Full Moon in Scorpio - May 2019

Transformation for your inner peace.

Scorpio Full Moon

The Full moon is at peak on Saturday May 18th, 2019 at about 3pm. The Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio will exactly oppose one another around 27 degrees. Mercury is an important contender as it approaches a conjunction with the Sun and a trine with Pluto and Saturn (who are both in Capricorn). Taurus preserves and Scorpio transforms. Like any Full Moon, opposite signs are represented to make a whole. Scorpio is the hidden, the magic from within created by mystery and associated with powerful Pluto. Taurus shows all its beauty through the senses, pleasure of sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Taurus is the blossoming flowers of spring and associated with pleasurable Venus. Both are fixed signs, Scorpio can be emotionally stubborn and Taurus can be literally stubborn, often around what  will or will not be done.

In this chart, much of the focus is around physical creation and establishment with all the earth in the chart. What we are putting in and making happen in our reality. Its a lot of drive of the grit and do, alongside some spiky emotions. Not all the emotions are spiking but old triggers and things you may thought were done with, are coming up as road blocks. Though as you’re able to choose to make peace with each one, you’re able to move forward again. Maybe it is having everything in place and hesitating to jump for it. Or going though old things sparking feelings of old love ones pasted, not realizing how much the nostalgia would affect you. Reminding us of the passion and importance of life. Every moment is important and to be less of a means to an end, and more of each moment is its fullest experience. I’m talking about the "meaningless stuff” like walking across the room, driving to a destination, waiting for food. And I don't mean filling each moment with entertainment, I mean dissecting the details of life around you, being present and realizing the constant immense beauty and harmony of all life.

Where is the transformation in your inner peace? In these emotion spikes and opportunities to be in the now. As past emotions re-earth, it is an opportunity for acknowledgment and peace. A reminder of all you've grown to be, appreciating the 'then' and allowing yourself to come back to the details of now. Now is where the peace is. If you're getting lost in the past feeling guilt, anger or shame about what happened, remind yourself that everyone (you and every person involved) were doing the best they could with the knowledge they had in the moment. Give it peace. If you are feeling anxious about the 'what ifs' of the future and the unsteady unpredictability, let it go. Let it go, let it flow--there is no need to put tension on the future, it only makes now uncomfortable. Trust yourself, know you will have the knowledge you need to move forward. Come back to the now.

Ok more specifics on the planets. Mercury is making its way to conjunct the Sun opposed the Moon. Mercury in Taurus invokes a more methodical way of thinking, taking our time to mull things over. Mercury moving into a trine with Saturn and Pluto brings easy thought flow to redress whether things are working to our long term benefit. The caveat of course, is to not get too caught up in the 'what ifs' of the future, explore the rules and regulations you may and facing, and leave the 'what ifs' to be revealed as you actually put it into action. This is letting the magic happen. Along with the natural pull of the Moon to our intuitive intelligence. The Moon is harmonizing with Neptune and the North Node. Our guts and intelligence beyond the brain's understanding as it is connected to the larger collective and flow of life enabling support of the best decisions to be made. Let your heart be your guide and believe in it.

How to set your intentions, what are the physical surroundings you wish to experience? Tell the story of your life as you would want it to be. Visualizing your exact experience of who you are, what you’re doing and how you love all of it. Then set the intention to aline with your gut so you may trust to be guided. That you align with this reality fully as though it is completely existing right now, you can invite your being to walk that path. May your gut lead with your mind on board. And allow the transformations, you are a new butterfly, while parts of you may remind you of that time you were a caterpillar, you are not longer are. Or maybe dreaming now, as the caterpillar imagining itself to be an amazing butterfly, as though it was now. Accepting it all and being present for the transformation.

All the Love,

~AJ Caprikorn

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