Black New Moon in Leo - July 31st

Not quite a fresh start, but fresh courage.

A new moon we can see at its peak. The Sun and Moon will conjunct at 8 degrees Leo at 9:11pm Colorado Mountain time. The Sun has Mars just 10 degrees away and the moon has Venus hugging close about 3 degrees away, all in Leo. Not so far away in Cancer is Mercury, still in its shadow from being in retrograde, but it will be picking up speed to move forward towards Leo.

Leo New Moon Astrology

The previous Full Moon was a lunar eclipse, and there are some things to note about eclipses in general. The time leading to an eclipse and especially the time after, are big deals. The moment itself is not always a gigantic thing. It is like stacking up dominos, and then the exact moment the first one is knocked over is not as intense as them falling one by one and their impact as a whole. Eclipses also flavor and energize a whole 9-year era while the nodes make their journey through an opposing pair of signs. So while the button had been pushed, it is not the last time and there is a theme we are working with under this balance of recovery time and responsibilities. What aligns with our heart and how to face the boundaries of life to enact it.

Moving on, the mercury retrograde cloud lifts! Mercury is still retracing its steps, it is in what we astrologers call its shadow. But it will be moving forward and there will be more ease in the flow of life. However, I must say there is real magic to Mercury Retrograde--yes--it can be frustrating to be misunderstood, for things to break down, or have long detours that make you late. But, the peace that comes from accepting these things(as opposed to resisting) is magical, and I enjoy the 'getting things done you had meant to" I like the reconnection of something missed from before. These are all classic happenings of retrograde. As well as internal reflection which is super beneficial. Anyways the peak of that time may be passing, but it will come again.

Leo Astrology - Lyra Elbow Hang

So what next? This Leo Moon is radiant and loving, filling our hearts with that extra confidence. Then there's that will to shine with Mars conjunct the Sun, powering up that warrior energy, and ready to perform. After that retrograde time in Cancer, something has come around that we are ready to put out in the world. The feminine Venus emphasizes the warm emotional moon in Leo, giving an edge of entitlement to our feelings. Which probably feels justified after the transformation and challenges from the previous oppositions with Saturn and Pluto over in Capricorn. (don't forget to allow others to be deserving of their feelings as well, two completely opposite things can exist in the same space and respect one another) Mercury is still getting some crap from Pluto and Saturn. So, our thoughts or the information we're coming across may still be instigating second thoughts, but our heart feels strongly in the right place and we're ready to go for it, and take on the challenge!

Also, a little bit of a warning: if you're inspired to learn more, travel, expand your mind, experiences and understanding--ride that wave! Jupiter is nearing the end of its time in Sagittarius. So, that inspiration is not going to wait for you, seize it! Why? --Because as Jupiter moves into Capricorn, we'll be shutting the doors and needing to work on something to show for all that exposure of what we received, and the new us with all our learnings. My point, we're still in the fun research phase, use it, as we'll be required to work on our report later.

The times have been frustrating, with miscommunication and unsure feelings, it is not over completely, but more confidence is striking the air to move forward. The Leo Sun is warming our hearts, as we feel the peak of summer with this fixed fire sign. There is still inspiration on expanding oneself as we enjoy Jupiter’s last few months in Sagittarius.

May you always trust everything is working in perfect timing,

AJ Caprikorn

***Photographs by GmarkArt