Full Moon in Sagittarius - June 2019

Full Moon Astrology

Let's be real, it's been tuff for many of us the last few weeks. Moments of reflection on that can bring powerful opportunity as we realize the things needing changing in ourself, and let it go with the timing of this Full Moon. Thankfully, this Sagittarius Moon brings a moment of perspective and and light heartedness. Seeing beyond the horizon, happy go lucky Sagittarius. A moment of relief amongst the heavy emotions and changes with the fullness of the Moon and the rest of the stars. The Sun and Moon will exactly oppose one another at 28 degree (the Sun will still be in Gemini), on Monday, June 17th at about 7:30am Colorado mountain time. Here we have opposite signs Sagittarius and Gemini. Gemini Sun and Sagittarius Moon. Gemini seeks information, details, daily doings and the truth of the moment. Sagittarius is also a truth seeker, but more in the expansion of philosophical wholesome truth and the meaning of it all. It seeks education in subjects of interest and expands in all directions to grow the expertise on such chosen subjects.

What's been the big deal? Well, the most domineering trait of this chart is the opposition between Mercury and Mars in Cancer to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. These energies are where the eclipses will be expressed. They are the energies we are already feeling pressure from, and will so even more through 2020 (Mercury and Mars will keep moving around the zodiac wheel, but the north node in cancer will remain, and the saturn pluto presence in Capricorn will also). A balance between work and play and a lot of pressure with self scrutiny, emotions and wanting changes in oneself. With the answer coming from the figuring out of daily tasks and what is important to us. Open up and notice what sparks passion to live and to keep living. Allow the longterm goals be the dragon tail that follows the head, and this case the head is those daily doings and passion expanding or exploring. We must lead with the Cancerian side, making sure we are nurtured and have that passion for living. Then the Capricornian energy will follow, our presentation to the world, the respect we earn--it all will come into existence.

Full Moon Astrology Fort Collins

There's a bit of a choke hold on what you're doing with career and emotions from this Mars and Mercury in Cancer and the aspects they are making. as is typical with cancer, take time with what it is you're feeling, if not recognized Mars can come out very passive aggression around this time. Mars in Cancer can feel like a bit of a drag compared to other times, though it is still possible to deal and this position can bring personal insight. With the lighthearted sprinkle from this Moon along with the other aspects, ask yourself, how can I expand? How have I already expanded? What contracts and rules must I face to get what I want? What hoops are there, can I get my stuff together to jump though? Is there another way around? Can I make peace with myself as I pursue my goals? These are all questions to explore as your Full Moon intentions are being fulfilled, and as these answers come, take note of what can you let go of.  What is holding you back from these things? Ride the wave of Moon,as this energy is ready to help you to let go. If you are frustrated by things you didn't do or do well enough, how can you make a different decision now? Let go of any attachment of feeling bad and stand up for your dreams, to yourself. And again, what brings that daily passion and meaning to your life? Let that flourish. Maybe it is family, art, movies, books, animals, seeing someone smile, non-profit, a movement practice, community events, gourmet food, or something else. And nourish it, take time to retreat in it, learn more about it. Feed the reasons that bring passion and meaning into your life.

This moon gives a break, and an ease, with the ability to see the bigger picture. Stepping back to see where you are going in your life and beyond. Even to the larger picture beyond your individual self. Hopefully serving as positive motivation for the letting go (of physical things, relationships, jobs, ways of thinking and anything that feels like its weighing down your ability to 'daily life flow') that way space can be made for those better things to arrive and integrate.

You can do it,

AJ Caprikorn

Photo credits: GMarkArt