A New Moon in Taurus - May 2019

New Moon Blog - May 2019

The Sun and Moon meet at 14 degrees, the near middle of Taurus, around 5pm on Saturday, May 4th. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, the most stable of all the earth signs. Represented by the bull, a gentle bull who prefers to smell the flowers. Taurus is a fertile feminine sign associated with the planet Venus. The beauty of Venus is experienced in the physical senses. In the northern hemisphere, it carries us though spring when the flowers are blossoming, new trees are growing their bark and reaching their roots deeper. The time when spring is the strongest. What do you wish to blossom and to grow deeper roots in your life?

What a wonderful start to things--or well--mostly. Saturn and Pluto nearly making their conjunction has stirred some boundary recreation, whether that is centered on personal, mental, or physical boundaries. Whichever category is hitting your life, is all a preview to what you'll be working with into 2020 (when the exact conjunction occurs on Jan 11th).

The last few weeks have simmered down, though are still probably feeling busy, busy, busy!  Mercury in Aires along with a trine to Jupiter is the energetic culprit. Some good news may have come your way or lots of news, and ideas in general. With Mercury's Square to Pluto and Capricorn all these happens have been demanding concrete schedules, commitments and deadlines. Mercury in Aires has a lot of gun-ho drive firing up our day to day tasks. The magnifying glass of Jupiter in Sagittarius can empower and center your focus for the day to day tasks that make important impact for longer term goals. This gives an opportunity to feed the small building blocks to a strong foundation for your future. What is that for you?

Taurus Astrology - GMARK

The Sun and Moon are (in Taurus) in a Trine with Saturn and Pluto (in Capricorn) This easy energy flow between the earth signs harbors manifestation on the physical plane, with the real potential for our intentions to come into being. Know there are more details to the journey, growth and break down, before the end goal. Also, that North Node in Cancer is best honored by remembering why you're doing what you are doing. To continue to feed your soul, or making shifts to enable that deep down purpose and support. It is ok to lose sight of it from time to time, but without it, we can drive ourselves into the ground. While we may need to work hard, remember why you are doing so and it will come with more joy and ease. This New Moon in Taurus is a harmonious time to clarify and imagine the real physical existence of your home, career and respect you wish to be in your surroundings. 

Happy continue-ings,

AJ Caprikorn

**Photography by GMark Art 2019