Full Moon in Capricorn - July 2019

Epic letting go...

Another eclipse, Lunar this time.The Sun is at 24 degrees Cancer and the Moon is at 24 degrees Capricorn. They are in exact opposition at about 3:30pm, Colorado Mountain time, On Tuesday, July 16th.
The First thing's first, the Sun and Moon each have their own entourage as they stand in opposition. On one side, the Sun is surrounded by Venus and North Node in Cancer, and Mercury at 1 degree Leo, (in retrograde headed back to Cancer) and Mars at 9 degrees Leo. These five planets (including the sun as a 'planet' in astrology terms) are opposing Pluto, Saturn, the South Node, and The Moon, who are all in a tight-nit group in Capricorn. The oppositions make lines strung like a corset, these tensions are instigating change, and an epic letting go. That thing, you're finally sick of it--it's enough already--you're ready to make a change and let it go. On the other hand you may not be fully conscious of what needs change but you can feel it in the air. Or, you might experience it as a questioning or a longing for something different in your life. (The shift will be there, and continue into 2020)

Photo by GMarkArt

Photo by GMarkArt

Cancer is where our heart and home is, Capricorn is our obligations, work, responsibilities and how we show up in the world. It is a duel, and back and forth between the mind and the heart. This conflict can be a kind awakening and confirmation of where you've been headed/wanting to go. It's that thought at the back of your mind, that you want something different. As well as, confirmation or a searching of what feels like home. If you haven't belonged in the life situation you created, the 'dis-ease' will be strong, empowering change. If you do feel you belong in what you created in your life, then the empowerment will come though small conflicts of head and heart, work and rest, all for appropriate growth. And dang, if you haven't made time for that vacation or stay-cation you never have time for, start putting some energy into that existing for you that or somehow taking a moment for perspective. Gaining perspective of your life by stepping out of your personal hamster wheel is powerful! It can be so easy to maintain a habit that is not for you and nearly not realize it because 'it works'. What really matters to you? If you only focus on one thing with your intensions for this Moon, meditate on what really matters to you.

Uranus is Stirring up trouble--as it does--in the chart of the Full moon it is making a Square to Mars. For any of you who have planets close to 7degrees in Taurus, Leo, Aquarius or Scorpio (all the fixed signs), you're feeling the lightning strike far more. For the rest of the world, outward actions may be fostering unexpected results or random things getting in the way. You try to do something and the effect is so different then you would have expected. The good side? Uranus is the Awakener, so while it may not make sense while it is happening, it will flow into the big picture better than you thought. And, it's important to shake up the predicable every now and then anyway!

In sum, reface, change and you can't go back. What is your exit plan? you don't have to have one yet, but thinking about it is a necessary step in creation. Cancer is about retreat and recover. For the whole and the rest of the Sun's time in Cancer, nurture your being and make sure you're taking appropriate recovery time. Build some little recovery habits to take with you, as we exit the Sun's reign in Cancer. How can you continue to take care of yourself? With this heart to head conflict between Capricorn and Cancer, and Mercury retrograde, you're bound to be rethinking things over. Making sure you've made the right choice, and questioning it again. You may be questioning yourself in this moment--but it is ok--come time of the next New Moon you'll be moving forward with more confidence, as Mercury will no longer be in retrograde, and the Sun and Moon will be in Leo.

Even if a few weeks feel like forever, it is a short period of time. So enjoy your drama wisely, and make ripples into how you define yourself each moment of 'NOW' that you get a chance to be YOU.

Happy Star Living,

~AJ Caprikorn