Full Moon in Leo - August 2019

The courage to love yourself

Image by gMark Art

Image by gMark Art

The Sun is in Leo at 22 degrees exactly opposite the Moon at 22 degrees in Aquarius by 6:30am (colorado mountain time) on Thursday, Aug 15th, 2019.

Next to the Sun is Venus and Mars, with Mercury not to far away at the beginning of Leo. There is fresh energy from Mercury as it is free from its shadow period, and has just recently moved into Leo.

Leo is courage, love, and creativity. With Venus there, we are drawn to our personal Leo fire, how we like our selves, and self love. Having Mars in the mix is giving a drive to pursue what we want to create and be. There is both that male warrior power and the female intuition to listen and connect. All shining with the Leo Sun. What do we really love and are creating to ripple onward and be passed on when our light goes out? The Aquarius Moon brings balance with its opposition (as all full moons do) and is asking us to think about how we will integrate what we offer into our community. This moon provokes a check-in and observation to notice how our choices are affecting our surroundings. So that we can truly be at ease with our bubbling new discoveries about ourselves.

Aquarius is air, easily mistaken for water, as it is the 'water bearer'. However, it is an intellectual air sign (not a water sign). It has an understanding of all the zodiac signs, it is unusual, rebellious and futuristic. The Moon here requires our attention to our surrounds, so we can bring the most personal satisfaction, when the time is right to share our developments. Also, Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) is in Taurus making a square to Mercury. We are being asked to think in new ways, to remember the greater collective with which we harmonize, and invoke creative new and even bizarre thoughts to broaden our potential.

I love Molly Accord's interpretation of the previous quincunx between the Sun and Neptune that happened around Aug 10th, where we were feeling motivated and changed--totally ready for something, but our outside circumstances did not make it possible to enact this drive. We now have this Leo Full moon where we are asked to shine in ourselves. How can we have the courage to continue to shine. And let it happen. Let our dreams happen. This things sometimes happen all of a sudden, and sometimes take more time before it's right. Come back to letting your heart shine light on your path. Be open to collaboration with others, and involving yourself and what you produce to be shared with your community.

For now, let go of the details of exactly 'how' (earth sign energies will bring that in later), and take note of the motivation for what. Take note of the inspiration you have now, things may 'get in the way' later, so make some relic, vision board, diary or something else to record this bold inspiration. That way, you can look upon it again and be reminded of this spark! This Full moon is an opportunity to change our way of thinking, to build the courage to move forward, shining in our motivation for this new direction in our lives, with the importance of reflection to enable it to stick.

Happy star living!

~AJ Caprikorn

Molly Accord's full moon August: https://youtu.be/-JuP0JYQzYc