Aires New Moon Astrology - April 2019

The energetic new year!

The peak of the New Moon is nearly at 2 am on Friday, April 5th. The Sun and Moon are in Aires meeting at about 15 degrees. Start the Fire and start the year, here is the season of creation and all that new beginnings Jazz. It’s Aires time, the first of the 12 zodiac. We see the power of spring rearing to bust out of the winter. Aires is this drive and pow of the sprout bursting through the sleepy seed and emerging out of the ground. What will be your adventure this year? What do you want to feed your energy into? What is worth your time? Do it!!

We can see the sunny days and active parts of our life bubbling with existence. This new moon is planting the energy we wish to use and emerge with us out of our contemplative winter.

Aires New Moon

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is in Sagittarius making a far trine to Uranus in Taurus and the Sun and Moon in Aires. This is Supportive of new beginnings, expanding our horizons and helping things to feel possible. Listening to Molly McCord’s New Moon youtube video (link below) she points out that the Moon, then the Sun will make an exact trine with Jupiter after making a square to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This is all significant. Aires is an impulse energy, it gives the drive to go--generally--before thinking at all(but is necessary at times!). As we take the leap with this New Moon, we will experience a reality check and transformation as the Sun and Moon aspect Pluto and Saturn. Saturn will help us decide if we can commit to our leap and Pluto will help it melt and reform in its existence. While these confrontations can feel challenging, we come out better on the other side. And we really will as we get some feel good support from Jupiter after the potentially challenging squares.

Jupiter will be stationed to go retrograde, making our expansion more internalized, and onward with our spiritual growth. In all reality, it is this connection to our internal health and balance which enables large shifts on the outside.

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Mercury is direct! The retrograde is over and Mercury is working its way back into speed as it retraces its steps out of its shadow (degrees it was in before its retrograde). Therefore is still in Pisces, maybe a little dazed and dreamy in our world of thoughts, but it feels good. Mercury is running away from its conjunction with Neptune, as Venus is scooting closer (approaching a  conjunction with Neptune). Venus loves Pisces, it feels good and is luxurious. Do things that feel good, don’t get totally lost in it. However, with the challenging aspects in the sky and the Trine to the North Node in Cancer, down time is very important. Listen to your self, go inside and hear the call of you heart and the needs of you body. These times of reset can be useful to bring clarity as to what you’re ready to grow with.

Life exists in cycles, one after another with layers amongst it. Needless to say, enjoy each part in the moment and the task needed at hand. So often, we think we want it all and to have it all now. However, there is a heart beat, a breath and a rhythm within our small beings and connected to all of the universe and beyond. So initiate that thing you’ve been waiting to jump forward. Be wise and know there may be challenges to face to strengthen your journey, and that's a good thing. Of course there is even more to come later, that will thicken the roots of what you grow, such is the nature of cycles. Waning and waxing like the moon.

Mars is important to note as it is the planet associated with Aires. Mars in Gemini is giving oomph to our thoughts, maybe in an overwhelming way and driving the need to multitask. A square between Mars and Venus in Pisces is recommending we let some of the multiple tasks go and move with what feels good, to be creative and find unconditional love for yourself amongst the upbeat chaos. If the demands you’re navigating bring anxiety or overwhelm, go inside to that place where you remember how small your problems are, that everything has a larger picture beyond the human experience. Take care of your body and honor the down time. In the honor of Aires, bust out and take a risk on being you.

Happy self-investments and beginnings,

AJ Caprikorn

Molly McCord's New Moon video: