New Moon Solar Eclipse!

The line of visibility falls on South America and The Pacific Ocean. Not much eclipse to see here in Colorado, even though the peak of the New Moon is during the day (at about 1pm). We may not be able to see it, but we will feel it. The Sun and Moon conjunct at 11 degrees of Cancer, just 6 degrees away from the North Node also in Cancer, on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2019.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign, initiating a new season (Summer for those in the northern hemisphere). Cancer is a very personal sign, it deals with feelings that are private and personal. It rules home, the place where you can have privacy from the world, your physical hide-away shell. Cancer is also a very instinctual sign--much like the crab that symbolizes it. The way a crab senses the tides and hides in its shell, as to not get swept away, is similar to that of someone with strong Cancer in their chart being driven and in touch with their instincts.

New Moon Solar Eclipse Astrology

The other culprits: Sun and Moon opposition to Saturn, Mars moving into Leo, and Mercury. The pressure can get more intense as aspects become more exact, however the opposition to Saturn is in orb, so you might be feeling hints of it now. This opposition can have us feeling isolated, like there is uncrossable boundaries separating us from others or what allows us to shine. Feelings of inadequacy, possibly dealing with rules and regulations, getting us down. We must meet in the middle, we may not have full connection or complete perfection, and as we learn about the regulations that feel like a block, we can find a way to continue in harmony for achievement.

A Little note about Mercury, who is slowing down to go retrograde beginning the 7th of July, and will be that way for most of the month. Mercury has made its way into the fiery realm of Leo and will be back tracking though Cancer once more. With any intentions initiated this New Moon, we will get to think them over this month or rather 'feel' them over again. And finally Mars, our will to do, is experiencing some relief as he cruises into Leo, reigniting Mars' fire after his watery journey through Cancer. Though, this doesn't stop the emotions from flying, if anything it steps away from passive aggressive to passionately expressive. If you're able, set yourself up for situations where you feel you can express yourself, maybe that is venting to your journal or people who are appropriate receivers for you. Expressing yourself and your feelings is more healthy then bottling it up. And heck, if it doesn't happen that way ('appropriate perfect timing'), let it go, because it is going to work out anyway! Oh also, if you catch yourself sounding like a broken record--as in saying the same complaint over and over again--that's a flag that you should reflect on, most liking requiring you to change a perspective within yourself.

Finally, intentions. All New Moons are an energetic calling of planting seeds to grow in the next moon cycle. With a new moon eclipse, those intentions can be for the next 9 or 18 years (it takes about 18 years for the nodes to make it all the way back to their position and 9 to make it halfway). The Changes and growth you're working with now will ripple through the next decade, probably in ways you can't figure out until after its happened (so don't worry about that, its just nice note).

So, what do you want to grow an create over the next lunar cycle? What needs nurture in your life? It is likely your retreat place--your home (literal or figurative)--where you can unwind, may be going though changes as your support is being restructured. This Cancerian time calls us also to address our heart center, feeling of fulfillment and divine purpose. What fills your heart in life? One or all of these may be shifting and calling your attention through this time. If you are aware of your personal Moon sign (what sign the Moon was in when you were born (if you don't know and want to, you can always schedule a chart reading!)) now is a great time to honor it, it is the way we feel and digest life, it will be calling to you. Center in on your heart, self nurture and rhythm.

Happy emotional tides,

~AJ Caprikorn

Photo by GMarkArt