New Moon in Gemini

How can one get through the chaos? -With the heart and the breath-

In the wee hours of the Colorado Monday morning--around 4am--on the 3rd of June, the Sun and Moon make a conjunction in Gemini at 12 degrees. Mercury is just 15 degrees away speeding forward and busying our day, duties, transactions and thoughts. The warrior-'do it'-planet, Mars, is watered down in the emotions of Cancer, nearing a conjunction with the North Node. Venus is pleasantly positioned in one of its homes,Taurus. Pluto and Saturn are in no hurry and moving in retrograde only 3 degrees apart from one another in Capricorn. Jupiter too, is in retrograde, allow us more time in its mind- and truth- expanding home of Sagittarius, gathering more information before its change into Capricorn closer to November.

Photographer: GmartArt

Photographer: GmartArt

Yes, we are reforming. Pluto wouldn't have it any other way. With Saturn nearby the focus centers on breaking down and rebuild structures in our lives. It is not a quick process, no deep and permanent transformation is. While in process, our emotions are asking for strong recognition at the forefront, or, our emotions are squeezing through to have their needs acknowledge if we dare back burner them in denial. It’s important to feel good about what you are doing, and also completely ok to feel like a total mess or lost. Zoning in our your feelings (whatever they are) and allowing them to existence helps smooth the turbulence of change.

Jupiter in Sagittarius, we're inspired to take in inspirational information! This expands our philosophical horizons. Likely with this retrograde, we are reviewing resources we sought before, realizing and refreshing their vital influence. Take the time to take it in, if you haven't been, then this can be a good outlet for emotional balance. Inspiration from travel, books, podcasts, videos and more, whatever moves you about your topics of interest. This has been important the whole 12 month cycle of Jupiter in Sagittarius. Come the end of the year, we'll be buckling down and refining, planning how and putting forth all we've gathered as Jupiter journeys through Capricorn. Maybe you've already felt the pressure for some preparation as change comes faster than we expect. Oh, and that venus in Taurus, we are still granted escapes though food, fabrics, baths and other pleasures of sight, sound, flavor and touch. What a complimentary experience for the honor of emotions of Mars in Cancer. Our feelings are driving, maybe taking sharp turns, but less resting allows for an adventure, releasing the previous mental attachments and riding the emotional wave. And where does it all lead?....Neptune.

Wow, last but not least, Neptune. All the planets are pointing to and aspecting Neptune. Neptune is sitting whimsically at 18 degrees Pieces (its home sign), while making a sextile to Venus, Pluto, and Saturn. It is making a Trine to Mars and the North Node. And, it is making squares to the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter. What in the world do you do with that? I'll tell you what, it is a chance to rewrite your reality. Neptune sits on the throne of dreams, illusions and dissolution. Perception is reality, writing on the doors, the secret behind your mind and eyes. Yes, the sky is blue, or is it? Did you notice the sparkle of the sun or the vibrant colors bouncing around you under clouds of grey, the magical melancholy and overwhelm of the to-do? What is your story? What are the words you're interpreting from the movie of the world playing around you? Your personal narration shapes your entire experience, you are making it. Maybe you use rules and patterns to justify your choice of narration. Those can all change in any moment. If this is unfamiliar, play with it, make things up until something fits, even if it is silly and outlandish. Let’s try some examples:

"Ariel walked jubilantly from her car to her destination, the puddle she passes splashed around her shoe having no effect on her day, aside from a chuckle and reminder of her present," or "She gloomy slouched and dragged her feet, buzzing with hurry without the will to speed up, the puddle topped off the gloom of the day, reminding her of the sludge she keeps carrying," or maybe "Ariel walked form the car to her destination with no adjectives involved, she was completely in the now, absorbing and passing thorough her surroundings, a puddle she passes over initiated a jump, with only a little splash of mud to remind her of her journey" 

Silly as it maybe, even the small details you're experiencing in your reality changes everything. And the little shifts, make big shifts! Also, it is ok if gloom or confusion strikes. Release any attachment to it-the gloom-realize its impermanence and enjoy the depression while it last. Yes, actually appreciate it, as it too like all things offer experience and learning. 

In sum, all the Gemini has us speeding around, catching up, or flying with the needs of the day, week and month. Feel your emotions. Create the space for a moment, even if its just 2 minutes, to feel-sad-mad-furious-devistated-depressed-happy-elated-excited-nervous-all of them? Layers covering something else, opening to messages and meaning--and hugging yourself (metaphorically, energetically and physically!) --no matter the reason and especially if there is no reason that comes to mind. You need zero explanation for validating your sense of being. Then moving onward, rewriting your narration of your life, each step of the way. Dreams lay the tracks for the reality train to follow. Living with determination and commitment to your heart's beliefs, knowing them or discovering them, deciding and asking for what you want. It is ok to change your mind, you get to keep living in your dream world.

Happy Star Living,

~AJ Capricorn