healing. This New Moon brings potential for personal big karmic shifts.

A little more about Mercury in retrograde. The appearance of a planet in retrograde means the planet is closer to earth, and is 'speaking' louder. This retrograde of Mercury will be moving back to the early degrees of Pisces, evoking where you felt like you were progressing back in mid-Feburary. This may take some re-wiring externally, although my bet, with all this Pisces, is your key will lie within. It will be of benefit to exorcise your internal connection to the Devine, re-align yourself with the goals you set before, re-connecting to your spiritual practices and moments of re-flection. Allowing yourself to re-set and re-lax through the madness that may or may not demand attention. A lot of 're-'words happen with retrogrades (which is why I hyphenated the previous 're' words). This re-doing and re-checking, along with letting go.

This letting go is much without words as Neptune blurs the lines and information with illusion and spirituality. You must go inward to your sense of true being to guide you through that letting go which Pisces brings. In preparation for new beginnings, then cycle begins again.

So use this New Moon for supporting yourself through this growth. You may use the mantras: "I align with the Divine within. My Spirit is beautiful and I am ready to shed that which is to be let go and is weighing my spirit, mind, body and soul down, so I can full-fill my destiny and be in alignment with my true self. I express myself though kindness and compassion". Of course you can come up with your own and modify these as suits you.

Happy Star Living,~AJ Caprikorn

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